Get ready for a revamp with the biggest bedroom trends for 2024

From Japandi to biophilia, these inspirational bedrooms will have you planning a refresh.

As glorious sunshine streams into our bedrooms, what better time to start looking at, and get excited by, the latest bedroom trends? And we are happy to report that there is a bumper crop of bedroom goodies to sample. 

Have fond memories of the 1970s? Then you’ll be delighted to hear that the decade is now wildly in vogue for our sleeping quarters, but this time, with a sedate twist. Meanwhile, in some more hushed havens, bedrooms are all about the subtle sophistication of quiet luxury.  

Studio DeanCredit: Studio Dean

After the pent-up creativity of the global pandemic, designers have gone into overdrive with brilliant ideas for the furniture, fabrics and beds in our most intimate spaces. This made our job of choosing the latest bedroom trends a real joy, and, if we’re honest, a bit of challenge.

But don’t worry, we have managed to narrow down our choices to 13 of the best looks we feel you should try at home. 

1. Get into bed with classic design

Heritage motifs are in vogue for your bedroom

Bedroom with heritage wallpaper and pink cushions on the bedCredit: Fiona Duke Interiors

In times of uncertainty – and these times definitely qualify – we tend to reach for the familiar. So it can be a great comfort to know that some designs are as popular as they ever were. Plus, sleeping in proximity to what we know and hold dear has theraputic properties.  

It is little surprise, then, that one of the top bedroom trends revolves around heritage motifs and patterns – such as checks, stripes and damasks – taken from design house archives. Works by British design treasures, such as William Morris, Liberty and Owen Jones, are being revisited and reloved.  

And the accents getting the heritage-pattern treatment? Practically anything. Think throws, pillows, prints and even plant pots.  

Piglet in BedCredit: Piglet in Bed

Want a more modern take on the look? Many young British brands are reinventing the look with a fresh twist on the classics.  

Jessica Hanley, founder of Piglet in Bed says: “After our debut into patterned bedding, with our sell-out gingham linen bedding range, we knew the desire for nostalgic prints and heritage designs was prevalent among interior lovers.  

This love has echoed throughout our latest collection Chapter One: A Spring Fling in Sussex with our latest prints: Check Stripe, Ticking Stripe and Spring Sprig. Curated to mix and match beautifully from one collection to the next, interjecting our signature plain colours throughout, it’s clear the love for heritage-style prints is here to stay.” 

2. Try a 1970s-inspired bedroom

Take inspiration from the disco decade

Graham and Brown wallpaperCredit: Graham and Brown

Recently, Google searches for 1970s-inspired rooms have been going through the roof. This was bound to have a knock-on effect on our bedrooms, where the disco decade is enjoying a rollicking revival.  

But that isn’t to say that to be down with the cool cats that your modern bedroom needs to look like Studio 54. Perish the thought. It’s more about picking out the very best elements of the era to create a vibrant yet liveable sleeping space.  

Graham and Brown wallpaperCredit: Graham and Brown

Paula Taylor, head stylist at Graham and Brown, has seen a huge uplift in customers seeking out advice and accents for 1970s-inspired bedrooms. She told us that we should start by selecting a unique, memorable colour.  

“Choose a distinctive colour such as forest green. Add variations and complementary shades before accenting with contrasting colours, such as pink, for a retro feel.” 

Taylor also recommends adding bold wallpapers and patterns, while also incorporating warm hues and layering with texture. “Soft geometric patterns in warm colours, such as mustard yellow or burnt orange paint, outlined on a neutral backdrop, are the perfect reflection of this era.” 

Featured product

Cirque Sunshine Wallpaper, Graham and Brown

RRP: £70 per roll

Cirque Sunshine Wallpaper, Graham and Brown

Featured product

Imperial Orange Wallpaper, Graham and Brown

RRP: £70 per roll

Imperial Orange Wallpaper, Graham and Brown

3. Get wild about natural history

Bring on the brilliant biophilic bedroom

Studio DeanCredit: Studio Dean

The natural theme can be refreshingly quirky when done in a playful way. And, with all things related to natural forms trending in bedroom design right now, top designers are wild about bringing nature to their bedroom schemes.  

And the good news is you too get to be as wild, or tame, in your own bedroom as you wish. Transforming your space into a full-blown, grown-up jungle certainly holds appeal, as this project by Studio Dean shows. Add earthy touches like the bold metallic ceiling light to ramp up the grounded glamour.  

For a more subtle nod to the bedroom trend, it’s all about picking accents that gently bring in the story of the natural world. 

EnsemblierCredit: Ensemblier

This bedroom by Londonbased designers Ensemblier is a perfect example of the bedroom trend done right. It’s all in the little touches. The rainforest inspired cushions and the framed dodo artwork with an agate background look spot on. Top it all off with a decadent faux fur throw and this room is the decor equivalent of an epic bear hug.  

And besides looking good, incorporating nature in the bedroom has the hugely positive upside of making our rooms more restful places. We suggest you throw in a few plants, like aloe, which purify the air, to make the most of this theme’s health benefits. 

We like the joyful brass bed and wall lights that give the room a refined yet approachable feel.  

Want more natural bedroom inspiration? Check out the gorgeous forest-inspired bedroom within our green bedroom ideas.

4. Tailored pink detailing

The popular hue is giving a polished edge to bedrooms

Studio DeanCredit: Studio Dean

Pink is now one of the most beloved bedroom trends, and the most talented designers are taking it way beyond putting a lazy lick of the hue on walls.  

Take this refined bedroom by Studio Dean. Pink rendered in premium brass-trimmed joinery and headboard upholstery becomes a sultry power player against the moody black backdrop.  

If your bedroom is not due a major overhaul and you would like to inject some pink power, you are in luck. The high street has been quick to respond with pink on-trend bedroom accents in a range of great designs.  

Studio DeanCredit: Studio Dean

One of our favourites is a pink velvet-upholstered dressing table set, available through Homary. 

Featured product

Pink Velvet-Upholstered Mirror Dressing Table with Stool, Homary

RRP: $356.99

Pink Velvet-Upholstered Mirror Dressing Table with Stool, Homary

5. Sustainability is in

Embrace the forever theme with eco-friendly accents

Studio DeanCredit: Studio Dean

Sustainable living is gaining traction. This cultural shift was always a bound to affect our aesthetic sensibilities and rightly so. As we seek out ways to chime with Mother Earth, we likewise reach for home accents that feel wholesome and organic.  

This trend has thankfully made its way into our bedrooms. Sleeping spaces that look curated and elegant, but also refreshingly earthy, are bang on trend.  

Heaping quality natural accents, from cushions to throws, on to your bed gives a sense of abundance running wild – the absolute definition of pure luxury.  

We say that to do this look (and our planet) justice we need to do a bit of research. The best natural accents not only look the part but help us meet our green life goals. We like the Linen Frill Cushion by Elly Home. Linen is sought out by designers for its eco-friendly credentials, including being fully biodegradable. 

Featured product

Linen Frill Cushion Cover, Elly Home

RRP: £25

Linen Frill Cushion Cover, Elly Home

6. Green colour drenching

Lavish your bedroom walls in the most coveted hue

Farrow and BallCredit: Farrow and Ball

What do you get when you combine not one, but two of today’s most popular bedroom trends? Anything but a snooze fest. 

The idea of colour drenching is about using one colour in a room and spreading it across multiple surfaces (and sometimes textiles). It is a must-try look in a bedroom that is all about minimal distraction and optimal restfulness.  

Meanwhile, the interior design world is going ga-ga for green. Something about the peaceful nature of the colour is really resonating as the world recovers from the global pandemic and finds its feet again.  

Patrick O’Donnell, international brand ambassador for Farrow and Ball, says: Green is the most natural of all colour families for the bedroom, due to its affinity with calm and restfulness. Perfect for creating a relaxing sanctuary for a good night’s sleep.

“Use dark green tones such as Calke Green and Green Smoke for a cosy immersive feel, particularly when used over both walls and ceiling. Delicate mid-greens like French Gray or Eddy will act as almost neutral, and they are easy to layer with other shades and a multitude of textures and wood tones. 

And, as shown by this Farrow and Ballstyled room, when these two great bedroom trends collide, the result is calming, not chaotic. In fact, this green colourdrenched bedroom lavished in Calke Green No. 34 feels like the epitome of restful design. 

Go full-on colour drench and extend your green paint to your ceiling and enjoy a reassuring cocooning effect.

7. Flowers forever

Classic floral motifs are fresh once more

Studio DeanCredit: Studio Dean

You know one bedroom trend that not we never saw coming? Florals, floral, florals. But not any old florals. To be up on this bedroom trend the florals must feel classic and traditional. Plummy, even. This is the aristocracy of bedroom decor schemes, but you don’t need to be la-de-dah to give it a go. 

We really like the look. What’s not to like about falling to sleep dreaming about mysterious rambling gardens bursting and buzzing with life? After what feels like decades of minimalism, we are delighted to show our softer, dreamier sides. Best of all, it’s fun to take inspiration from designers who are getting creative with balancing bounteous floral motifs with more contemporary bedroom styling. 

Take for example, this bedroom design by Studio Dean. It is equal parts pretty and a little rock ‘n’ roll. The designers also show that more really is more when it comes to the floral bedroom trend. Even the ceiling gets in on the act – and to dramatic effect.  

Want to incorporate your florals in a more classic way?

Floral bed French Bedroom CompanyCredit: French Bedroom

The Settle Into Silence upholstered bed by French Bedroom is a good place to start. The sweet curves and vintage styling are a delight. 

Georgia Metcalfe, founder and creative designer of French Bedroom says: Floral prints are timeless, making them a great investment for interiors. They will never go out of style, plus your favourite flowers, or a loved one’s favourite flowers, tend to remain the same for a lifetime – which is why certain people fall for certain floral prints. 

Muted florals envelope you in a sanctuary like calmness that brings joy each evening and morning. The Settle into Silence bed does exactly that, one’s own backdrop to peace and quiet.” 

Love the look but already have a bed you love? Why not celebrate this bedroom trend with some floral bed linen shopping? We like the Venetian Sage Duvet Cover Set by Graham and Brown. 

8. Quiet luxury

The look for quality, sophisticated bedrooms that whispers

Studio EVHCredit: Studio EVH

It’s impossible to spread the word about current bedroom trends without touching on the all-prevailing decor movement that is quiet luxury

But why, specifically, should we turn to quiet luxury to make our bedrooms better? Well, who doesn’t want a supremely serene sleeping space? In a world abuzz with distractions and aesthetic noise, a bedroom designed in the quiet luxury mode promises ultimate respite.  

So, for example, this trend says yes to simple and high-quality plain textiles and no to cheap throw- away synthetic bedding, especially if it features loud patterns.  

The idea is to create a bedroom that is timeless and which alludes to, rather than shouts about, any financial investment to achieve this coveted accolade – luxurious. On the upside, that probably means you can give the Hermes blanket a miss. 

But don’t imagine you can’t create a quiet luxury bedroom on a budget. You can. The idea would be to use patience and discernment to pick out the highest quality pieces at affordable prices to  bring the look together.  

Brands like The White Company and Zara Home are good places to start, with their selection of choice items that are made to last. 

9. Let your headboard do the talking

Statement headboards make your bed a work of art

Wendy MorrisonCredit: Wendy Morrison

Most people own the same headboard for years, so why settle for a mass-produced style? This seems to be the question behind this latest bedroom trend for statement headboards. The answer? Handpicking a unique textile to be the star of your most used piece of furniture.  

Taking the time to choose a fabric you love guarantees that your bed gets a custom touch that will set it apart and give it your own signature look.  

Your choices of fabrics designs to use for this upholstery are almost endless. You opt for traditional, modern or abstract and anything in between. Take some time to decide what your overall theme and colour palette will be. But most of all, make a bold choice for your textile that will make it stand out.  

And then there is the matter of trims. With a little patience and flair you could make your headboard a one-of-a-kind artwork.  

We spoke to maximalist fabric and rug designer Wendy Morrison. She said:, “Recently, I discovered the wonderful impact an upholstered headboard can make when we were experimenting with different uses for our new fabrics. A fabric-covered headboard is full of impact and is an easy way to create a unique focal point.”  

Just remember to choose an upholstery grade fabric with a Martindale rub rating of over 25,000 – this is good enough for a high traffic commercial setting and will give your headboard staying power. 

10. Japanese calm meets Scandi charm

Japandi is the must-have style for the modern zen bedroom

Credit: Porcelanosa

As two of the brightest stars in the design firmament for decades, Japanese minimalism and Scandi design cool were destined to collide. And, the result? Stoic and studied decor, rich in meaning but humble in form. It’s all very serene; all very restful.  

Naturally, bedrooms are an ideal space to explore a Japandi approach. But, what exactly will make your bedroom an exemplar of the Japandi bedroom trend? 

A low and linear Japanese-style bed is an excellent place to start. To get the Scandinavian touch, opt for the paler woods that characterise that region, such as ash, pine or maple.  

In a space where minimalism is key, ample storage is a must. Keep storage cube-like and handle-free for that streamlined look. 

Neutral bedding is also must. Think clay, ash and the mildest whisper of green. Cotton and linen are excellent options for that effortless Zen-like feel. For a bit of texture and warmth, add a textured bedspread or create layers with a faux-fur throw. 

11. Brighten up your bedroom with ceiling- mounted bedside lights

Low-hung bedside pendants are practical and pretty

Credit: Studio Dean

Inventive new ways to incorporate lighting into the bedroom never get old and this new bedroom lighting trend works well on so many levels.  

For one thing, you are in control with the positioning of your fitting. This helps, since the ability to vary your light fitting heights makes it easier to light up your favourite reading spot or bedside table. 

Suspending your lights from the ceiling and having fittings hoover in mid-air creates a peaceful, sculptural feel. In the right location, there is greater scope to get creative than there is with your standard single central hanging pendent.  

And how about creating the illusion of taller ceilings? The cord hanging down from the ceiling creates this pleasing impression. 

Fittings should be selected in sympathy with the proportions of your bedroom. Hang them on one or both sides of your bed. Asymmetry in this style works well when you balance a hanging light on one side with a bedside table on another. 

12. Colourful ceilings

Your bedroom’s ‘fifth-wall’ is high up on the decor priority list

Rebel WallsCredit: Rebel Walls

We never been overly convinced about plain white bedroom ceilings, so we are delighted that our bedrooms’ ‘fifthwalls’ are finally getting the attention they deserve.  

We are seeing a bedroom trend for bold and daring ceiling colours and patterns. This creates a pleasing sense of being cocooned in your sleeping space – a restful effect if ever there was one.  

That isn’t to say that the look should be chaotic. Coordinating your ceiling with the wall colour is a great way to create visual harmony.  

In this room styled by Rebel Walls, a blue floral ceiling wallpaper is paired with the brand’s Ripple Blue wallpaper on the walls. Despite being different themes, the room feels harmonious due to the grounding colour being used on both wall and ceiling.  

Easier still is picking up a roller brush and going to work on your ceiling. 

Featured product

Ripple Blue, Rebel Walls

RRP: £39.60 per square metre

Ripple Blue, Rebel Walls
Credit: Mylands

In this bedroom styled by Mylands in Serpentine, No. 192, the hottest bedroom colour trend – green is painted on the ceiling to soothing effect. It goes to show that even with plain walls, painting a bedroom ceiling can radically, and quickly, transform your bedroom.  

Inspired to decorate your bedroom’s fifthwall? Take a look at this inspirational feature bursting with decor options for your bedroom ceiling. 

Credit: Kitesgrove

With nature now being a huge bedroom design draw, materials that capture this spirit have become more coveted for our sleeping spaces.  

Cue rattan. Interior designers like the team at Kitesgrove are on a mission to give this material that is so associated with traditional design a luxurious and contemporary twist. Used on the company’s bespoke joinery designs, rattan is anything but commonplace. 

KitesgroveCredit: Kitesgrove

The effect of rattan infills in wardrobes and other storage feels as light as a feather compared to their all-timber counterparts. Also, who can resist the urge to reach out and touch? Texture is by its very nature meant to be experienced – its effect is warm and inviting. 

Interested in adding a touch of rattan without a major bedroom overhaul? High street retailers like John Lewis and Oliver Bonas sell beautifully designed freestanding pieces like chests and bedside tables incorporating rattan.

Featured product

Kinship Rattan Teal Blue Desk & Dressing Table, Oliver Bonas

RRP: £645

Kinship Rattan Teal Blue Desk & Dressing Table, Oliver Bonas

14. Headboard walls

Your bedroom can’t get enough of a good thing

Credit: Graham and Brown

We’ve already touched on statement headboards here, but this year it’s all about going the extra mile for that big bedroom impact. 

So, another headboarddriven bedroom trend to wrap your head around is headboard walls. And there’s a twist. You don’t need own a standard headboard to get the look. 

The most important thing is to think XXL. Your headboard design should extend across the whole back wall behind your bed to make the ultimate impact. 

And, there is scope to get really creative. In fact, the headboard wall is the avid DIYers dream.  

This room, styled by Graham and Brown using the Tramonto Amber Wallpaper, is a great example of the effect you can achieve by eschewing the classic headboard and thinking bigger. Grab some wallpaper you love and some beading and in an afternoon you can have the most striking custom ‘headboard’ that is both dramatic and refined. 

If wallpaper isn’t your thing, panelling is another great option to create your centrepiece headboard wall.  

This bedroom trend is extra handy if your bedroom is small – a statement headboard wall will add decor kudos without using an inch of precious floor space. The coordinated look will also have the great upside of making rooms appear bigger. 

Featured product

Tramonto Amber Wallpaper, Graham and Brown

RRP: £70.00 per roll

Tramonto Amber Wallpaper, Graham and Brown

Written by Joy Archer she/her