6 vacuum attachments you didn’t know you needed 

Move over crevice tool! These vacuum attachments will elevate your vacuuming to another dust-free level

Today’s vacuums are no longer a machine that you use merely to clean floor spaces. Thanks to their various attachments, they can now get into little crevices you can’t quite reach, and even vacuum your upholstery. 

“Versatility is important if you want to tackle different surfaces and furnishings,” says cleaning expert Sarah Dempsey at Myjobquote.co.uk. 

Layout of different vacuum cleaner attachmentsCredit: Shutterstock
Vacuum cleaner attachments can elevate your cleaning to a whole new level

When it comes to attachments, Sarah believes there are two that all good vacuum cleaners should have.  

“A nozzle or crevice tool is great for using in corners and along ledges and skirting,” she says.  

“And an upholstery attachment allows you to tackle soft furnishings including sofas, mattresses, curtains and cushions.” 

Most vacuum cleaners come with these two attachments as standard, but if you want to up your vacuuming game, why not invest in these vacuum attachments as well? 


1. Radiator brush

Improve the efficiency of your radiators

A woman using a radiator brush to illustrate different types of vacuum attachmentsCredit: Miele
A radiator brush can help clear dust away so that heat disperses more efficiently

Dust build-up on radiators can prevent heat from being released into a room, resulting in higher heating costs. Cleaning inside and behind radiators though is tricky, even with a vacuum cleaner, as the gaps aren’t quite big enough for a crevice tool. This is where a fluffy radiator brush attachment comes in. 

Miele’s radiator attachment has a flat brush that can get into those radiator crevices, but also into any other little nooks that are hard to dust or vacuum.  

Featured product

Miele radiator brush

RRP: £21.99

Miele radiator brush

Amazon sells a universal radiator cleaning attachment from Vacspare that attaches via a simple 32mm (1.25 in) pushfit fitting and is compatible with Hoover, Vax and Panasonic among others.

As well as the radiator brush, the Vacspare comes with an extra-long, thin, flexible crevice attachment that’s great for reaching high corners where spider webs and dust like to gather.

Featured product

Vacspare crevice tool with radiator cleaning brush

RRP: £7.99

Vacspare crevice tool with radiator cleaning brush

2. Dog grooming tool

Get a hairy situation under control

Two people grooming their dog with the Dyson dog grooming tool to illustrate vacuum attachmentsCredit: Dyson
Yes, there’s even an attachment that can help groom your dog

Turn your vacuum cleaner into a dog grooming tool with the help of this handy vacuum attachment.  

We all know how much dogs moult. While giving them a regular brush helps with the shedding, it often results in a deluge of dog hair that needs vacuuming up.  

This attachment allows you to combine both stages in one. Attaching to the end of your vacuum cleaner’s hose, the suction gently lifts loose hair and dry skin and suctions it into the machine. This is especially good if you have allergy sufferers in the house as it helps to contain those allergens.  

Ultimately this should help to keep your home cleaner as fewer pet hair tumbleweeds will have a chance to accumulate in corners of the house. 

Dyson, Henry and Shark all have versions of this tool, but you can also snap up an attachment via Amazon, which is cited as being “nearly universal” so should fit most types of vacuum cleaner. 

Featured product

Dyson pet grooming kit

RRP: £65.00

Dyson pet grooming kit

Featured product

Henry dog grooming brush tool

RRP: £13.99

Henry dog grooming brush tool

Featured product

Gforest pet grooming vacuum attachment

RRP: £39.43

Gforest pet grooming vacuum attachment

3. Mattress tool

Banish the dust mites

Mattress vacuum attachmentCredit: Shark
A mattress vacuum attachment can help those allergic to dust mites

An average adult person sheds up to 1.5g (0.05oz) of skin in a day, which is enough to feed one million dust mites. These little blighters love carpets and soft furnishings, but what they really love is mattresses, which is why it’s good to give yours a regular vacuum.  

While nothing stops you running your vacuum over the mattress without an attachment, it’s preferable to use a special tool so you don’t risk any cross-contamination from the floor to your sleeping space. 


It’s advisable to vacuum your mattress every six months. However, if you have an allergy sufferer in your household, it will need doing once a month to remove the build-up of dust, dry skin and dust mites.

In general, mattress vacuum attachments come with wider, flatter nozzles that can suck up dust and allergens more easily. Additionally, theyre ideal for cleaning sofas and other upholstered materials since they don’t suck up the fabric, which could ruin some delicate materials. 

4. Drill dust catcher

The perfect DIY accessory

Drill dust vacuum attachment catcherCredit: Kärcher
There are vacuum attachments available that can help reduce the clean up after DIY tasks

Anyone partial to a bit of DIY knows that drilling always leaves a mess. While it’s not that much of a fuss to clean up, what if you could drill and catch the dust at the same time? With this type of vacuum cleaner attachment you can do just that. 

The premise is simple: stick the vacuum cleaner attachment against the surface you’re drilling into, turn it on, then get drilling. By diverting the vacuum flow near to the tool, it sucks up any dust and debris that falls as you drill. 

Kärcher has a drill-dust catcher that’s compatible with a whole host of its wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Its version features a hole that you put the drill through, and it should work for walls and ceilings.

Featured product

Kärcher drill dust catcher

RRP: £36.49

Kärcher drill dust catcher

A more generic product is available via Amazon that claims to work with almost all hose-mounted vacuum cleaners. 

Featured product

Amijoux dust collectors drill extraction tool

RRP: £10.68

Amijoux dust collectors drill extraction tool

5. Keyboard cleaner

Keep it clean while you type

Keyboard dusting vacuum attachment being used on a computer keyboardCredit: Amazon
A smaller brush attachment will help get rid of crumbs and dust from your keyboard

Microbiologist Dr Charles Gerba calls keyboards a “bacteria cafeteria”, citing them as the third most germ-ridden item in any workplace. As we tend to eat at our desks, food can also be easily lodged in the keyboard.

If yours needs a good clean, the first step is probably to give it a vacuum. But using your vacuum straight on the keyboard isn’t advised. While you’ll be getting rid of the crumbs and debris, you may also suck the keys off as many keyboards have pop-off keys.   

The answer is to use special attachments that are gentler. Amazon sells a universal mini cleaning kit that not only works well for a keyboard but is also a great choice for other intricate or fiddly areas, such as the car or behind furniture. 

Featured product

Paxanpax mini attachment kit for intricate cleaning

RRP: £7.89

Paxanpax mini attachment kit for intricate cleaning

Another option for keyboards, also sold on Amazon, is a special dust brush attachment, which comes with 30 flexible, micro-sized suction tubes. This allows the attachment to get into small spaces but disperses the suction so it’s not too powerful, meaning your keys remain attached. 

Featured product

Nifogo dust brush vacuum attachment

RRP: £9.98

Nifogo dust brush vacuum attachment

6. Crevice tool with a light

Light up the dirt

Dyson crevice tool vacuum attachment with light hoovering up dustCredit: Dyson
Dyson’s crevice tool lights up dark corners so you can see what needs vacuuming

Trust Dyson to elevate the standard crevice tool! 

This new vacuum attachment has LED lights along two pipes right to its end, enabling you to see dust and dirt even in the dimmest corners of your home.

It’s great for getting into those gaps between furniture or even within your car, and is compatible with the Dyson Outsize, V15, V11, V10 and V8 vacuum cleaners. 

Where Dyson leads, other companies follow, so expect to see other lit-up vacuum attachments coming to other vacuum cleaners near you. 

Featured product

Dyson light pipe crevice tool

RRP: £35.00

Dyson light pipe crevice tool
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