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Lulu on getting older: “What matters is your spirit”

The singer on the importance of meditation and why it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

With a career spanning over six decades, Lulu has achieved success in various genres of music, but is probably most known for her iconic song Shout. Thanks to her still powerful vocals and energetic performances, Lulu continues to captivate audiences with her timeless music and vibrant personality.

As the Scottish singer gets ready to undertake a new tour – Champagne for Lulu – she chats to Saga Magazine about her life experiences.

Here’s four tips to take from her on how to embrace getting older.

1. What matters is your spirit

Age is but a number

The singer turned 75 in November last year, but says most days she doesn’t feel it.

“Generally, I don’t feel 75 at all,” she told Saga Magazine. “I celebrated very quietly. There’s no need for big parties at my age – just chillax!”

Her main tip for keeping young at heart? Stop being obsessed with numbers!

She said: “I do think people are obsessed with age, it’s like an illness. They’re numbers, that’s all. What matters is your spirit.”

2. Don’t give up on your dreams

Be ambitious

Acting’s not unknown to Lulu – she appeared in To Sir With Love as Barbara Peng in 1967. More recently she’s appeared alongside Diane Keaton and Patricia Hodge in Arthur’s Whisky. And it’s something she’s determined to pursue.

“People really close to me laugh and say I’m still waiting to be discovered,” she laughs.

“I’ve been doing acting classes for about four years, working with a really good coach. I’m excited for people to see this new side to me.”

She says she wasn’t ready to do more acting when she was younger, but is definitely ready to embrace this side of her now.

“I’m definitely still ambitious for my future,” she tells Saga Magazine.

Learn something new

You may not want to tread the boards like Lulu, but learning a new skill is scientifically proven to be good for you. A study by Psychological Science showed that taking up something new, such as photography or learning a language, are likely to improve cognitive functioning. So if you feel like there’s something you always wanted to learn, do it now!

3. Meditate daily

Shift your focus

Lulu has been meditating since 1984 and credits it with keeping her balanced, allowing her to switch off her busy life.

“It’s about taking your focus away from the outside,” she said. “The world today is too focused on the shallow things in life; not the important things. What it means is you’re focused on one point and it’s a wonderful thing to do.”

Meditate anxiety away

A study looking at the effectiveness of meditation on anxiety showed that it worked just as effectively as taking prescribed medicine. The only downside? Participants meditated for 45 minutes a day.

However, some other studies have shown 15 minutes a day can be enough to improve your decision making process. Try the Calm app if you’re new to meditation, which guides you through the whole process.

4. Look after your health

Make small changes for big results

Talking about her upcoming tour in April with Saga Magazine, Lulu said: “My health is good and I have a job I have always loved, and I don’t ever want to stop.”

Despite being in good health, Lulu looks after herself, going on regular dog walks with her cockapoo, Fudge. She’s also recently tried to give up sugar.

“I’ve been doing it for the past few weeks and it’s been incredibly tough because I’m a sugar addict,” she said.  “I’m trying to retrain my palate and it’s hard work, but I tell myself that what we end up doing a lot of the time is based on indulgence and then suffering for it.”

Small, yet mighty

Making small changes is a really good way to improve your health. Studies have shown that small adjustments to diet or physical exercise can actually benefit your overall health. Simpler actions become habitual more quickly, which means you’re more likely to stick with them.

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Tickets to the Champagne for Lulu tour, from 9-17 April, are on sale now.

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Written by Kathryn Knight