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Jeremy Paxman on why he thinks we have a “blithering idiot” in Downing Street

The veteran broadcaster on how long he lasted when he attemped to swear less and the Prime Minister’s indecisiveness…

Writing in our latest edition of Saga Magazine, Jeremy Paxman has revealed he lasted less than a day when he made a New Year’s Resolution to swear less.

“Resolutions are for losers who then wake up on 1 February and realise they’ve changed absolutely nothing,” he said.

“I once broke my own rules and promised, in 2003, to swear less. I lasted a day. In my defence, I was interviewing some flak-catcher from Coca Cola, who was trying to defend the amount of sugar his company was forcing down the throats of sweaty teenagers.

“The man was so useless he deserved the word I muttered under my breath.”

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The broadcaster, who hosted University Challenge for 29 years before stepping down last year, also questioned whether Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is in the right job

“We appear to have put into Downing Street a blithering idiot. The business of politics is the business of choice. If he (Prime Minister Rishi Sunak) is genuinely unsure whether to grow the economy or spend more money on the NHS then he shouldn’t have the job.

“Democracy’s a threadbare game, in which the voters invite politicians to make them unrealisable promises. We chuck them out when those promises turn out to be as unrealisable as voters knew they were.

“If any politician, let alone the PM, refuses to acknowledge this – and isn’t trying to come up with a better system – then let them give us a drumbeat we can march to.”

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Writing in his regular monthly column for Saga magazine, Paxman also suggests that the only resolution we should be accepting is change, how exercise is making a difference to his daily life and whether he ever found out who ate all the pies.

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