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Plants in a conservatory
Interior Design

Conservatory ideas: 19 looks for the design and decor of your sunroom

Struggling to find the right style for your sunroom? From use of space to colour choice, we share some conservatory ideas for your sunny spot.

People watching the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series in a lounge
Home Technology

New Amazon TVs bring smart features at low prices

Amazon has unveiled a range of new TVs packed with smart features and starting at affordable price points.

Farrow and Ball paint sample pots
Home Improvement

Are you using paint tester pots in the wrong way? Get it right with these 12 tips

Paint tester pots are a useful tool, but there's an art to using them. Follow our tips to get it right and get a colour you'll love.

Mature woman brushing her teeth looking into a mirror
Home Improvement

20 simple ways to save water and reduce your water bill 

We’ve got a long list of easy water-saving tips that you can try at home to reduce your water use and save on your bills.

Hux London kitchen design with panelling
Interior Design

17 kitchen design ideas for the perfect cooking and entertaining space

Designing a beautiful kitchen calls for the widest inspiration. Here are 17 of our favourite kitchen design ideas.

A man is mowing his lawn with a lawnmower

The grass-cutting mistakes driving wildlife away from your garden

Did you know that there are two grass-cutting mistakes that could keep birds, bee and butterflies away from your garden? Here's what to avoid

Water meter dial
Home Improvement

Water meters: what they do and how they can save you money 

How do water meters work and can they save you money? We explain the pros and cons, as well as the costs and installation process.

Navy kitchen with geometric patterned roller blinds
Tidy Home

How to clean roller blinds in 6 easy steps

Rollers in need of a refresh? We share some expert top tips.

Google Photos logo on a phone screen

6 Google Photos tips you may not know

Enhance your smartphone gallery app experience with our top Google Photos tips.

Home Improvement

Controversial new development aims to tackle the UK’s accessible housing crisis

A proposed scheme in Cornwall has raised opposition, but campaigners say accessible housing is desperately needed. We look at the scale of the issue and where you can get help.