Tiling trends 2023: new looks for bathrooms, kitchens and more

Cover your home in glory with beautiful tiles

If your tiles are looking more tired than top-notch and you’re fed up with trying to get your white grout to look clean, we’ve got some good news.

This year’s tiling trends embrace colour, texture, pattern size to help you banish your bathroom blues and conquer your kitchen splashbacks.

Marble-effect ceramic tiles can be a cost-effective alternativeCredit: Mandarin Stone
Marble-effect ceramic tiles can be a cost-effective alternative

To help you sit back, relax and plan your new tiling project with confidence, we’ve searched the stores and spoken to some favourite suppliers to discover some of this year’s top trends.

Whether you’re confused about ceramics or mulling over marble, we’ve got you covered.


1. Warmer tones

Tiles are looking less stark

It seems that the trend for wall-to-wall grey is finally on the wane. Instead, according to Louisa Morgan, Creative Director at Mandarin Stone, we’re on the hunt for something warmer. She tells us that customers are looking for less white and grey and more warm beiges, soft wood and honey.

It’s the perfect tonal combination to bring a sense of calm, creating a bathroom that feels hewn from the earth.

Beige is back - but this time it's warmerCredit: Mandarin Stone
Beige is back – but this time it’s warmer

Although some may wonder why we are returning to what could be considered a beige palette, Richard Skeoch, director at Hyperion Tiles, is quick to defend the trend.

“Unfairly maligned for being bland and boring, beige is a shade with plenty of character. Mixed through brown and white, or white and yellow, it’s a warm colour which works well with natural materials, such as stone, clay or wood.”

Add character to a beige colour palette with the use of patternCredit: Hyperion Tiles
Add character to a beige colour palette with the use of pattern

As well as suiting large ceramic marbles, beige and browns can work well in smaller geometric-style patterns that create interest without being overwhelming to the eye.

2. Colourful marble

Classic but with a contemporary twist

A long-term staple in interior design, marble tiling continues to evolve. According to Alastair Cullen, tiling buyer at B&Q: “The key trends that we’re seeing in 2023 are all about colourful marbles that have an interesting twist on a classic design.” As a result, Cullen confirms the brand will be launching some blue and gold designs later this year.

Grazzie Wilson, Head of Creative at Ca’Pietra agrees: “2023’s marble moment is set to be all about drama. Less Carrara and more mesmerising-coloured stones.”

Add drama to your marble by using colour and contrastCredit: Ca’Pietra
Add drama to your marble by using colour and contrast

Using a charismatic blue on both the walls and floor, the colour drenching technique provides the perfect backdrop for more traditional materials such as copper, which highlights the natural veins and shades of the marble tiles.

But, if the luxury price of marble feels beyond your budget, Morgan at Mandarin Stone points out there is an alternative – marble-effect porcelain tiles. “Porcelain tiles are able to offer larger formats in minimal thicknesses,” she explains, “which isn’t possible in real marble, or at least if they are, is very cost-prohibitive.”

Marble-effect ceramic tiles can be a cost-effective alternativeCredit: Mandarin Stone
Marble-effect ceramic tiles can be a cost-effective alternative

Large porcelain marble-effect tiles can still replicate the beautiful, veined effect of marble but offer a more cost-effective option for creating a spa-like bathroom. Combine with brass or gold for a luxurious and rich palette.

3. Choose diagonal over horizontal

Embrace a new way of laying a traditional material

If you’re keen to bring your love of marble even more on trend, why not use it in an even smaller tile size and look at different ways of laying it.

Use a herringbone pattern for a different approachCredit: Mandarin Stone
Use a herringbone pattern for a different approach

A herringbone design will still allow the visual qualities of marble to take centre-stage and can provide a pleasing effect when combined with both larger marble tiles, and smaller square tiles in a complementary shade. Using three contrasting sizes creates a great aesthetic and defines different areas of the room.

Lay marble effect metro tiles diagonally for a modern twistCredit: B&Q
Lay marble effect metro tiles diagonally for a modern twist

Or, use marble-effect metro-shaped tiles for a kitchen splashback and lay them diagonally to add a modern twist to a classic kitchen tile choice.

4. Glorious green

Evoking nature during bath time

From furnishings to paint colours, green is a popular colour choice of interior sources across the board this year. It’s even made its way into tiling according to Amy Pears, designer at Johnson Tiles.

It's the year of green in interior trendsCredit: Johnson Tiles
It’s the year of green in interior trends

“This is the year of green, from rich emerald to muted sage tones, linking back to nature, reflecting calmness and positivity,” she says. “It’s all about bringing natural qualities, pattern and colours indoors for a tactile aesthetic.”

Add greens and botanicals for a rainforest bathing experienceCredit: Ca’Pietra
Add greens and botanicals for a rainforest bathing experience

For an eye-catching bathroom interior, combine different shades of green in contrasting shapes and sizes. To embrace this year’s nature led design trend, use tiles with a foliage pattern and fill your bathroom with botanicals for a rainforest-inspired wet room.

Combine green with wood and marble for a luxury feelCredit: Mandarin Stone
Combine green with wood and marble for a luxury feel

For a more traditional approach while still staying on trend, replace the traditional black tiles of a chequerboard style with green ones, and add height to the space with vertically placed narrow rectangular tiles. Add brass fittings and a wood or marble sink to finish your luxury wet zone.

5. Fluted not flat

Add texture to create contrast

Reinforcing Pear’s comments about the popularity of tactile and textured designs, fluted tiles – tiles which have a series of small ridges in their design – have also been noted as a growing trend in interiors. Smaller areas of tiling can be a great way of experimenting with new styles.

Try out new trends in smaller spaces Credit: Porcelain Superstore
Try out new trends in smaller spaces

Using a fluted tile as a contrast against a different shaped tile or a plain plastered wall can add interest to a splashback. Even though the fluted trend has been seen before in interior design, according to Abbas Youssefi, Director of Porcelain Superstore, the key to making them suit a contemporary bathroom style is to choose them with rich colourings and a glossy finish.

6. Big is beautiful

We still love large tiles

Based on customer purchasing habits, Leigh Price at Real Stone, Tile & Bathroom is also predicting a change in the size of tiles we buy this year.

“Over the last few years, we have seen many homeowners start to ditch intricate mosaic patterns in their bathrooms,” he says, “and instead opt for large-format tiles when renovating.”

Using large tiles can create a seamless finish on walls and floorsCredit: Real Stone, Tile & Bathroom
Using large tiles can create a seamless finish on walls and floors

“One of the reasons for this is that large-format tiles can provide a full ‘wall covering’ effect, meaning there are far fewer visible grout lines than there would be when opting for a smaller tile.

“This not only creates a completely seamless finish,” says Price, “but also means far less upkeep, and makes the tiles much easier to clean.

“Another highly popular choice among our customers when renovating their bathrooms is to add an eye-catching feature wall,” adds Price.

“With so many bold-patterned, large-format tiles now on the market, you can easily create just as much of a wow factor as you would have with a delicate mosaic.”

Create a wow factor by using tiles to create a muralCredit: Real Stone, Tile & Bathroom
Create a wow factor by using tiles to create a mural

7. Kit kat tiles

It’s hip not to be square

Trinity Owhe, Design Expert at Victorian Plumbing feels it’s not just about colour, texture or size when it comes to this year’s trends.

Owhe explains that after the popular trend of brick-shaped metro tiles, we are also more willing to consider alternative shapes. “Other more unique types of tile, like or hexagon tiles are also on trend,” she says, “especially to feature as a backsplash or feature wall.”

Try kit kat tiles for a unique backsplashCredit: Victorian Plumbing
Try kit kat tiles for a unique backsplash

When choosing a kit kat tile – named as such because of its similarity in shape to the chocolate bar – consider combining with simpler sanitaryware, bathroom furniture and accessories to ensure the tiles are the wow factor in the room.

Youssefi also notes a growing popularity for kit kat tiles, believing this is due to the fact they: “pay homage to the Art Deco glamour of the 1920s while adding their own 21st century spin with their scene-stealing colours and glossy glazed finish.”

Combine glossy kit kat tiles with simple sanitarywareCredit: Porcelain Superstore
Combine glossy kit kat tiles with simple sanitaryware

“They are bold, command attention and their tactile finish will add texture wherever they are placed,” says Youssefi.

When used in shades of aqua and green, your bathing space will take on a sense of natural cleanliness and calm. Mirror their pattern with wood grain-effect cabinets.

8. Terracotta tones

Rich and rustic Mediterranean vibes

If you find yourself dreaming of the rich colours of the Mediterranean and a new bathroom, you may be in luck. Terracotta is having a resurgence, according to our favourite tile experts.

Bring the Mediterranean home with the terracotta trendCredit: Bert & May
Bring the Mediterranean home with the terracotta trend

Rich rusts and terracotta are noted by Morgan as in-demand colours at Mandarin Stone. From flooring to walls, terracotta is a shade that works well in kitchens and bathrooms.

Wilson agrees suggesting that: “the love affair with terracotta – the colour and the material – is about to move up a gear as references to Mediterranean-inspired interiors takes off.”

To complement your terracotta tiles, try shades of yellow, natural materials such as wicker and rattan and – for a real sense of bathing outdoors – sanitaryware in brick-like tones and terracotta-coloured hammam towels.

Create an outdoor bathing feel with brick-like tonesCredit: Mandarin Stone
Create an outdoor bathing feel with brick-like tones

To combine two of this year’s trends, lay terracotta brick-style flooring and add green tiles or kitchen cabinets in a nod to nature.

Combine trends with green and terracotta tonesCredit: Ca’Pietra
Combine trends with green and terracotta tones

9. Warming wood

Wood-effect tiles continue to trend

In line with the trend for a more natural approach to interiors, according to Morgan, wood-effect tiles remain a popular choice. She notes an increase in requests – particularly in parquet-style designs.

Wood-effect tiles add a natural feelCredit: Mandarin Stone
Wood-effect tiles add a natural feel

In response, the company has introduced some new designs for 2023 to meet demand.

It’s also possible to find wood-effect tiles in a wide range of different colours, shades and finishes. Their hard-wearing, easy to clean and non-porous nature makes them the perfect option for rooms where heavy footfall is unavoidable.

Wood-effect tiles work well in high traffic areasCredit: Porcelain Superstore
Wood-effect tiles work well in high traffic areas

10. Indoor-outdoor tiles

Seamless style between spaces

Although some interior designers are predicting an end to open-plan living, it seems this is not always matching our tiling purchasing habits.

“Customers are now purchasing much larger quantities of the same tile to cover their entire living area and outdoor patio,” says Price “and are tending to opt for neutral tones that will assist in brightening and opening up the home.”

Match inside with outside to create a seamless flowCredit: Real Stone, Tile & Bathroom
Match inside with outside to create a seamless flow

Expert tip:

To maximise on the seamless finish created by using one tile that flows throughout the space, choose a grout that is close in colour to the tile.

When choosing a tile that can be used both indoors and out, it is also important to ask your tiler if there are thicker slab options available. Outdoor tiles need to have more durability to be able to deal with weather, wear and tear.


11. Glam up your grout

Don’t default to white

With some suppliers now offering over 50 grout colour options – choosing a grout to match your tile is often just as much of a decision as the tile itself.

Owhe feels we are becoming brave enough to consider ditching the traditional white grout and says: “As people’s choices in tiles become more unique, we might notice a shift away from the typical white grout we’re used to seeing. It’s likely grouts in grey and black are going to become more popular.”

Use dark and contrasting grout for more impactCredit: Johnson Tiles
Use dark and contrasting grout for more impact

To add a dynamic edge to your design, contrast a dark grout with a lighter tile to create impact. Or combine a light grout with a dark tile.

Use contrasting grout to tie the scheme togetherCredit: Porcelain Superstore
Use contrasting grout to tie the scheme together

Alternatively, take advantage of the wide range of grout colours now available and use one that highlights another part of your bathroom design – such as the pink grout shown in this scheme.

Using it against the blue tile not only accentuates the style and shape of the tiles but creates a seamless connection with the pink marble countertop.

Or for full-on impact, why not tile a whole room using a vertical pattern and use brighter contrasting grout.

Vertical tiles and a contrasting grout create a wow factorCredit: Porcelain Superstore
Vertical tiles and a contrasting grout create a wow factor

One final tiling tip

Stay true to yourself as well as trends

Whether you’re a trend follower or a lover of tradition, we hope we’ve inspired you with our tiling trend spots for 2023. We love exploring new trends but agree with the wise advice from Morgan when it comes to choosing tiles for your next project.

“Opt for something timeless, that you love and suits your personal style and think about the period of your home and the tiles which would suit it best.”

As with all interior design choices, it’s down to your taste, your home and finding the best solutions to suit your needs. When you find that perfect mix, that’s when the design dream comes true.

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