Bedroom bursting with belongings? These small bedroom storage ideas don’t sacrifice style

Finding a home for everything is essential in a small bedroom, but it shouldn’t mean compromising on the look.

Whether it’s your own bedroom or a guest bedroom that’s on the small side, finding a home for everything can be a struggle. From bedlinen to books, sweaters to shoes, make-up to ‘maybe-I’ll-wear-this-next-year’items, most of it needs to be hidden away so you can snooze in peace.

But if your floor space is limited or your room height below average, how do you fit it all in? The good news is, with clever expert advice and savvy storage solutions, small bedroom storage ideas can save you from a relapse into the messy bedroom floor of your teenage years. A tidy, small bedroom can be yours and here’s how.

painted white bedroom furniture rangeCredit: The Painted Furniture Company
Style is everything, regardless of room size

1. Place your bed against the wall and create storage above

Narrow room? Run the bed along the length of one wall

bedroom with storage above bed and pink occasional chairCredit: Ikea UK
Use the space above your bed in a narrow room

If there was ever a lesson in maximising on storage, this room would be teacher’s pet. We could easily write a long report extolling its strengths. But in the interests of keeping it neat and tidy, like the subject matter, top marks go to the clever positioning of the bed and the storage running above.

A daybed with drawers adds to the storage capacity, while the cupboards above and around the bed create a cosy cocoon and provide a home for clothing.

A small, drop-leaf dressing table (with extra side surfaces) creates a multi-purpose space for dressing, crafting or even working from home, while smaller side tables scattered around provide extra homes for books, magazines or somewhere to display treasured décor.

The large dormer windows mean there’s even room for the addition of a comfy chair. In fact, we’re hoping for an invitation to stay very soon, as this would rank highly on our gorgeous guest room list.


2. Buy a bed with built-in storage

Sleeping comes first, but storage ranks a close second

beige upholstered bed with drawers underneathCredit:
Store while you sleep

Although you may be able to do without certain pieces of furniture in a bedroom, a bed is not one of them. Therefore, storage and comfort need to come high on your list of requirements for smaller bedroom purchases.

Patricia Gibbons, from the team at, works on creating furniture that meets this brief. “When it comes to bedrooms, a clutter-free space should be a priority,” she says.

“Consider designs that incorporate storage, such as beds, which can help you stay organised and keep your floor clutter free.”

Which design you choose depends on your needs, explains Gibbons.

“For everyday access, a divan style is best as its drawers are easily get-at-able for daily needs. But if your requirements are for seasonal change-overs of clothing, or duvets and blankets, then an *ottoman bed is the one for you,” she says.

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Sunday Double Divan Bed,

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Sunday Double Divan Bed,
taupe velvet covered ottoman bed lifted upCredit: Oak Furnitureland
An ottoman can provide great storage options

Why? “The hidden storage uncovered is vast and can hold countless sets of bedding and suitcases. you wouldn’t want to be lifting it up and down on too regular a basis,” she adds.

For a classically stylish ottoman, opt for an upholstered base to soften your surroundings. This will be gentler on your legs if there’s limited space to walk around the bed. Also make sure you choose one with a gas-lift mechanism so that it’s easy to open and close.

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Wycombe Double Ottoman Storage Bed, Oak Furnitureland

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Wycombe Double Ottoman Storage Bed, Oak Furnitureland

3. Build wardrobes above your bedhead

Going bespoke opens up a wealth of options

grey built in storage above and around bedCredit: Sharps
Bespoke storage will find storage space that you might miss

Need wardrobes, bedside tables, and a home for your books but only have one free wall? Call in the bespoke storage experts for a stylish and practical solution. Trained to recognise opportunities where others only see blank walls, a combination of the right sizes and effective designs can result in miracles.

In this design, a false wall behind the bed houses slimline storage for shoes, bags and accessories, flanked by deeper wardrobes either side.

“When it comes to bedroom storage, our individual needs are unique,” says Rachal Hutcheson, national retail manager at Sharps. “The most practical solutions depend on the type of items you’re looking to store and ultimately the space available in your bedroom to accommodate these.

“Small bedrooms often need creative solutions to make the most of every inch of space.” She adds that when done correctly, bespoke storage can “provide twice as much space as freestanding wardrobes.”

Instead of using a busy design with intricate detailing or handles, handle-free doors and a colour matched to the wall paint will help your storage blend effortlessly into the room.

How to get wardrobe design right?

Hutcheson’s top tip for choosing the internal design of your wardrobes is to think about how you dress and what you wear.

The beauty of fitted wardrobes, she says, is in the options available to you. “Consider curved corner rails, pull-out trouser rails, and pull-down hanging rails to ensure your wardrobe is as efficient as it can be.”

4. Pick a range with extra drawer space

No budget for bespoke? Pick matching units designed to house more

painted white bedroom furniture rangeCredit: The Painted Furniture Company
Choose a matching range designed with storage in mind

Even if custom-made cupboards are out of budget, clever storage doesn’t need to be out of reach. It’s simply a case of choosing the right furniture range so that everything has a space. By picking furniture in one material and style, you can fake a bespoke look and make a room feel bigger than it is through that design cohesion.

Traditional wooden designs, such as this Shaker-style range, are a savvy solution for combining an excellent quality finish with a modern-day design approach to meeting a family’s storage needs.

From the neat little bedside table with a space for your books to the bed with drawers or the smart compact footstool that doubles up as a tray, this room is bountiful in both aesthetics and accessible storage spots.

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Oxford Three Drawer Chest of Drawers, The Painted Furniture Company

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Oxford Three Drawer Chest of Drawers, The Painted Furniture Company

5. Sit on your storage

Hide away winter woollies in your seating

Hide away winter clothing or bedding in a beautiful seatCredit: The Footstool Workshop
Hide away winter clothing or bedding in a beautiful seat

If your bedroom doubles as a dressing or reading area and you’re not prepared to use the bed instead of a seat, make your resting place work extra hard by choosing a seat with ottoman-style storage.

Perfect for storing winter woollies or spare sets of bedding, if you find one with a pattern you love, it can also be a starting point for deciding how to decorate a bedroom. If you do need to open and close it regularly, you may want to consider picking a design that’s just as stylish without extra scatter cushions, so you don’t have to remove them every time you need to open it.

An ottoman with drawers may be more suitable for work itemsCredit:
An ottoman with drawers may be more suitable for work items

If space is even tighter or your bedroom has to double up as a work-from-home space, Gibbons also suggests you “look to storage benches and ottoman footstools that sit at the end of the bed to quickly stash away laptops and chargers.” This will help you to “reclaim the space as one fit for relaxation in the evenings.”

We love this design, which features a fold-down flap and a drawer underneath the smaller top-opening section, making it perfect for laptops, electronics and jewellery boxes.

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Hardy Bedside Chest of Drawers,

6. Don’t dismiss your door

It can be more than just an access point

Pegboards can be ideal for storing smaller accessories and jewelleryCredit: Ikea UK
Pegboards can be ideal for storing smaller accessories and jewellery

Although it’s unlikely you will travel to Narnia when you open your wardrobe door, if your small bedroom storage is limited to a built-in single cupboard, don’t dismiss the door when selecting storage.

As the clever use of these pegboards from storage afficionado Ikea demonstrates, hidden storage can find a home in unexpected places. Although over-the-door hooks are an alternative option, they can limit you to only being able to store items suitable for hanging, such as scarves, coats or bags.

Using a pegboard design, so you can add storage pots, trays and hooks, gives you greater opportunity to store shoes, jewellery, belts and ties.

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Skadis White Peg Board, Ikea

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Skadis White Peg Board, Ikea

7. Use the wall’s width to hang hooks

Ideal for a guest room with only occasional visitors

Use a peg rail for a guest room if there's no space for a wardrobeCredit: Ikea UK
Use a peg rail for a guest room if there’s no space for a wardrobe

If your guest room is only frequented by short-stay guests, and you’d prefer to avoid adding a wardrobe to keep the space feeling light and airy, take advantage of a high ceiling and hang a peg rail that spans the width of the room.

As well as providing enough space for guests to hang their clothes for an overnight stay, when not in use, it’s a great place to display photos, framed artwork or seasonal wreaths.

We also love how this room’s designer has made the most of a large, recessed window with a shelf that can be used to display plants and other decorative items. It means you can still display your aesthetic style without taking up additional floor space.

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Hovolm Rack, Ikea

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Hovolm Rack, Ikea

8. Pick furniture with multiple storage sections

Pack a punch with a multi-layer bedside table

wooden bedside table with shelves and drawerCredit: Ikea UK
Layer up with multi-level furniture

It may only take up a small amount of floor space next to your bed, but there’s no reason why your bedside table idea isn’t one that has a starring storage role.

As this model proves with its five storage spots, size isn’t everything. From the top resting place to two internal shelves, a drawer and the space underneath, it’s an organiser’s heaven. It provides ample space for stashing away everything from books to jewellery, while still leaving room for your bedside light and refreshing glass of water.

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Nordkisa Bamboo Bedside Table

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Nordkisa Bamboo Bedside Table

9. Choose lower wardrobes

Lacking in ceiling height? A gentleman’s chest may be ideal

Smaller in size but still with ample storageCredit: The Painted Furniture Company
Smaller in size but still with ample storage

Fear not readers, we haven’t suddenly had a temporary moment of madness by suggesting you find the nearest male to assist with your small bedroom storage.

Instead, if you’re dealing with lower ceilings, or converting an attic space into a bedroom, a storage solution known as a gentleman’s chest may be the perfect solution.

Often giving the appearance of a chest of drawers they open to reveal a handy rail that’s the perfect height for shirts, trousers or skirts.

When placed neatly placed side by side, they may not be able to house your longer dresses or coats but they will provide you with sufficient storage for everyday items and are another great option if your smallest bedroom is your guest room.


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Amberley Gents Chest, The Painted Furniture Company

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Amberley Gents Chest, The Painted Furniture Company

10. Head up your bed with a storage headboard

Pop personal items within easy reach

wooden headboard with storage inside accessed from the sidesCredit: Tikamoon
Use your headboard as hidden but handy-to-reach storage

Last, but not least, we come back to the central item of any bedroom – the bed. And while we may have covered underneath storage, let’s not forget the head of the bed.

As Gibbons says: “Your bedroom should be a cosy room designed for relaxation and winding down.” The key to achieving this she adds, “is to avoid having too much furniture and make sure you have multifunctional pieces that work extra hard to keep the clutter at bay.”

This purposeful headboard from Tikamoon fulfils this brief to perfection. Beautifully designed with a stylish wooden finish, its smooth frontal appearance hides generous openings to the side which can swallow up books and personal effects.

With clutter out of sight, you can close your eyes to a calm structured space, so that you can achieve the best night’s sleep in your small bedroom space.

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Bertie Solid Teak Headboard with Storage, Tikamoon
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