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Jenni Murray in blue dress

“Cruel and inhumane” – why we need the right to die

Haunted by her mum’s dying words, our columnist outlines why she believes the law on assisted dying needs to change.

Susie Dent

… on “shibui” – the Japanese belief that age enhances beauty

This month the Countdown lexicographer points out how the evolution of language relating to ageing has often been unfair.

Jeremy Paxman

“Vuvuzelas should be banned”

After the reappearance of the vuvuzela at recent late summer events, our columnist is on a mission to make the irksome plastic horn history.

Photo of Todd running on a sunny day on a road.

“Hallucinations led to my life unravelling – but running helped me rebuild”

When Todd Crush started seeing visions and hearing voices, a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia followed.

Jessie Lezama Mellor

… on being the dutiful daughter

How a tough childhood can lead to a resilient adulthood.

Sharron Davis
Real Life

“I was a fast fashion addict – but I haven’t bought new clothes for six years”

To mark Secondhand September, Sharron Davis explains the lightbulb moment that made her quit her old shopping habits and embrace preloved fashion

Belinda Clarke

“I finally found a job I don’t want to retire from”

As well as boosting your income, becoming an Avon rep can improve your social life, get you outdoors, and provide your community with a much-loved service.

Siobhan Daniels
Real Life

“We don’t retire, we refire” – 7 life-changing lessons from a “retirement rebel”

Siobhan Daniels was floored by her menopause years but, since retiring, she’s found joy as a motorhome nomad on a solo adventure

Cup of tea and biscuits
Real Life

Tea experts blast PG Tips’ new one-minute tea bag

Forget the “milk first?” question, a hot debate is brewing over PG Tips' quick new tea bag. Where do you stand?

Grandparents at Chessington World Of Adventures where you can use Merlin passes

Win! Two Merlin Platinum Passes – worth £600

We've teamed up with Merlin to give away a prize that's fun for all the family.