Lots of strawberries, which benefit your health in many ways.
Healthy Eating

7 ways strawberries can benefit your health

From supporting your heart health and reducing your Alzheimer’s risk, here are evidence-backed reasons you’ll want to be eating strawberries (and not just during summer).

A range of foods sat inside a drawing of an intestine.
Gut Health

15 best foods for a healthy gut: do they feature in your diet?

Look after yourself and your digestion with the best foods for gut health, according to dietitians.

Mixture of bread, oats, seeds, nuts and cereal, which all contain fibre.
Gut Health

13 expert gut health tips – including what to eat more of

Looking for trustworthy ways to improve your gut health? We’ve got you covered with practical steps you can take to achieve a healthier digestive system.

Woman sat in kitchen using laptop and holding her glasses while yawning.
Gut Health

How gut health affects energy – and 4 ways to take action, according to a dietitian

If you’re often feeling tired, your gut health could be playing a part in this. Find out which foods can help boost your energy and ease chronic fatigue.

Man in bed clutching his stomach
Gut Health

How gut health affects your sleep – and how to improve it

Discover how gut health and sleep are linked – and what to eat for a good night’s rest.

Woman sat on a bed in pain and clutching her stomach.
Gut Health

Stress and IBS: 8 ways to relax and ease the effects

Stress can be a trigger for IBS, but you needn’t suffer in silence. Experts share their unique stress management tips to help you live well with the condition.

Legs of a man sitting on the toilet
Gut Health

How to have regular bowel movements: three things a dietitian wants you to know

Do unruly bowels affect your life? Or are you just wondering whether your bowel movements are normal?

Dr Megan Rossi, who has dedicated her life to gut health research and sharing her knowledge, sat at a desk surrounded by lots of objects, with some of her books in the background.
Gut Health

“Treat your gut bacteria like a pet”: gut health advice from Dr Megan Rossi

The gut health doctor shares her gut health top tips, such as drinking tea, and tells us what led her to becoming a gut health expert.

Cubed pieces of turnip in an air fryer, alongside a whole turnip on a chopping board
Healthy Eating

Are turnips good for you? Health benefits of this underrated root veg revealed

Turnips can support your health in many ways, from your gut to your brain health. A leading dietitian explains how

Toy poo on a person's hand – people often ask what colour should poo be?
Gut Health

Poo is always brown, and other gut health myths

Know your gut with eight things you didn’t know about your bowels, with expert insight from Professor Tim Spector.