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Brain Health

What is vascular dementia? Dr Mark Porter explains all

Saga's medical expert demystifies vascular dementia and explains how lifestyle changes can make a difference.

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Brain Health

Why exercise can benefit your brain as well as your body

Spread the news, exercise is enormously beneficial for both your brain and your physical health.

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Brain Health

How brain training can keep you mentally active for longer

Staying physically and mentally active as you get older is very important – experts explain how brain training could help you stay sharp.

Older man sat on a sofa holding the B-Cure Laser device

How a simple, hand-held product could vastly reduce pain 

B-Cure Laser promises a simple solution to those suffering.

Cup of tea

Can tea prevent type 2 diabetes?

It’s the best way to start the day, but a cup of tea could have added health benefits, according to a new study.

Weight gain in menopause

Weight gain in menopause: why it happens and what can be done about it 

Weight gain in menopause is frustrating, but we have the tips you need to keep healthy.

Brain Health

Music: the magical lifeline for those living with dementia

Music is a powerful tool for people living with dementia. It’s National Playlist Day, so which songs are on the soundtrack to your life?

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Track your menopause: We put three menopause apps to the test 

Menopause apps are big business these days. We find out what they do and how they can help.

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Brain Health

How getting off the sofa can reduce your risk of dementia

A new study shows that sitting for ten hours a day or more can increase the risk of dementia, so take some simple steps and get moving.

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Exercise hormone may protect against Alzheimer’s – and these workouts offer most benefit

Irisin, a hormone produced in exercise, might protect against Alzheimer’s – and certain workouts increase its production.