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Styling your kitchen: 13 top tips for getting it right 

Styling a kitchen sometimes feels like the world is your oyster. Our tips for styling your kitchen will help you to narrow down your ideas to the best options.

painted white bedroom furniture range
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Bedroom bursting with belongings? These small bedroom storage ideas don’t sacrifice style

Struggling to fit everything you need into your small bedroom? Here’s how to make your small bedroom storage work without sacrificing style

grey built in storage unit with bookshelves
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Read all about it! Our 10 book storage ideas will lift your library

Book lover? Here are 10 stylish book storage ideas that tell the perfect story for spaces that are everything from epic to more novella

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No more crumpled clothes – 10 small bedroom wardrobe ideas for neatniks

Think there are no small bedroom wardrobe ideas that can work for your box room? These ideas will suit even the tiniest spaces.

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Keen to grow more conservatory plants? Here are 12 sun-loving options

Looking to expand your conservatory plant collection? Here are 12 sun-loving options that love a sunny garden room

Grey headboard with yellow painted semi circle
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15 tricks and tips to make your small bedroom look bigger

There are some clever ways to make even the smallest bedroom look bigger. We share some of our favourite ideas to boost the appeal of your box room.

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What’s the best rug size for my living room? Experts explain how to get the best fit

Choosing a rug that’s too small for your room is a common mistake. Our experts advise how to avoid it, and how to pick the right style for you.

bedroom with blue walls white bedding and peach accent coloured accessories
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The 6 essential steps to take before decorating a bedroom

Feeling overwhelmed by the bedroom choices available? We spoke to interior designers to find out how to decorate this space in the right way

selection of white towels folded and laid on floor
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We tested white towels to find the best: here’s our verdict

Love the feeling of fluffy white luxury hotel towels? We tested some popular brands to see which ones made the grade

black circular bedside table next to bed with pink linen
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10 bedside table ideas that are more than just a supporting act

Banish boring bedside tables with our 10 ideas for giving this bedroom furniture support act a starring role