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Desk Lamp - main image of all lights on table - turned on

We tested the best desk lamps: here’s what turned us on

In the market for a mood-enhancer, a hi-tech light or an iconic design? Here’s what we found when we put the best desk lamps to the test

Garden fence brought down by storm

How to storm-proof your garden

With storm season just beginning with the arrival of Storm Agnes, here’s how to make sure you’re ready for the next one.

Woman holding an smart meter in-home display on a kitchen worktop
Home Energy

10 smart meter benefits: including a few you might not have thought of

No more meter readings, the chance to track your energy usage and accurate bills – we reveal 10 smart meter benefits, and the downsides

close up of pink and purple fuchsia flowers

When to cut back fuchsias to keep them flourishing

We explain when to cut back fuchsia bushes to encourage more flowers to grow each year – and explain the difference between tender and hardy plant preferences.

Close up of pumpkins
Home Appliances

Unlock the magic of pumpkins with these autumnal air fryer recipes

Never airfried pumpkin before? Our guide to making tasty pumpkin dishes in an air fryer shows you how.

chimney sweep cleaning a chimney on top of a roof
Home Energy

Light my fire: why now is the best time to get your chimney swept

Keeping your chimney clean helps your fire or wood-burning stove work effectively and safely but how often should you sweep a chimney? Read tips and advice from the experts.

Rustic kitchen within a light lean-to conservatory

Small kitchen conservatory ideas that bring in the light

Extending your kitchen into your conservatory? Gain the most out of your space with our small kitchen conservatory ideas 

hand holding British pounds notes - table in background with pound coins and model house

Experts warn why you should (almost) never pay a contractor in cash

However tempting it might be paying a contractor cash in hand for building work here’s why it should be avoided in most cases.

Laundry basket full of washing in foreground and washing machine in background
Home Energy

Don’t risk damp and health issues: know how to dry clothes indoors safely

Looking for how to dry clothes indoors without your house becoming damp and mouldy? We share expert advice on the best ways to do it

Spring bulbs lasagna plants in terracotta pots

Monty Don’s latest TV appearance reveals tips for planting spring bulbs 

Now is the time for planting spring bulbs, and in a recent episode of Gardeners’ World, Monty Don provided some essential tips for growing them.