A girl and her grandmother lie on the grass laughing
Real Life

Are you much-needed emergency childcare? 5 ways to be brilliant (and stay smiling)

With the new school year underway, we share some expert tips for coping when those holiday childcare requests roll in

Rear view of a mum and daughter sitting on a bed, their heads together
Real Life

“I felt redundant” – 6 ways to cope with an empty nest

With the university exodus on the horizon, an expert shares her advice on how to cope with the sadness an empty nest can bring

Katreen Hardt

“I’m with Jennifer Aniston – I feel no shame in being single”

Why is being fiftysomething and single still taboo, asks writer Katreen Hardt

A woman blows a big bubble using pink chewing gum.
Real Life

Are you a people-pleaser? The signs to look out for and 4 ways to stop

We speak to women with one question in common: why did it take us until our fifties to stop people-pleasing?

Marianne Jones and her mum lean their heads together and smile
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“Dementia has taken my mother from me – but her scrapbook has helped us reconnect”

Marianne Jones was sifting through her mum's belongings when she made an emotional discovery

A clubber smiles while holding a drink in a nightclub
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One foot in the rave – meet the clubbers who refuse to quit

Fans of the “age-nostic” dance music scene – which can actually be good for your health – share their stories.

An old woman leans her head towards her adult daughter.
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“I wanted to step up, but I didn’t get it right” – how to parent a parent when the time comes

Caring for someone while juggling your own commitments is tough. Here's advice on how to be there for your parents when they need you the most

Daphne stands between two yellow beach huts in her cycling gear
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Triathlete Daphne Belt: “At 50, I was terrified – at 83, nothing can stop me” 

Triathlete Daphne Belt on how she used her milestone 50th birthday to kickstart an extraordinary new chapter in her life

collection british postage stamps with great britain queen portrait
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You can no longer use stamps without a barcode

As stamps without barcodes are no longer valid from August, here’s how you can exchange them for free.

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“I discovered my husband’s mountain of debt” – meet the women taking on the stock market from home

We hear from women who are taking financial control and investing in stocks and shares - plus tips on how you can join them