Mixture of bread, oats, seeds, nuts and cereal, which all contain fibre.
Gut Health

7 expert tips for better gut health – including what to eat more of

Looking for trustworthy ways to improve your gut health? We’ve got you covered with practical steps you can take to achieve a healthier digestive system.

Salt shaker next to the word 'salt', made out of salt, on a blue background.
Healthy Eating

7 must-know signs you’re eating too much salt – and how to cut down

Concerned you’re consuming too much salt? Experts reveal how to know, plus practical steps to take to reduce salt in your diet and improve your health.

Cooking green beans in an air fryer to illustrate are air fryers healthy
Home Appliances

Are air fryers healthy? An expert reveals all

Air fryers have been touted as a healthy cooking option, but is the hype well founded? Find out the truth about air fryers and their impact on your health.

Cubed pieces of turnip in an air fryer, alongside a whole turnip on a chopping board
Healthy Eating

Are turnips good for you? Health benefits of this underrated root veg revealed

Turnips can support your health in many ways, from your gut to your brain health. A leading dietitian explains how

Two bowls of a tasty fish curry, which is the ideal meal idea for Good Friday.
Healthy Eating

Try this tasty fish curry recipe for an easy, healthy meal

Wondering what to have for dinner? We have a nutritious and tasty meal idea that is super simple to make to start your evening.

Cup of coffee, featuring a heart shape in the froth, beside coffee beans.
Healthy Eating

Could caffeine reduce body fat and diabetes risk?

New research suggests high blood caffeine levels may be beneficial for weight and type 2 diabetes risk. But is this actually the case?

Ultra-processed foods such as cherry bake well cake, biscuits and salty snacks (crisps/nuts)
Healthy Eating

Ultra-processed foods: simple ways to reduce your intake – and risks

They’re convenient and easy to eat but they could also be harming your health. Learn how to reduce your consumption of ultra-processed foods with some easy swaps.

crickets on a plate
Healthy Eating

Are insects the future of food?

Could insects be the future of our food?

Lots of parsnips – the root veggie supports your health in many ways.
Healthy Eating

6 health benefits of parsnips you may not know

Whether you prefer roasted parsnips or parsnip soup, here are a few reasons you might want to make sure you include this root vegetable in your diet.

Pulses including lentils, chickpeas and red kidney beans are pictured
Healthy Eating

Pack your diet with pulses for the health of the planet and your bank balance

World Pulse Day: Highly nutritious and cheaper to buy than other sources of protein such as meat, fish, eggs, and cheese, pulses can help you eat well for less.