Incontinence ruled Sharon’s life for 20 years. Here’s how she got her life back with Jude

How a natural bladder supplement has given a woman her life back after decades of incontinence.

Like so many women Sharon O’Neil has spent years struggling with incontinence. More than 20 years ago her pelvic floor was weakened after complications during childbirth and this got worse during the menopause.  She’s been forced to wear pads, change her clothes after accidents and curtail journeys and trips away from her home.

Drugs and physio all failed to help, until a support group recommended supplements from Jude which are clinically-proven to improve bladder health. Within weeks she was enjoying a leak-free night’s sleep and wasn’t having to dash for the loo during the day.

“I’m speechless and spill-proof,” says Sharon, who admits she’s still pinching herself about the amazing effect the supplements have had.


Written in partnership with Jude.

Sharon OneilCredit: Sharon ONeil

In 2001 Sharon gave birth to her son. Complications meant that doctors had to cut through her pelvic floor to save her life and stop the bleeding.

She says: “There was no time to prep me for surgery or move me to an operating theatre. It was all done very quickly and not at all precisely.

“I was conscious throughout and their main concern (apart from me) was to throw towels on the floor, as they were all slipping around on my blood.”

The surgery saved her life, but at a cost. She was sent for phsyio for a few weeks afterwards to help her pelvic floor.

“I had to wear sanitary wear after that. I couldn’t hold my water, so when I got the urge to go it was too late – I was washing clothes almost daily due to night time accidents.”

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How bladder problems affected Sharon’s life

Sharon was left tired and anxious

Over the years Sharon coped as best she could. She developed arthritis making it harder for her to race to the loo, and then went through an early menopause following treatment to cut her risk of cancer.

“Suddenly the incontinence became a lot worse,” she says. “I was waking for the toilet up to three times a night – which left me tired all day.

“I stopped camping and going to festivals because I would be too far away from loos, especially in the night.

“Sneezing and coughing would cause leaks too, so if I had a cold I would be even more anxious. I was wearing the largest towels that I could find every day and still having to change my clothing.

Bladder problems are more common than you think

To date it is estimated that up to seven million people in the UK are affected by incontinence issues and as many as one in three women are affected by an overactive bladder.

Issues can be brought on by menopause, childbirth, illness or medical interventions.

Sharon underwent more tests and had intensive physiotherapy which didn’t help.

“In the end I hoisted my big girl knickers up and just got on with it,” she says. “I bought bigger pads and the biggest they have. I adapted my lifestyle, planning ahead for loos and even getting a shee-pee for car journeys.”

How Jude changed Sharon’s life

Jude to the rescue

Sharon, a school assistant, discovered Jude bladder-care supplements by chance.

“I’m a member of the bladder and bowel community support, and they sent me the info about Jude through an email. Because they were endorsing it, I thought that I should try it,” she explained.

“I have had issues for more than 20 years, so I wasn’t expecting too much but any small increase in my ability to hold onto my urine would have been great.”

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A big life change

“Jude has helped me so much, even within the first few days of taking it!

“I’ve slept all night, no up and down to the loo for me for me since the 3rd night of taking Jude.

Last week I noticed that I needed the loo. Normally I don’t get this urge until it’s too late. The toilet near my room was busy, so I walked, right across the school where I work to the other loos, not a rush in me. I got there and didn’t spill a drop.”

Sharon admits she’s finding it strange adapting after 22 years.

She says: “It almost feels too good to be true. I’ve had once slight accident since I’ve started taking them, but I haven’t needed to change my clothes and I am already planning on using the smaller Jude pads.

“It’s really odd after 22 years of issues, of racing to get to a loo and then panicking when it’s occupied.

“For me the name Jude is so appropriate, because St Jude is the patron saint of Hope and impossible causes.”

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A tested formula for better bladder health

Try Jude bladder strength supplements

Jude’s formula is so effective that 9.2 out of 10 participants said taking the supplements had improved their quality of life and in a separate independent clinical trial, 66% reported fewer daily leaks and 70% fewer night-time bathroom visits.

Tried and approved by over 35,000 individuals in the UK, Jude’s Bladder Strength Supplements were created in collaboration with urogynaecologists and the esteemed professor Leena Pradhan-Nabzdyk, PhD, MBA, from Harvard Medical School.

The ingredients include Pumpkin Seed Extract, which relaxes bladder overactivity and restores hormone balance, and Soy Phytoestrogen which helps to regulate bladder contraction and increase collagen production in the pelvic floor.

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Written by an Exceptional journalist, in partnership with Jude. The content was written in response to a brief and fact-checked by our commercial partner.

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