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cleaning products
Tidy Home

Green cleaning: how to clean sustainably

In a germ-focused world, can we really clean in a way that protects us and the environment?

Cloud ceiling
Interior Design

The fifth wall: inspiration for adding colour to your spare room ceiling

An inspirational array of ideas for creating jaw-dropping designs on your spare room ceiling – or 'fifth wall'.

Home Improvement

Energy saving tips that won’t break the bank

Energy costs still causing stress? Simple tips can save you £££'s.

Tidy Home

How to take the chore out of kitchen cleaning

Love family gatherings but find the mess overwhelming? Here's how to switch the scales.

Roller touching the surface of a ceiling and leaving a trail of paint.
Interior Design

How to paint your ceiling like a professional

We speak to a ceiling painting pro to get the best advice on preparing and painting your ceiling.

Chef Calum Montgomery standing in uniform air fryer fan
Home Technology

Award-winning chef’s top tips to simply make amazing air fryer meals

Calum Montgomery, chef patron of an award-winning Scottish restaurant, knows a thing or two about getting the most out of his air fryer.

Yellow bathtub in Farrow & Ball Sudbury Yellow
Interior Design

9 top designers lift the lid on their ‘cheat’ paint brands and colours

We’ve asked nine top interior designers to lift the lid on their most trusted wall paint brand. 

hallway with neat storage
Tidy Home

Our top coat hooks for clutter-free hallways

Rethink your hallway with some inspirational coat hook designs.

Man wearing a dark green sweater and a grey pair of jeans sitting on a beige seating ball behind a wooden desk with a laptop in front of a window
Interior Design

Sitting all day? Try these 4 alternative office chairs 

If your hobby sees you sitting all day, or you’re still working from home, these alternative office chairs could help improve your posture while looking stylish

Woman with a cup of coffee sitting at her desk with books and laptop
Interior Design

5 ergonomic accessories that can create a comfy workspace

Ergonomic accessories like chairs, laptop stands, and adjustable desks can all help maximise your comfort when working from home