Exercise Recovery

Exercise Recovery

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Optimise your workout recovery and prevent injuries. Discover effective strategies, stretches, and nutrition tips to support your body's healing process.

Man holding exercise mat and water bottle in the outdoors.

Exercising? Why you must stay hydrated – and signs you’re not drinking enough

Drinking when you work out could be key to your performance. Dietitians and personal trainers reveal the one thing you should be doing to check how hydrated you are.

Older runner sitting and stretching outdoors after a run
Exercise Recovery

The five post-running stretches you can’t afford to miss out on

You’ll recover better and reduce your injury risk if you don’t skip stretching after a run.

Raw salmon, raw steak, eggs, nuts, and beans, which are high-protein foods.
Food groups

Protein: are you getting enough? 

Everything you need to know about protein, from what it does for your body to the best high protein foods – and how much you really need.

A man sitting on a sofa clutching his knee
Exercise Recovery

Knee pain? These 5 exercises could help

What to do if you have knee pain, as well as 5 simple exercises to get you moving.

Female athlete seated on a yoga mat using a massage gun on her lower leg
Exercise Recovery

How a massage gun can help your exercise regime – and the key things not to do with one

Get these expert tips on the benefits of massage guns and how to use them.

Black female physiotherapist giving a leg massage to an older female client
Exercise Recovery

Can a sports massage help you recover faster?

Learn how adding in a sports or deep tissue massage after you’ve been active might help to improve your recovery.

Active mature man stretching beside an outdoor running track after exercising
Exercise Recovery

Working out a sore point? Here’s how to recover quickly after exercise

Feeling sore after a workout is no fun: learn how to speed up your exercise recovery with advice from four fitness experts.

Older lady practising yogic breathing outdoors

“How I recovered from a back injury – with a little help from yoga”

Five minutes of yoga a day can help to exercise your body and mind.

A woman grimacing in a Cold Pod ice tub
Exercise Recovery

I took an ice bath every day for two weeks – and it really eased my back pain

Female sitting on floor stretching her triceps while watching a laptop
Exercise Recovery

12 stretches to increase flexibility

Use our handy stretching guide to keep your muscles and joints flexible