Decorating with mirrors – discover the fairest ways to use reflective surfaces 

There’s more to decorating with mirrors than simply popping one on a wall. So, on reflection, here are 10 shining ideas.

Decorating with mirrors is a great way of combining practicality with pizazz. Adding light, sparkle and a general sense of space, we think it’s fair to say that there are very few spaces in a home that won’t benefit from the addition of a mirror or mirrored surface.

But where and how you position them can make a big difference. Join us as we reflect on how to take the leap through the looking glass. 

grey and pink bedroom with mirrors either side of bed and on wardrobe panelsCredit: Simon Taylor Furniture
Mirrors can add sparkle and shine to most spaces

1. Group in sets

Use matching frames for a glamorous glow

three circular mirrors with gold twisted frames on blue wall above blue sofaCredit: The Lounge Co
Create visual interest with sets of mirrors in different sizes

Found a mirror you love? Then splash out and buy three. It’s the magic number when it comes to grouping items – but keep it interesting by using a few different sizes. Further add to the visual appeal by hanging them slightly off-centre and at different heights.

One of the great things about decorating with mirrors is that they’re more pleasure than practical. This scheme is a good illustration of how to add a layer of difference to an otherwise considered scheme. While the rest of the interior is more linear in style, with a square coffee table and an L-shaped sofa, the twisted frame of the gold circular mirrors adds a subtle sense of glamour and style.


2. Make your mirror large but lean it

Increase the sense of space with a statuesque but simple fix

large gilt framed mirror leant against white wall next to upholstered gold framed chairCredit: French Bedroom
Go large for maximum sense of space

Tried all the decorating tricks of lighter floors and wall colours, but still feel you could do with more space?

There’s a simple trick you can employ, says Mary Buchanan, creative director of Laura Ashley Lighting and Mirrors at the Där Lighting Group.

“Opt for a larger mirror that covers the majority of the chosen wall. A grand horizontal or vertical mirror will invite our eyes to perceive the bouncing reflections as increased volume, making the room look bigger.”

We love how this oversized ornate gilded mirror not only adds to the sense of space but oozes glamour, blending in perfectly with the gilt upholstered chair, gold bedframe and ornate bedside wall lights.

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3. Use mirrored bathroom tiles

Opt for a golden finish for a gorgeous glow

gold mirrorred tiles on bathroom wall around bathCredit: Original Style
Add a sense of warmth to your bathroom

If you use your bath time as a chance to lie back and reflect on the day’s events, add some richness with golden-hued tiles that surround your bubble break.

Take advantage of the wide range of tile shapes and sizes now available and try pairing mirrored brick-shaped tiles with long, thin rectangular ceramic tiles, to create a bathroom design that’s anything but boring.

Leigh Price, co-director of Real Stone Tile and Bathroom says: “Whereas mirrored tiles were previously only available in very basic design options, as the modern homeowner’s tastes have evolved, many leading tile manufacturers are recognising the demand for unique and character-rich tiles.

“As a result of this, we are now seeing much more variation in the shades and patterns of mirrored tiles available on the market.”

We love how this scheme combines opulence with a more natural feel by adding a strap-hung mirror and a vintage wooden and metal stool. It’s also a neutral-toned scheme, making it the perfect bathroom for the whole family and any visiting guests.

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Love the idea of mirrors in your bathroom but don’t fancy a full renovation?

“Another great space in which to utilise mirrored tiles is the downstairs toilet,” suggests Price, “as this room is typically neglected in renovation plans and could usually benefit from some TLC.

“Downstairs toilets tend to be compact in size, and many even lack natural lighting – which is where mirrored tiles come in handy, as they create the illusion of a larger space.

“Dare to be bold,” says Price, “and ditch your bathroom mirror altogether in favour of a fully mirrored tile wall, for a stylish and functional focal point.

“As the downstairs bathroom isn’t subject to steam and moisture exposure,” adds Price, it generally means “mirrored tiles can simply be adhered to the wall without the need for grout. This allows for a super-easy installation process to give your WC a new lease of life.”

Always check with your tile supplier before installing any tiles to confirm the correct method.

4. Reflect with mirrored furniture

Use cupboards and tables to striking effect

mirrored furniture in living roomCredit: Sweetpea & Willow
Use mirrored furniture for extra reflection

If you prefer to shine a light with furniture rather than mirrors, follow the approach of this beautiful scheme and use mirrored cabinets and tables. But remember that not all mirrored surfaces have to be glass. Polished metallics such as silver and gold can equally provide light, shine, space and sparkle to your interior design.

Unite the look with some common points of interest, taking inspiration from this room, where the gold base of the table matches the gold cabinet base and chair legs. Add bright blues, cream and softer shades of a grey for a scheme that’s got just enough dopamine decor to brighten the darkest of days.

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5. Curate a plant display

Use a mirror with shelves to showcase your prized pots

blue cabinet below black framed mirror with shelves displaying plant potsCredit: Garden Trading
Use a mirror with display shelf to show off your plants

There’s no denying the benefits of plants in our home. From the best kitchen plants, to safe houseplants for pets, there’s a wealth of verdant delights to grace your interior.

But if you’re particularly green-fingered and running out of space to showcase your latest specimens, pick a mirror with a shelf and double up on the visual enjoyment. Leafy structures are also a good way of softening up a hallway such as this one, which is more linear in design, with rectangular cupboards and the contrasting lines of horizontal stair treads and vertical bannisters.


6. Pair matching mirrors

Combine symmetry with practicality in a bathroom

pair of blue framed mirrors in bathroom above double sinks and cabinet in same colourCredit: Bathroom Mountain
Perfectly pair up your mirrors for preening

If you’ve gone to the expense of renovating your bathroom and adding matching sinks, don’t skimp by only hanging one small mirror to share.

Instead, keep to the pattern of two by adding simply framed mirrors to match your cabinetry. Frame with co-ordinating wall lights and you’ll never fight for time to ask who is the fairest of them all.

Although this scheme features rectangular mirrors that line up with the rest of the design – such as the wall panelling and doors – oval or circular shapes would have equally worked and provided a pleasing visual contrast and connection to the door handles.

Not yet renovated but thinking of updating your bathroom? We share how much a bathroom renovation costs.

7. Create a stunning splashback

Use antiqued mirror tiles for a kitchen wow-factor

antiqued mirrored tiles used as splashback behind range ovenCredit: Real Stone, Tile & Bathroom
Even your kitchen can be enhanced with mirrored surfaces

We meant it when we said there’s hardly anywhere in your home that doesn’t benefit from mirrors – and that includes your kitchen.

“Mirrored tiles work as a great tool for bouncing sun rays into areas shaded by cupboards and extractor fans,” says Price, allowing them to make for a super-effective kitchen splashback tile.

“If your kitchen layout allows,” adds Price, “try placing mirrored tiles directly opposite windows for maximum impact.”

And instead of choosing a plain mirrored surface, treat yourself to something more stylish, such as an antiqued mirrored finish. It has the added benefit that its mottled effect will help hide splashes, leaving you to enjoy your food and worry about the cleaning later.

8. Mirrored wardrobes

A perfectly stylish storage solution

mirrored wardrobes with sliding doors in neutral toned bedroomCredit: Sharps
Mirrored wardrobes can be your bedroom’s best friend

It would be remiss of us not to include wardrobes in an article about decorating with mirrors. But just what is it that makes them so versatile?

“Mirrors have the power to create an illusion of space through their reflective nature. They help to channel natural light, so integrating them into your wardrobe design will make your bedroom feel bright and airy,” says Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager at furniture company Sharps.

“Wardrobe doors which incorporate a mirrored finish are particularly effective in smaller spaces. They not only maximise your storage space, but they can also be installed to the interior to create a dressing table – removing the need for any separate freestanding pieces that can take up precious floor space.”

Hutcheson’s top tip? “Do bear in mind that they will reflect what they are facing so try and keep the space as clutter free as possible.”

9. Create the perfect hallway

Add a mirror to a console for the perfect place to check in and out

round mirror above oak console in hallwayCredit: Garden Trading
Mirrors are a practical addition to your hallway

Nothing beats a well-curated and organised hallway with the best coat hooks and hallway lighting that leads the way, both in form and function. To add the icing to your carefully created cake, make sure you top your console table with a mirror. No-one ever regrets a last-minute appearance check before heading out the door. After all, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Key to getting this look right? Practicality. Always make sure that everyone in the household can see in the mirror before you fix it in place. There’s no right or wrong in terms of shape or style, it just needs to be the right height.

10. Reflect a view

Don’t forget to add a mirror to your outdoor space

circular outdoor mirror on black slatted wallCredit: Lime Lace
Double up on a delightful view

Managed to add a small garden office to your outdoor space and have a view to die for? Reflect it with an outdoor mirror in a circular shape that gives a porthole feel to a stylishly slatted wall. Fit outdoor wall lights either side and pop a more rustic bench below to create the perfect sundowner spot.

We love how this scheme has combined a more contemporary black slatted wall with the earthier tones of a wooden bench and added to the rustic feel with a copper-framed mirror and plant pots. It’s a great example of how decorating with mirrors can be simple yet stylish.

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