A beautiful small Acer tree with red leaves growing in a garden during late May.

These are the 10 best trees for small gardens

If you thought you didn’t have space in your garden for a tree, think again! Our best trees for small gardens offer character and colour.

A garden design with shade-tolerant plants growing along borders and under a tree

8 shade-tolerant plants that prove there’s no need to be scared of the dark 

Expert garden designers reveal the best shade-tolerant plants that will add interest, texture and colour to the darker spots on your property.

Plums ripening on a tree

When and how to prune plum trees

Late summer is the perfect time to tend to fruit trees. Here’s exactly when and how to prune plum trees.


Want fuchsias for free? Find the perfect moment to take cuttings

Discover when to take fuchsia cuttings from tender and hardy plants, as there are differences between the two, so you can keep growing your favourite varieties for free.

Green tomatoes ripening on the vine

How to ripen green tomatoes

We tell you how to ripen green tomatoes at home, indoors or out, with our easy step-by-step guide to getting ripe red tomatoes

Allium flowerheads

Can you grow alliums from seed? A risky business, but worth a try

We speak to garden experts and discover the best way to propagate alliums from seeds to grow healthy plants.

Taking a rosemary cutting

How and when to take rosemary cuttings

Rosemary cuttings are easy to take and can provide you with an abundance of free plants. We explain how.

Wasps feeding on plums on plum tree

How to get rid of wasps in the garden

Is your summertime blighted by wasps? Discover how to keep wasps out of your garden without harming them so you can enjoy the summer.

Water butt connected to downpipe in garden scene

How to install a water butt – and common mistakes to avoid

Keen to save water but not sure about the hassle of fitting a water butt? We make it easy with this step-by-step guide.

Potatoes falling out of a basket onto soil

Why now is the best time to plant potatoes for Christmas

Impress family and friends by serving up your own home-grown spuds. Now is the best time to plant potatoes for Christmas.