Person checking their grocery bill, with a trolley full of food, to help them eat healthily on a budget.
Healthy Eating

How to eat healthily on a budget, according to a dietitian

Food prices are continuing to rise, but your health shouldn’t have to pay the price. Experts share practical money-saving food tips so you can still get the nutrients you need.

Man holding exercise mat and water bottle in the outdoors.

Exercising? Why you must stay hydrated – and signs you’re not drinking enough

Drinking when you work out could be key to your performance. Dietitians and personal trainers reveal the one thing you should be doing to check how hydrated you are.

A cup of strong coffee and the beans scattered
Brain Health

Can your morning coffee really prevent dementia?

New research finds that espresso could stop rogue proteins that could cause dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Raw salmon, raw steak, eggs, nuts, and beans, which are high-protein foods.
Food groups

Protein: are you getting enough? 

Everything you need to know about protein, from what it does for your body to the best high protein foods – and how much you really need.

Sarah Laws, who survived bowel cancer and says Deborah James was an inspiration to her.
Gut Health

“I’m a bowel cancer survivor: I want to be there for others like Deborah James was”

Sarah Laws shares her inspiring story of getting through bowel cancer and how she wants to help others like the “bowelbabe” Deborah James.

A couple eating a healthy meal together.
Healthy Eating

7 benefits of healthy eating – and easy ways to reap them

From feeling well to living longer and more, the experts reveal the benefits of healthy eating and provide practical steps for gaining them.

Lots of strawberries, which benefit your health in many ways.
Healthy Eating

7 ways strawberries can benefit your health

From supporting your heart health and reducing your Alzheimer’s risk, here are evidence-backed reasons you’ll want to be eating strawberries (and not just during summer).

Yoga teacher Esther Nagle doing Warrior Two Pose at Westonbirt Arboretum.

“I used yoga to get sober – here’s what it taught me about living happily”

Esther Nagle turned to fitness to beat her alcohol addiction and become healthier. She shares what her difficult journey has taught her.

A range of foods sat inside a drawing of an intestine.
Gut Health

15 best foods for a healthy gut: do they feature in your diet?

Look after yourself and your digestion with the best foods for gut health, according to dietitians.

Mixture of bread, oats, seeds, nuts and cereal, which all contain fibre.
Gut Health

13 expert gut health tips – including what to eat more of

Looking for trustworthy ways to improve your gut health? We’ve got you covered with practical steps you can take to achieve a healthier digestive system.