An illustration of friendly gut bacteria
Gut Health

Do probiotic drinks really work?

Dr Mark Porter on whether probiotic drinks can help your gut or give you more energy. He's got the expert advice

A scientist inspects cultured meat
Healthy Eating

Can man-made meat save the planet? And how does it taste? 

We investigate the new world of "no-kill" meat

A woman suffering from flatulence holding her stomach
Gut Health

9 foods that cause flatulence – and how to avoid it

Farting more than you’d like? A gut specialist dietitian reveals the foods that cause gas and what you can do about it.

Woman drinking a glass of water.

How much water should I drink a day? Know if you’re hydrated – and what to do if you aren’t

Are you and your loved ones drinking enough? We explain what you should be aiming for each day and share practical tips for increasing your fluid intake.

A man drinking a shake from a bottle outdoors
Healthy Eating

Could the NHS-backed 800-calorie ‘soup and shake’ diet work for you?

Short-term, low-calorie diets are back in favour – and experts say some of us could benefit from doing it every few years. We digest the latest evidence.

A bowl of cooked beans on a table laid out next to a spoon, pot of dip and tortilla chips.
Healthy Eating

The health benefits of beans: How they help to prevent dementia and boost longevity

The humble bean isn’t just tasty in a salad. Two leading experts reveal why beans are good for you, from enhancing your gut health to reducing your risk of cancer.

A selection of nuts in bowls on a table
Healthy Eating

Which nuts are healthiest? 6 of the best with benefits

Whether you adore almonds or are simply potty about pistachios, a 30g serving of nuts can do more good than you think.

A couple sat at a kitchen table eating a meal
Healthy Eating

What is a balanced diet? How to follow one – and stick to it 

Struggling to eat a healthy range of foods? It’s easier (and more enjoyable) than you might think, as two leading dietitians reveal.

Tomato soup surrounded with tomatoes to illustrate how to make tomatoes healthier

One quick and easy trick to make your tomatoes even healthier

Tomatoes: they’re delicious, they’re packed with powerful antioxidants and they can help to lower cholesterol, so bung them in the oven now.

The word carbohydrates surrounded by foods high in carbohydrates.
Food groups

What are carbohydrates? How much – and what types – to eat for good health

When it comes to carbs, how much do you need and what are the best sources? Our experts debunk the myths.