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A man in a garden doing yoga. His hands are on his chest and his legs are crossed
Fitness Technology

Apple Fitness Plus: what it is, how much it costs and everything you need to know 

How Apple Fitness Plus works: and everything else you need to know about their exercise subscription offering

Woman on yoga mat in child's pose - kneeling, with her forehead resting on the floor, arms over her head, resting on the mat

The best beginner yoga postures

The best yoga poses for beginners

A woman is holding a smartphone and about to turn it off

How unplugging from tech can benefit your mental health

Find out all the ways that spending less time looking at screens can positively impact your mood, sleep and more.

Middle aged woman with tray, aroma lamp, cup and pastries reading book in the house

5 easy ways to disconnect from tech on the Global Day of Unplugging

Discover five simple tips for reducing your screen time, taking a break from your phone and reconnecting with the world.

Outdoor yoga

The proof that being active and social is good for your health

A social, active lifestyle could be the key to staying healthy, according to two new studies, so how do you begin? We’ve got tips to get you started.

Potted daffodil flowers in spring

Why daffodils and spring onions should never mix 

M&S has just learnt the hard way

Cup of tea with a heart formed in the middle

How to maximise the health benefits of your cup of tea 

As new research shows even more ways that tea can help your heart health, we explain how to get the best chance of reaping the benefits.

picture of a smartphone with the DERIC app loaded. a circle of icons floats around the phone. The icons have symbols such as weighing scales, a heart, a smartwatch, and person running
Fitness Technology

Fitness trackers could give a helping hand to people doing cardiac rehab

The NHS will be using Fitbits to help support people who are doing “virtual” cardiac rehab programmes at home.

Female in exercise wear sitting holding an apple

The 7 best foods for healthy teeth and gums 

It’s not just brushing that can help keep our teeth strong

A woman in an orange top doing Warrior 2 pose in her living room
Fitness Technology

How to set up Apple Fitness Plus 

With our help, you’ll soon get started on Apple Fitness Plus