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Woman holding iPhone displaying Spotify
Smart Home

Spotify price rise appears – what to do and how to save money

Someone accessing Threads on their phone to illustrate What Is Threads

What is Threads? Unravelling the new social media platform

It’s billed as Twitter’s rival – but what is Threads? And do we really need another social media platform? We take a look…

Multiple Amazon products around confetti and on boxes, with hand coming in from the left
Home Technology

Amazon Prime Day 2023 – some deals still live

Amazon Prime Day promises two days of big discounts on thousands of items. Here’s how to be a smart Prime Day shopper.

Six iPhones all showing different iOS 17 features

How the iOS 17 update will change your iPhone

Your iPhone will get new features and a raft of upgrades thanks to the iOS 17 update which will arrive this September.

Amazon Fire Max 11

The new Fire Max 11 tablet is Amazon’s affordable answer to the iPad

Amazon announces it's biggest and most powerful tablet yet - at a price that won't break the bank

Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a

Google’s trio of new products include a folding phone and an iPad rival

A foldable phone, a tablet with a party-trick and an affordable handset with a powerful camera.

Apple Watch 9

Apple Watch Series 9: what you need to know

The Apple Watch Series 9 has arrived with a very familiar design, but plenty of new features onboard.

Mobile phone showing an emergency alert

Emergency alert test: Why and when it’s happening

Don’t panic if your mobile phone emits a siren-like noise on Sunday April 23 – it’s just a test of a new emergency alert scheme.

Google Photos logo on a phone screen

6 Google Photos tips you may not know

Enhance your smartphone gallery app experience with our top Google Photos tips.

Man and his wife asleep in bed - the man is wearing a Philips snoring relief band
Sleep Help

Sleep gadgets – do you really need sleep trackers, apps and lights?

There are loads of gadgets offering to help you fall asleep and wake up rested, so how do you tell what's worth having? We talk you through it.