How a simple, hand-held product could vastly reduce pain 

B-Cure Laser promises a simple solution to those suffering.

Being in pain can be a pain. Whether it’s acute pain from an injury or chronic pain from an ongoing condition, it can feel like you’re on your own: getting through to your GP can be a battle, the wait for appointments and treatment can be long, and if you have private healthcare it might not take long to use up your allocation of physiotherapy sessions.  

So whether you’re recovering from an operation or battling aches that keep you awake, B-Cure Laser promises a simple and effective solution, so you can get back to doing the things you want with confidence – and Saga Exceptional readers get a special discount, too! 


Written in partnership with B-Cure Laser.

Older man sat on a sofa holding the B-Cure Laser deviceCredit: B-Cure Laser

B-Cure Laser devices are an effective solution to reduce chronic and acute pain, and are particularly useful for people who have exhausted the use of pain relief medication or are fed up with the extended wait period to see a healthcare professional who can help with their discomfort.  

The B-Cure Laser is very effective at relieving muscular skeletal pain, pain from inflammations, and chronic conditions – helping you become more mobile.  

The company was created in 2009 to help people live better lives. Their healthcare products are now used by more than 325,000 patients worldwide, helping with everything from sports injuries to chronic pain. 

So how does it do it? 


How does the B-Cure Laser work?

The B-Cure Laser uses a technology called low level laser therapy, sometimes known as cold laser, soft laser or phototherapy. It’s a clinically proven technology that uses pulsed laser light to penetrate the skin and reach the tissues where the pain lives, stimulating your natural healing mechanisms and releasing the endorphins your body produces to help relieve pain.  

The technology was previously only available in expensive private clinics, but like many other high-end systems it’s become smaller, more convenient and much more affordable – so now you can get the same healing help at home. 

Safe, effective pain relief whenever you need it

Because the B-Cure Laser uses a cold laser, there’s no need for things like protective goggles for eye safety – and because it’s right there in your home, it’s always to hand when you need it.  

You can use your B-Cure Laser at your convenience, whenever you feel the need for a helping hand. And with each session taking a maximum of six minutes, twice daily, you don’t need to rearrange your day or cancel your plans when you want to use it. 

Feel much better in just six minutes

Although it might not sound like much, using the B-Cure Laser twice daily, up to a maximum of six minutes each time, is more than enough time to make a huge difference.

“It’s almost instant relief, which is just amazing,” says car pulling world champion Kevin Brown. TV star Ulrika Jonsson agrees, highlighting the “amazing pain relief” it brings.  

And you don’t need to be a celebrity or a car puller to benefit: “B-Cure Laser helps me to take less medication,” says Evette Coombes from London; while Cherie Phillipson of Rustington says: “Thanks to B-Cure Laser, I can walk better.” Sharon Stevens, from Sidcup, puts it plainly: “The B-Cure Laser has given me my life back.” 

Hannah Cockcroft, who’s won seven Paralympic gold medals in wheelchair racing, found that the B-Cure Laser was really helpful in dealing with disturbing sensations that often prevented her from sleeping. “It took the pain away really quickly,” she says. “I’m sleeping better than I have in years. I know that as soon as my knees start to ache, I can turn it on and I’ll get a better night’s sleep”. 

Effective pain relief without any side effects

The B-Cure Laser is completely safe, doesn’t cause any unpleasant side effects and doesn’t affect other forms of treatment. That means it’s the perfect partner for any help you’re already getting. You can use B-Cure Laser on its own as a stand-alone therapy modality, or in conjunction with other conventional therapies such as physiotherapy.  

It’s also effective for a wide range of conditions: because pain is pain no matter what the cause, B-Cure Laser can help with acute discomfort from injuries or post-operative pain as well as with chronic conditions such as back or leg pain. And the more you use it, the more help it can provide: daily domestic use can make a really big difference, meaning you’ll have the confidence to do what you want, pain free. 

Just ask fitness expert Diana Moran, the Green Goddess. She says: “When I’m using it more regularly, it is nice to feel pain free.”  


An exclusive discount for SAGA members 

Pain isn’t something we should have to put up with, and dealing with it shouldn’t cost the earth either. That’s why we have an exclusive discount for SAGA members that takes a huge £50 off the usual price – all you need to do is enter the code SAGA50 at the checkout and the discount will automatically be applied. 

Click through to discover how B-Cure Laser can help you be more mobile and help you enjoy your leisure without pain. 


Written by an Exceptional journalist, in partnership with B-Cure Laser. The content was written in response to a brief and fact-checked by our commercial partner.

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