A bedbug
Home Improvement

Sleeping with the enemy: get ready for the bedbug invasion

Bedbugs are having a moment in the headlines, so how can you spot the signs that you’re sleeping with them?

Condensation dripping down an internal window

Tired of condensation on your windows? Try our tips and banish excess moisture for good

Fed up with condensation in your home when the weather turns? We look at how to prevent condensation on windows to keep them clean and dry

foam window draught excluder

How to insulate windows: 5 hacks to keep the heat in

Draughty windows letting cold air in and warm air out? Don’t despair – we share how to insulate windows with five quick-fix ideas.

Solar panels in a ground array installed in a large garden
Home Energy

Five things people get wrong about solar – we debunk the myths

Are you unsure about installing solar panels? We expose the myths and explain the truth about solar energy

Rotten timbers in a loft caused by condensation

Damp and dank up top? It’s time to give your loft a health check 

Loft condensation left untreated can cause problems, long-term. But there are ways to put a dampener on damp. Our expert reveals three tips to stop condensation in its tracks.

Woman using a heating control in a kitchen
Home Energy

Flick the switch: when to turn the heating on this winter 

As the temperature drops, you’ll no doubt be wondering when to turn the heating on. We’ve spoken to the experts to find out the best time.

Woman holding an smart meter in-home display on a kitchen worktop
Home Energy

10 smart meter benefits: including a few you might not have thought of

No more meter readings, the chance to track your energy usage and accurate bills – we reveal 10 smart meter benefits, and the downsides

chimney sweep cleaning a chimney on top of a roof
Home Energy

Light my fire: why now is the best time to get your chimney swept

Keeping your chimney clean helps your fire or wood-burning stove work effectively and safely but how often should you sweep a chimney? Read tips and advice from the experts.

Rustic kitchen within a light lean-to conservatory

Small kitchen conservatory ideas that bring in the light

Extending your kitchen into your conservatory? Gain the most out of your space with our small kitchen conservatory ideas 

hand holding British pounds notes - table in background with pound coins and model house

Experts warn why you should (almost) never pay a contractor in cash

However tempting it might be paying a contractor cash in hand for building work here’s why it should be avoided in most cases.