A group of mixed race friends with their arms round one another
Real Life

How to make new friends

Finding friends in new places can positively impact both our health and happiness, but how do we make meeting new people easier?

A man sits on a bench by himself surrounded by autumnal trees
Real Life

Male loneliness: practical ways to help men who are struggling

As a growing movement tries to address the fact that one in five men say they have no close friends, we ask: what can be done?

A head and shoulders photo of Michael Mansfield KC, the famous human rights barrister
Real Life

Doing him justice: Michael Mansfield KC on why he’s busier and angrier than ever

The famous barrister says he’s finally found a work/life balance at the age of 81 – but shows no sign of slowing down

Hedi Argent sits in her living room
Real Life

“We did it, you can” – how cohousing could solve 50+ loneliness

The oldest resident of an all-women community in the heart of north London talks about the benefits of growing older in good company

Couple looking at computer
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Money worries? You’re not alone, survey reveals

Feeling the pinch? You’re not the only one, as a new survey from Age Scotland says over-fifties are more worried than ever about money.

Chris Hadfield
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Astronaut Chris Hadfield: “I lost one colleague a year for 15 years”

The Canadian astronaut on space exploration and confronting death

Journalist and television presenter Jill Dando posed on a sofa, circa 1997.
Real Life

Jill Dando’s brother: “You have to keep hold of hope”

As a new Netflix series examines Jill Dando's unsolved murder, we speak to her brother Nigel about his search for the truth

A magpie on a branch
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How superstitious are you?

Find out why some of us believe in superstitions more than others

Photo of Todd running on a sunny day on a road.

“Hallucinations led to my life unravelling – but running helped me rebuild”

When Todd Crush started seeing visions and hearing voices, a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia followed.

Sharron Davis
Real Life

“I was a fast fashion addict – but I haven’t bought new clothes for six years”

To mark Secondhand September, Sharron Davis explains the lightbulb moment that made her quit her old shopping habits and embrace preloved fashion