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A chalk drawing of a brain on a background with some of the healthy brainfoods on it including salmon, vegetables and nuts
Brain Health

The 8 best foods for better brain power

Chocolate, coffee and blueberries can all help keep our brains sharp and preserve our memory.

A jug of olive oil being poured into a glass bowl with olives dotted around
Healthy Eating

Just 4 teaspoons of olive oil a day can help your heart

How adding just a few teaspoons of olive oil a day to your diet can reduce your risk of heart disease, says new research.

A woman with insomnia lying in bed, looking tired at her alarm clock

How to stop losing sleep over insomnia

It may be time to stop fretting about sleeplessness, as a new book reveals there are some surprising benefits of insomnia.

A snow scene in the Scottish highlands, with a snow covered tree in the foreground and white mountains rising up in the distance

The different words for snow and their amazing origins

Thai snow, granulated snow and snow that is as big as a dog's paw - there are hundreds of words for snow across the globe - we share some of the more unusual ones.

Mature woman with tinnitus

Living with tinnitus: What it’s really like and how to manage it

It's a condition that affects one in seven - but it can be tricky to manage. We quizzed the experts for their top tips.

A woman doctor checking the back of an older man for moles with a medical magnifier.

Skin cancer: what does it look like and how to mimimise your risk

As we age the risk of skin cancer increases - we explain the signs of skin cancer and why early treatment makes such a difference.

A piece of paper with a partial description of skin cancer with a highligher pen which has highlighted melanoma

I had skin cancer like Fergie – don’t make the same mistake as me

In the wake of the Duchess of York’s diagnosis of a malignant melanoma, we explain why its so important to check your skin regularly - whatever your age

A close of up a man's bare feet with him massaging his right foot

Happy feet: 7 easy foot care tips from the experts

Put a spring in your step with the best advice on how to care for your feet as you get older.

A smiling woman in a blue dress, laughing as she lifts a lid on a pan in a kitchen

The best foods for bladder health – and what to avoid

If you're looking to improve your bladder health and reduce those frequent bathroom trips, here are some of the best foods to add to your diet.

A diary with Dry January written in it

Failed at Dry January? Here’s why it doesn’t matter

If you’ve had a drink this month, don’t worry - Dry January might not be quite the saving grace you thought it was.