10 ways to decorate a kitchen window that will improve your washing-up view

Bring some wow to your window with these simple decorating ideas

Even if the view from your kitchen window is pleasing,  it’s easy to become bored with the same daily outlook.

Although you could boost its appeal with some new curtains or blinds, or even give it a quick lick of paint, there’s plenty of other ways to give an aperture a new lease of life. So, we’ve rounded up ten alternative ways to decorate your kitchen window.

cottage style kitchen with yellow table cloth and matching curtainsCredit: Shutterstock/Svetlana Satsiuk

1. Create a hanging garden

Add plants without cluttering your windowsill

white planters with green plants hanging in front of kitchen windowCredit: John Lewis & Partners
Create a hanging garden to free up your windowsill

We love the natural pick-me-up you can get from a display of the best kitchen plants, but if you prefer to keep your windowsill free from clutter, you can still benefit from some greenery by using a neat hanging system above the window opening.

Ideal for succulents and trailing plants, hanging the plants at different lengths is a great way of adding extra focal interest to the display. Or for a more uniform finish, use the same plant hung at the same height – a good option if you are looking to block something specific from view.

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2. Add a small shutter

Keep it standalone for a flexible solution

Add a flexible shutter screen for privacy with styleCredit: Wayfair
Add a flexible shutter screen for privacy with style

If you don’t want full window shutters or Venetian blinds to cover your view, but still love the slatted look, purchase a small shutter-style screen that you can move around your windowsill.

We love this vintage-style frame, which provides ample shade for any fussy plants or food on a countertop, but is also big enough to offer privacy if your kitchen window is overlooked by neighbours.

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3. Cover succulents with cloches

Create mini terrarium-style gardens with a cloche bell stand

Cover cacti with clochesCredit: Dunelm
Cover cacti with cloches

Don’t restrict your bell cloches to just displaying single items or candles. Pop in cacti or succulents, some dried seed pods and dried flowers for a natural kitchen windowsill display.

To enhance the natural theme, cluster small glass vases with freshly picked buds and add unusual seedlings with the roots on display. With most of the display created from glass, it will give you plenty of visual distraction while still letting the light shine through.

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4. Add a glass bird feeder

Get up close and personal with your feathered friends

Get a bird's eye view with a glass window feederCredit: John Lewis & Partners
Get a bird’s eye view with a glass window feeder

If you’re an avid bird watcher and love to watch them feeding, get a bird’s eye view of them in action with a glass window feeder.

As well as providing birds with nourishment and you with some wonderful entertainment, using a feeder like this will add a visible marking to a clear glass window that can help save a bird’s life.

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5. Dress the window in sunshine yellow

Match curtains, table linen and flowers as a tonic to rainy days

cottage style kitchen with yellow table cloth and matching curtainsCredit: Shutterstock/Svetlana Satsiuk
Brighten your day with a boost of yellow joy

If you’re blessed with a bright kitchen window, don’t shy away from adding even more sunshine. Pick bright yellow curtains, add vases filled with yellow flowers and dress your table in matching linen to extend the feeling of joy.

Adding a bright colour to your cream kitchen can also be a great way of ensuring your kitchen has character. Add character to  a cottage-style scheme when you pair antiqued doors and vintage style glassware with bright sunny yellow. It’s a scheme guaranteed to give you a renewed zest for life, even when it’s grey and miserable outside.

6. Add candle lanterns

Use hanging tealight displays to create a cosy feel

glass lanterns hanging at window and held by hand over a set dining tableCredit: Rowen & Wren
Use versatile lanterns for window and table dressing

Although adding light to an already light-filled area may seem contradictory, if you’ve chosen to leave your window unfettered with blinds or curtains, adding hanging glass lanterns will create a warm, intimate feel.

As well as adding decorative, twinkling candlelight against a dark night sky, the lanterns can be removed and placed on your kitchen table for special celebratory meals.

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7. Repurpose old china

Need a home for your old crockery? Make teapot and teacup planters

Upcycle your unwanted crockeryCredit: Shutterstock/Debu55y
Upcycle your unwanted crockery

Found some mismatched crockery during your a recent kitchen decluttering and wondering where to rehome it? Instead of giving it away, you could brighten up your kitchen window with a teapot and teacup planted display.

Group your creations together for a quirky kitchen window display that’s unique, in keeping with the theme of the room, and without doubt, eco-friendly.

8. Add interest with a wallpaper mural

Frame your window view with a floral wallpaper design

yellow flower and black and white flower mural on wall next to window with yellow flowers in vase in frontCredit: Surface View
Use striking wallpaper murals to frame your view

If you’re yearning for a greener life, but the view from your window doesn’t provide any signs of nature, frame your window with a beautiful floral wallpaper mural instead.

Whether your floral taste is inspired by the bright and beautiful English countryside or you prefer something more art inspired, there’s a vast range of designs available to buy.

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Chrysanthemum Wallpaper Mural

9. Suspend a wreath

Not just for Christmas, faux foliage wreaths can be used all year round

green faux foliage wreath hung on windowCredit: Sainsbury’s
Hang a wreath at any time of the year

If your fingers are less than green and your kitchen windowsill is too narrow for planted displays, decorate your kitchen window with a faux-foliage wreath.

Providing a zero-maintenance styling solution, a simple green design will also offer ample opportunity to add extra decoration throughout the year.

Weave copper battery-operated fairy lights around the wreath for a pretty twinkling display. Tie on bows and faux speckled eggs at Easter, and in summer add pops of colour with some simple faux flowers.


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Garden by Sainsbury's Artificial Foliage Green Wreath

10. Change your view entirely

Transport yourself to somewhere new with a completely different vista

sunset and mountain view window film applied to black framed kitchen windowCredit: Surface View
Create a new view if you don’t favour your current one

If your current location is less than inspiring, make washing-up less arduous with window film. Window film design has come a long way since the original frosted version, and you can now lose yourself in the view of your dreams.

From lakes to beaches, skyscapes to forest covered mountain ranges, there’s a wealth of ideas to choose from. In just a few easy steps you can transport your humble kitchen window view from simple to stunning.

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