Woman holding iPhone displaying Spotify
Smart Home

Spotify price rise appears – what to do and how to save money

Google's Nest Hub Max sitting on a side in the home next to a plant and some books
Smart display

How to reset the Google Nest Hub

If you're selling or troubleshooting your Nest Hub, here's how to fully reset it.

Google Nest Mini smart speaker on a unit in a house
Smart speakers

9 things Google Nest speakers can do that you didn’t know

Make sure you're getting the most out of your Google Nest smart speaker or display by using all of its capabilities.

A Google Nest Hub on a table going through the set-up process
Smart display

How to set up Google Nest Hub smart display

In just a few minutes you can have your new Google Nest Hub responding to your every command.

Amazon Echo Pop smart speaker on a sideboard
Smart speakers

Amazon Echo Pop review 

The Amazon Echo Pop is a good smart home controller that’s well suited to podcasts, audiobooks and talk radio.

Amazon Echo 2qb Speaker shot in the test centre sound room
Smart speakers

How do I enable an Alexa skill?

Alexa skills add extra exciting and useful functionality to Amazon's smart speakers and displays - here's how to set them up.

Amazon Echo Dot Speakers shot in the test centre sound room
Smart speakers

Discover the best Alexa skills to make your home smarter

Discover the best Alexa skills that will entertain and create a smarter home, all with the sound of your voice.

Amazon Echo Show 10 in a kitchen, showing a recipe
Smart display

How to clean an Echo Show screen

Get ready to rediscover the brilliance of your Echo Show screen with these simple steps.

An Echo Show 10 in the kitchen showing a group call to illustrate how to video call on a smart display
Smart display

How to video call on a smart display 

Your smart display is an easy way to make video calls – and what’s more, it’s free to do so. Here’s how…

Multiple Amazon products around confetti and on boxes, with hand coming in from the left
Home Technology

Amazon Prime Day 2023 – some deals still live

Amazon Prime Day promises two days of big discounts on thousands of items. Here’s how to be a smart Prime Day shopper.