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Candace Bushell

Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City, reveals the truth behind her decision not to have children

The Sex and the City author talks dating, having children and that infamous column…

Paul McKenna headshot -

Paul McKenna: “I thought ‘I’m going to die now’”

The hypnotist, behavioural scientist and author on how Simon Cowell changed his life and the day he thought he would die.

Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman on why he thinks we have a “blithering idiot” in Downing Street

The veteran broadcaster on how he lasted one day when he attemped to swear less and the Prime Minister's indecisiveness

headshot of lulu

Lulu on getting older: “What matters is your spirit”

The singer on the importance of meditation and why it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

A view from behind of a driver behind the wheel looking out of the windscreen at the road ahead of him

Love driving? Why not earn money behind the wheel

If you love getting behind the wheel, then why not boost your balance working for MSL Logistics as a car delivery driver.

Fairford Gloucester UK 07.20.1996 British Airways Concorde G-BOAB coming into land with landing gear fully extended - (1)

… on her love affair with Concorde

Our columnist hopes that one day everyone will get to admire this world-beating aircraft.

A woman in a black top and leggings leaning against a red British post box
Real Life

Persecuted by the Post Office – “I decided to take my own life”

The Post Office scandal has affected hundreds of people - Wendy Buffrey was about to take her own life, when she was saved by another victim.

Jeremy Paxman

…on his attempt to become a spy

Our columnist considers how all experiences, good and bad, shape our lives – including his unsuccessful attempt to become a spy

Tim Spector holding up a fork -

Professor Tim Spector: “Choosing the right foods is the most important thing we can do for our health”

Tim Spector, the microbiome expert talks about the health scare that changed his life and how he's made poo popular.

Peter Waterman -

Pete Waterman on why he cut music out of his life – and how he got his groove back

The record producer on Kylie, his love of trains, and why he couldn’t listen to music for a year.