A group of used running shoes in a pile

How to choose the best shoes for running

Expert advice to steer you through the complex world of choosing the right running shoes for you

Paul Parkin back running after a heart attack

“I had a heart attack while out running – but I’ve since run a marathon”

When Paul Parkin had severe pains in his left arm and chest towards the end of a run, he knew he was suffering a heart attack. Here, he tells of his remarkable recovery.

Man doing squats at home

9 equipment-free exercises you can do at home

Getting fit doesn’t need to cost a lot – these 9 exercises you can do at home need no equipment and are easy to master.

Ralph running and juggling

“I took up ‘joggling’ in my fifties – here’s how it’s improved my fitness”

Ralph Marsh - a devotee of an exercise that combines running and juggling - says there are widespread benefits of "joggling" 

Jojo Moyes pictured in a red shirt and black jacket

Author Jojo Moyes on finding Pilates in her fifties: “All my aches and pains have disappeared”

The best-selling author says Pilates has changed her relationship with her body – and wishes she’d discovered it 20 years ago.

Man in plank

A 10-move bodyweight strength workout that’s perfect for beginners

Strength training isn’t just about lifting heavy weights: you can use your own bodyweight to build muscle and stave off health conditions.​​

An older man jogging with a towel around his shoulders

Set yourself a fitness goal and stick to it

Clear written goals are amazingly powerful when it comes to achieving your dreams and targets.

Photo of Todd running on a sunny day on a road.

“Hallucinations led to my life unravelling – but running helped me rebuild”

When Todd Crush started seeing visions and hearing voices, a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia followed.

A woman in her 50s lacing up her running shoes

It’s never too late to start running. Here’s how 

Lace up your running shoes (again); no matter your age, it's never too late to start running.

A happy older man and woman dancing in the surf on a beach

Walk yourself happy – five ways to get the most out of your time outside

More than half of us are walking to help our mental health – here’s how it works.