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14 ideas that prove you can have a garden office even if your plot is small

We share 14 small garden office ideas that cram functionality, creativity and focus time into the tiniest of footprints.

Sowing the lawn in the spring. A female hand in a glove holds the seeds of lawn grass over a cardboard box, against a background of green grass.

When is the best time to repair your lawn – autumn or spring?

When’s the best time to repair your lawn? We examine a Gardeners’ World tip for reseeding in September and explain why we prefer to patch things up in springtime.

Digging the soil with a spade

I’ve been a professional gardener for 30 years – here’s why I no longer dig my soil 

For the last decade I’ve been practising the technique of ‘no-dig’ gardening. And I've seen the benefits. These are the reasons why I do it.

man wearing a hat and gloves picking blackberries

Food for free: how to properly forage for blackberries

Learn how to pick blackberries in the wild, with expert foraging tips on leaving enough food behind for wildlife and staying safe outside.

green garden shed in UK garden with cat sat on lawn

Did you know you might need planning permission to put up a shed?

Size, height and where you put it are just some of the factors that will determine whether you’ll need planning permission for a shed.

Man and woman standing in front of a house holding a plant and boxes, with more belongings in boxes by the front door

Moving house? How packing up your garden could cause legal issues

Want to know how to take plants with you when you move house? We’ve spoken to legal experts who have revealed a huge mistake people make, and how to avoid it.

A beautiful small Acer tree with red leaves growing in a garden during late May.

These are the 10 best trees for small gardens

If you thought you didn’t have space in your garden for a tree, think again! Our best trees for small gardens offer character and colour.

A garden design with shade-tolerant plants growing along borders and under a tree

8 shade-tolerant plants that prove there’s no need to be scared of the dark 

Expert garden designers reveal the best shade-tolerant plants that will add interest, texture and colour to the darker spots on your property.

Plums ripening on a tree

When and how to prune plum trees

Late summer is the perfect time to tend to fruit trees. Here’s exactly when and how to prune plum trees.


Want fuchsias for free? Find the perfect moment to take cuttings

Discover when to take fuchsia cuttings from tender and hardy plants, as there are differences between the two, so you can keep growing your favourite varieties for free.