Who we are

At Saga Exceptional our mission is to help you explore your passions by connecting you with entertaining and insightful content every day.

Whether you are interested in getting active and improving your fitness, creating the home you’ve always wanted, or starting a new hobby, we have the advice, reviews and inspiration you need to get started. 

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Welcome to Saga Exceptional

We’ve launched a new site to help inspire our readers with insightful and entertaining content – and we’d love you to join us on our journey.

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Our promise to you

Sharing. Helpful. Trusted. That’s our promise to you.  

You are the centre of our world. We are here to write the articles that will help, inform and inspire you. We only cover stories we believe are beneficial to you, and our independent editorial approach means we never allow brands to influence our coverage. 

Our team live and breathe the content they are covering and are committed to delivering an exceptional experience for you. 

If we’re recommending a product, it’s because our team of experts believe it’s worthy of your consideration, and if a product doesn’t meet our high standards, we’ll let you know why. 

  • Original, accurate and honest 
  • We never take payment or guarantee editorial coverage for any brand 
  • Industry-leading review process 
  • Expert team with vast experience in dedicated fields 

Our team

Our team is formed of leading experts in their field who provide accurate, insightful articles, whether it’s reviewing the latest product, teaching you how to get something done, helping you choose what to buy, or simply providing an enjoyable read for you to experience.

If you’d like to get in contact with us or you have any suggestions on how to improve the site, then please feel free to email in with any thoughts – we’d love to hear from you.

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Why you can trust us

Our experienced editorial team is impartial and entirely independent. We never cover or review a product because a company has paid, or even asked, for coverage.  

Our expert editorial team decide which products we cover, and our unbiased approach means we won’t pull any punches. If a product doesn’t meet our high standards, we’ll explain why. 

We focus on original, accurate and honest content, and enable our team to work free of ethical concerns and conflicts.

Our reviews

Products are reviewed in our state-of-the-art labs to ensure a level playing field for everything which passes through our doors, but we also test products in the real world as well.

This real-world testing ensures we find out how products will fit into your life, and whether they are up to the task and worthy of your hard-earned money. 

Many of our review units are provided by the companies who manufacture them, but this does not influence our review process or final verdict. We always return products at the request of the brand or at the end of the agreed loan period.

Experienced Voices Panel

Experience is important, and here at Saga Exceptional we want to make sure you, our readers, get the chance to celebrate experience with input on our key reviews and articles.  

Our Experienced Voices Panel is made up of engaged readers who are passionate and knowledgeable about their topic area of choice. 

Diversity & Inclusion

As a part of Saga, at Saga Exceptional we’re passionate about championing diversity, equity, inclusion, and a sense of belonging. This means our teams are diverse, recruited through an actively barrier-free, fair, objective, and inclusive process that focuses solely upon work criteria and individual merit.

We also want our website, social media, newsletters and video content to reflect our readers, meaning our images and our Experienced Voices panel should reflect YOU. You are the centre of our world at Saga Exceptional, and so it’s vital that you feel like you belong.