Julie Penfold


Julie Penfold has been a specialist health and wellbeing journalist for more than 15 years and has been a finalist in three prestigious health and medical journalism awards during that time. She has written for a wide variety of health, medical, wellbeing and fitness magazines and websites. These have included Running, TechRadar, Outdoor Fitness, Be Healthy, Top Sante, Doctors.net.uk and The Guardian’s Social Care network.

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Articles by Julie Penfold

Mature people stretching to improve flexibility -
Exercise Recovery

How to improve flexibility and why it’s important

Working on your flexibility can make doing daily tasks easier and reduce your risk of injury.

A man is pictured using an orange-coloured foam roller on his right calf area, while sitting with his leg outstretched on an athletics track. He is wearing a black fitness vest and black fitness bottoms. Only his torso and legs are captured in the image.
Exercise Recovery

Foam roller exercises: 5 key areas to focus on

Ease your muscles and improve post-exercise recovery with the humble foam roller, a simple and invaluable bit of fitness kit.

Female swimmer performing butterfly stroke with her arms outstretched while wearing a black cap. Her face is concealed in the pool water.

The best swimming caps we’ve tested that actually keep your hair dry

We’ve tested a range of swimming caps to help you find what works best for you.

Image of a blue brain with one half revealing foods that are good for mental health such as green vegetables and fish
Mental Wellbeing

Nutrition and mental health – what to eat more of for mental wellbeing

Good (and poor) nutrition can directly affect our mood and mental wellbeing. We reveal the food choices that make a difference.

Male and female swimmers wearing caps and dressed for a swim, stand lakeside prior to their wild swim.

Open water swimming for beginners – how to take the plunge safely

If you're thinking of taking the plunge, dive in to find out more about how to start cold water swimming.

Older male and female jogging together outdoors and looking happy
Brain Health

Why exercise can benefit your brain as well as your body

Spread the news, exercise is enormously beneficial for both your brain and your physical health.