In-home display on kitchen worktop
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Smart meter anxiety: how to embrace – not fear – energy monitoring 

Discover how to make the most of your smart meter’s in-home display. We share advice from smart meter users on how to take an active approach to understanding your energy use, while reducing smart meter fears.

Hand holding a watering hose spray gun
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Hosepipe ban update – South East Water restrictions lifted after a wet July

Discover if there's a hosepipe ban currently in force in your area – and the rules you'll need to follow to avoid a hefty fine.

Light filled conservatory with rattan sofa
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How to keep a conservatory cool: 8 ideas to turn down the heat 

Clever ways to stop your conservatory getting too hot, including the best blinds, plants and fabrics to use

Water being poured from a jug into a glass
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Water bills explained: Understanding your charges

With the increase in homes changing from an unmetered supply of water to a water meter, more of our bills are changing. We take a look at how to understand your water bill whether you are on a water meter or not.

Smart meter in home display within a living room with person pressing the buttons
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Do you have to have a smart meter?

The Government’s rollout programmes mean your energy supplier will have to offer you a smart meter by 2025. Discover the facts about whether you have to accept it or not.

Green water butt against side of house
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How to get free water-saving devices for your home and garden 

Did you know you can get a host of discounted and free water-saving devices for your home and garden? From water butts to shower regulators, here’s how.

Mature lady using an air fryer in a kitchen
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Are air fryers cheap to run? Here’s what you need to know

As well as being a healthy option, air fryers are said to save money – but in reality, how economical are they?

Large old-style bathroom with vintage style bath and radiator, corner shower and wash-hand basin, with half-panelled walls
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Bath vs shower – which is better for you and your wallet?

We compare baths vs showers – on cost, hygiene, ease of cleaning, and more. And you may be surprised to learn which comes out on top

Large bathroom with blue and white tiles, showing toilet in centre of the room
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Water saving for toilets – 7 simple ways to reduce waste

From 'save a flush' bags to collecting 'grey' water, our tips on water saving for toilets will ensure you don't flush money down the loo

Aluminium watering can watering flowers in the garden
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15 ways to save water in the garden and protect your plants 

Our water-saving tips will help you conserve water in the garden, and give you the know-how to keep your plants looking at their best.