Raking leaves off a lawn as part of autumn lawn care

Do your grass some good with these top autumn lawn care tips

Autumn lawn care tips such as how to scarify, aerate and over-seed your grass.

Ice crystals of early morning frost on Geranium Rozanne “Gerwat” at the end of autumn

How to overwinter geraniums – with top tips from Monty Don

Learn how to overwinter geraniums and pelargoniums, with expert tips from Monty Don and the RHS to make sure they return next year.

Apple trees can be pruned twice a year. Once in winter and a lighter prune in late summer

How and when to prune apple trees for bumper crops

Knowing when and how to prune apple trees will improve your crops for next year. We share our tips on how to do it.

On Gardeners' World, Rachel de Thame visits York Gate to discover how to take leaf cuttings of 'foliage' begonias.

How to propagate begonias from leaf cuttings (as seen on Gardeners’ World)

On a recent episode of Gardeners’ World, Rachel de Thame visited York House to discover how to take leaf cuttings of begonias.

Presenters of Garden Rescue Lee Burkhill and Chris Hull stood with homeowners in their garden

Lee Burkhill’s top tips for designing a Japanese gravel garden

We share some Japanese gravel garden design tips from Garden Rescue’s co-presenter Lee Burkhill, from arranging stones to planting choices.

A shed badly damaged by a storm in a back garden

How to storm-proof your garden

Storm Jocelyn is heading our way – we’ve got 10 expert tips on how to help minimise damage to our gardens.

close up of pink and purple fuchsia flowers

When to cut back fuchsias to keep them flourishing

We explain when to cut back fuchsia bushes to encourage more flowers to grow each year – and explain the difference between tender and hardy plant preferences.

Spring bulbs lasagna plants in terracotta pots

Monty Don’s latest TV appearance reveals tips for planting spring bulbs 

Now is the time for planting spring bulbs, and in a recent episode of Gardeners’ World, Monty Don provided some essential tips for growing them.

Bright tulips in a garden

How and when to plant bulbs for spring

We share our top tips on when and how to plant bulbs – including why November is the best time plant tulips.

hedgehog sitting in a drainpipe surrounded by autumnal leaves and rosehips
Outdoor Living

How to make your garden a haven for hedgehogs

Discover how to attract hedgehogs to your garden by creating better access and keeping them safe, so that they help to reduce common pests.