Garmin vs Apple Watch
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Garmin watch vs Apple Watch: which is best for running?

Garmin and Apple produce some of the most popular smartwatches available. But which one should you go for?

The Fitbit Charge 5
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Fitbit Charge 5: three reasons to buy, and three reasons not to

There’s lots that the Fitbit Charge 5 fitness tracker does well, but there are also a few niggles that mean it may not be right for everyone.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 lying in ivy
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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 review

The Xiaomi Band 7 is an inexpensive fitness tracker that holds its own against its more expensive competitors.

The Fitbit Charge 5 fitness tracker next to the Coros Pace 2 running watch
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Fitness tracker vs running watch: Which do you need?

Fitness trackers and running watches offer a lot of similar functions. But they each serve a slightly different audience.

The Amazfit Band 7 fitness tracker lying on seashells and gravel
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Amazfit Band 7 review

The Amazfit Band 7 is an acceptable budget fitness tracker at a reasonable price, slightly let down by inconsistent performance.

A man checking his smartwatch
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A smartwatch or tracker could reveal the early signs of Parkinson’s

How smartwatches & fitness trackers can predict Parkinson’s seven years before diagnosis.

the Fitbit Inspire 3 next to the Fitbit Charge 5 on a wooden background
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Fitbit Inspire 3 vs Charge 5: Which fitness tracker should you buy?

The Fitbit Inspire 3 and Charge 5 are two of Fitbit’s most popular fitness trackers. But which one should you buy?

The Fitbit Inspire 3, Garmin Vivosmart 5, Fitbit Charge 5, and Polar Unite fitness trackers on a wooden background
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Best budget fitness tracker: tried and tested

Cheap fitness trackers do a lot more than just counting steps. And with our top picks, you’ll be able to make the most of every workout, and more.

Huawei Band 7
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Huawei Band 7 review

The Huawei Band 7 offers a feature-packed experience, whether you’re tracking your day or using it in smartwatch mode.

A man holding an iPhone and wearing a Circular Ring smart ring
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What is a smart ring?

Our beginner’s guide on what a smart ring can do, how they work and what smart rings can track will help you understand this technology.