Solar panel array on roof of a residential home
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Do you need planning permission for solar panels? It’s not as simple as you might think

We reveal when you might need planning permission for solar panels and when you can install them without it.

lean to conservatory on a extended bungalow

Curious about how much to budget for your new conservatory?

Curious about how much to budget for your new conservatory? From size and style to frame material, we look at the cost of a new conservatory.

CGI view of Italian themed villa
Home Improvement

Local council shows yellow card to Harry Redknapp’s Sandbanks villa dream

Think celebrities are exempt from planning rules? Think again. Harry Redknapp is potentially facing a red card for his new property plans

Group of showerheads laid out on a towel
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Best water-saving showerheads we’ve tested

Looking to save water in the shower? We’ve put seven water-saving showerheads to the test to see whether they create a drip, dribble or deluge

water from glass sided kettle being poured into a pale blue mug
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How much does it cost to boil a kettle? And how to make it cheaper

Prefer to save on energy than reduce the number of cuppas you consume? Here’s how much it costs to boil a kettle

paint brush and pot with paint colour samples

Wondering what decorators charge? Know how much it costs to paint a room

We reveal how much it costs to paint a room if you go the DIY route or call in a professional painter  and decorator

tiled hallway with stair runner and painted treads

Flights of fancy: 8 brilliant ways to renovate a staircase

Stairs looking tired and worn? These top tips from a renovation expert explain how to renovate a staircase back to its former glory

Close up of shower head in use with a white tiled background
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5 ways to make your shower more powerful

Want to boost the performance of your shower? From cleaning your shower head to adding a pump, we share how to make a shower more powerful.

flooded living room

Put down the hammer: 9 DIY jobs that might invalidate your home insurance

Considering DIY to combat rising costs? You may want to think again. You could risk invalidating your home insurance

Worcester Bosch boiler close up
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Should you move a boiler and how much will it cost?

Whether you’re doing renovations or want to improve access, how much does it cost to move a boiler? We talk to the experts to find out