How to change the font size on your iPhone

You can easily make the words on-screen bigger or smaller

We’re all different, and we all have different requirements when it comes to using our phones. While it’s impressive the number of things our mobiles can do these days, they’re no good if the basics aren’t right.

Whether you’d like larger text to make reading more comfortable, or are yearning for more words to be on display at a time, diving into your iPhone’s settings app allows you to increase or decrease the font size – providing reading customization that’s just right for you.

While font size is easy to adjust on iPhone, the controls are a little hidden away, so we’re here to clear things up with a step-by-step guide on how you can change the font size on your iPhone.

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You’ll need to go through a few sub-menus to get to the text size adjustment screen on your iPhone

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Step 1: Head to Settings

Unlock your iPhone and open Settings

Unlock your iPhone and tap on the Settings app – it’s the grey icon with a picture of a cog.


Step 2: Navigate to ‘Large Text’

Tapping through the menus

Scroll down and tap ‘Accessibility’, then ‘Display & Text Size’, then ‘Large Text

Step 3: Adjust the size

Use the slider to change text size

Place your finger over the font size adjustment slide at the base of the screen. Moving your finger to the right will make the text bigger, while moving to the left will make things smaller.

Step 4: Go bigger

You can go even bigger

If the largest font size isn’t suitable for your needs, you can unlock even bigger sizes by tapping the “Larger Accessibility Sizes’ toggle at the top of the page. This will extend the length of the slider below, allowing you to increase the text further.

While adjusting the font size will give you the desired reading results in apps such as Messages and Safari, not all apps support variable sizes so text may remain the same in some of your applications.

The larger you make the text; the fewer words will be able to fit on screen which will result in more scrolling. In some apps, very large text may impact the formatting, so don’t be alarmed if things look a little different.

If you’re using an iPhone with a smaller screen – such as the iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 or iPhone SE, you’ll find there’s much less text shown on the display at a time – so you may want to warm up your scrolling thumb!

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