Woman holding up orange halves in front of her eyes.
Healthy Eating

7 best foods for eye health: are you eating them?

Struggling with eye issues? Certain nutrients can help to protect our vision and prevent age-related conditions. A dietitian reveals what foods are good for eyesight.

Woman in nightwear and slippers sat on the edge of a bed

Keep waking up at night to pee? 5 things that can help

A bowel cancer FIT and return envelope.
Gut Health

New research shows bowel screening can actually stop you getting cancer

More reasons not to ignore the bowel cancer test kit that comes through your door – plus, how it's being rolled out to all over-50s.

Red plastic heart on an ECG chart
Heart Health

The unusual heart attack symptoms you need to know

Do you know the symptoms of a heart attack? Here’s what to look out for – and how to prevent one.

Doctor consultation

Two-week “fast-track” cancer targets to be scrapped: what does it mean for you?

The NHS is scrapping the current two-week cancer appointment target to focus on delivering a 28-day diagnosis, but will it mean quicker treatment?

Hospital waiting room

Stuck on a hospital waiting list? Travelling further might get you seen quicker

A new NHS tool could help cut waiting lists as patients can travel to a different hospital for treatment.

Fresh sardines, lemon and salt on kitchen

They’re great on toast, but can sardines really help with hearing loss?

There is good news for lovers of oily fish, as scientists find yet another health benefit of eating the food regularly.

Two women doing the plank exercise
Heart Health

Wall sits and planks lower blood pressure – how to do them safely

How staying still helps you beat high blood pressure – why plank and wall sits help hypertension.

Bowel cancer screening test kit with letter and sample pot on a purple background

Jeremy Bowen: “You’re an idiot if you chuck away your bowel cancer test kit”

Home test kits are the key to early bowel cancer detection, but a third of people ignore them. Jeremy Bowen makes his plea after the death of his friend George Alagiah.

A temperature scale on a beach, showing high temperatures during a heatwave.

Holidaying in Europe during the heatwave? Health risks and how to avoid them

Record-breaking temperatures in Europe have raised health concerns. A doctor reveals the things you must do to stay safe in the heat.