Dead fleas

How to get rid of fleas naturally – 8 expert tips, including a smart salt hack

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What is home hushing? We explain how it could help you lead a more peaceful life

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How to organise a living room and tame the clutter

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How to get rid of spiders in the house, according to pest control experts

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Piglet In Bed Linen Bedding Botanical Green

Are you changing your sheets too little… or often? Here’s what the experts say

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The best ways to descale an iron – and the hacks to avoid

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A dirty kitchen

How to get rid of flying ants – 7 expert tips for keeping the swarms at bay 

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Tidy Home

Bath sheets a little off colour? Here’s how to get towels white again 

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Losing sleep over a messy bedroom? Here’s how to get organised 

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How to clean a shower head for boost in power – with expert tips

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