An airplane flying above the clouds, towards a setting sun.
Real Life


We’ve all had holidays go wrong – but none so much, and with such alarming regularity, as Alison. Her nightmare trip to the United States has just ended, but its memory lives long in her milk-less kitchen. If only she could have made the correct flight back...

A dusty old grand piano on the stage
Real Life

Song in the Key of Skye

George owns a music shop, but these days it’s illegal to sell musical instruments so he can’t make a living. Then one day Callum turns up at his door, looking for a piano.

Wooden stairs leading to a dark basement.
Real Life

Satis House

Saga Exceptional short story competition: Alan Roberts takes you on a journey via a dark and mysterious basement.

Meat cleaver cutting through steak on a black surface.
Real Life

One Man’s Meat

The tale of a corrupt butcher, manipulating and bribing his way through village life, and the long, arduous encounter of a certain rodent – will their paths cross and what kind of destruction could one wreak upon another?

Close up of the words 'Once upon a time' written on a sheet of white paper in a typewriter.
Real Life

Vote for your favourite story in our short story competition

A man and women wearing black t-shirts with blue text on them which reads Silver Snipers
Real Life

Game on: a new generation of gamers is rising

From casual armchair gaming to professional-level tournaments, gaming is becoming a part of life for the over-50s.

Menson Bound explorer standing on the sea ice of Weddell Sea, in the Antarctic.
Real Life

Indiana Jones of the deep: one explorer’s final attempt to find a lost ship

The inspiring story of Mensun Bound, who found Shackleton's lost ship more than 100 years after it sank in the Antarctic.

A man sitting on the hood of a performance car with his arm crossed.
Real Life

UK’s most experienced stunt driver: “Everything is now instinctive”

Stunt driving supreme Russ Swift shares his story, his favourite cars to drive and why he will never drive in movies.

A Sikh man in the air mid-skip.
Real Life

Skipping for 71 years – and not stopping

Rajinder Singh's skipping videos were a lockdown hit. Now he wants to get us all healthier.

Ellen Noble with her finishers medal after completing The Virgin Money London Marathon, 28 April 2019
Real Life

It’s a weird feeling, now I’m a celebrity

Eileen Noble took up marathon running at 54. Now in her 80s, she’s still going strong.