A man is pictured using an orange-coloured foam roller on his right calf area, while sitting with his leg outstretched on an athletics track. He is wearing a black fitness vest and black fitness bottoms. Only his torso and legs are captured in the image.
Exercise Recovery

Foam roller exercises: 5 key areas to focus on

Ease your muscles and improve post-exercise recovery with the humble foam roller, a simple and invaluable bit of fitness kit.

Couple hugging

Sex on the brain? How it can improve cognitive function

Getting intimate – or finding your own pleasure – has many health benefits, and a new study reveals it can improve cognitive function, too.

Image of a blue brain with one half revealing foods that are good for mental health such as green vegetables and fish
Mental Wellbeing

Nutrition and mental health – what to eat more of for mental wellbeing

Good (and poor) nutrition can directly affect our mood and mental wellbeing. We reveal the food choices that make a difference.

Dr Michael Mosley standing in a kitchen holding a bottle of olive oil with Mediterranean-style foods in front of him.
Healthy Eating

Dr Michael Mosley’s top tips for living longer and better

The TV doctor and healthy living expert reveals how to boost your longevity, including one thing we should be doing every day.

Group of people smiling looking down at camera.
Mental Wellbeing

Smile and the world smiles with you: give a grin on World Smile Day 

It’s World Smile Day, so enjoy these top tips from our fitness team on ways to get active and happy, from gardening to swimming.

Women having coffee

Are you suffering from the “self-care gap?”

Are you one of the women who only has five hours of “me-time” a week? A survey exposes the midlife squeeze, so what can we do about it?

Two women smiling

No orgasm? No problem: 10 ways to great sex without one

There’s no reason why your sex life should be less satisfying than 20 years ago. Experts say taking the pressure off could change everything.

Photo of Todd running on a sunny day on a road.

“Hallucinations led to my life unravelling – but running helped me rebuild”

When Todd Crush started seeing visions and hearing voices, a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia followed.

Brain Health

Music: the magical lifeline for those living with dementia

Music is a powerful tool for people living with dementia. It’s National Playlist Day, so which songs are on the soundtrack to your life?

People having a laugh

Want to live a longer, healthier life? Take tips from the Blue Zones

As Blue Zones in England and Wales – places with more people living beyond 100 – are revealed, what can we learn from the world’s longevity hotspots?