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Pancakes with lemon and sugar not made in an air fryer
Home Appliances

Can you make pancakes in an air fryer?

Is it time to ditch the frying pan? We investigate to see if it’s really possible to make air fryer pancakes.

Lady in wheelchair watering tomato plants -

Gardening with limited mobility: 6 expert tips to make it stress-free

Gardening expert Mark Lane shares his advice on how to make gardening easy when you have limited mobility.

Person using a handheld vacuum cleaner -
Home Appliances

The cleaning tool I never knew I needed: why you should consider a handheld vacuum

Owning a handheld vacuum is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your living space clean and tidy - here's why...

Jobs to do in the garden in February -

Gardening in February – jobs to do this month

Sow and grow seeds of hope this winter, and ensure their success, with our essential guide for what to plant in February.

Person holding up toilet seat to show bacteria at home

Watch out! These household items have more bacteria than a toilet seat

From water bottles to chopping boards, these household items are a breeding ground for germs.

A red brick cottage covered in snow with a snowy garden.
Home Improvement

Protect your home in freezing weather – our biggest fears and how to avoid them

Power cuts, broken boilers and frozen pipes - how to protect your home in winter weather

House model wrapped in scarf on radiator home winter heating and insulation save money on heating concept -
Home Energy

This one tip could save you £250 a month on your heating bills

Want to save money on heating? Our expert advice will help save you money and keep you warm this winter.

A carpet of snowdrop flowers on a woodland floor with trees in the background

Celebrate snowdrop season with five of the best places to see them

It's snowdrop season - we tell you all about these dainty flowers, how to grow them and the best places to see them.

Person wearing rubber gloves cleaning an oven, illustrating how to do the most hated chores

Ditch the drudgery – how to tackle the chores you hate 

From cleaning out the fridge to dealing with bin juice, experts share their top tips on how to do the most hated chores with ease.

keep poinsettias alive

Don’t make these mistakes if you want to keep your Poinsettia alive past Christmas…

If you show your Poinsettia the right care, it can last well until next Christmas - and beyond.