Blue bedroom ideas: 11 ways with shades from sapphire to sky blue

Fresh looks for a restful blue bedroom that are anything but boring.

If you love blue bedrooms, join the club – it might just be the most popular bedroom colour there is. And if you want to be that little bit different, it pays to have a few fresh blue bedroom ideas up your pyjama sleeves. 

Thinking of lavishing your bedroom walls in the hue? Rather than pick up the first tin of blue paint you see, become a blue paint sleuth and seek out a shade that feels striking and new. After all, the blue palette is as vast as the ocean.

Heals blue bedroomCredit: Heal’s / Ercol

Navy blues are sophisticated and cocooning (perfect for settling you to sleep); powder blues will bring a refreshing, coastal bedroom feel that will invigorate you in the morning; teals are fashion-forward; and sky blue is as naturally soothing to the nerves as a colour can possibly be.  

What’s more, blue bedroom ideas don’t begin and end at paint. There are unusual and inventive ways to highlight blue in your sleeping space that help you make the most of the most restful, and beloved, shade there is.  

We have selected some bright and beautiful bedrooms that really capture the decor depth of this popular bedroom colour. So, jump in and be inspired. 


1. Pair sapphire blue with jewel tones for opulence

Use saturated colours to add bold blue bedroom sparkle

John LewisCredit: John Lewis

Picture this. One evening you are wandering through some idyllic landscape and come across a dark cave. You peek inside to discover that it is incredibly warm and cosy. And, what’s more, it’s simply dripping with the most beautiful stones imaginable: amethyst, citrine and topaz.  

Want to stay, rest and luxuriate for a while? If the answer is yes, then you may have discovered a brilliant blue bedroom idea that works for you – the sapphire jewel box. 

First, find the darkest, richest blue shade you can get your hands on. Next, you’ll want to find the punchiest velvets to add luxurious texture.  

In this colour-confident and maximalist blue bedroom, styled by John Lewis, the designers clashed rich textiles of ochre, auburn, plum teal and rosehip with their saturated blue walls. 

This look would be particularly dramatic in a small bedroom, where the colours really need to be the star of the show. 

We think you should crown this room with an extraspecial light. How about extending the jewel theme by choosing a light that sparkles like diamonds? We think the Laura Ashley Vienna Crystal light would look the part. 

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Vienna Crystal Semi Flush Ceiling Light, Laura Ashley

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Vienna Crystal Semi Flush Ceiling Light, Laura Ashley

2. Coordinate your headboard, bed base and accents

Keep walls light and add blue with an array of individual touches

Credit: Kelling Designs

There are ways to enjoy blue bedroom sophistication without lavishing the whole space in blue paint. If you prefer walls that are on the lighter side, you can have the best of both worlds – colour and neutrality. 

And one of the best ways to win at this balancing act is to invest in a blue statement headboard and coordinating blue accents.  

Kelling Designs calls its headboards ‘heavenly’, and we can see why. Emma Deterding, founder and creative director at Kelling Designs and Kelling Home, says: “Consumers are moving away from minimalist interiors and are wanting to create homes that are a true reflection of their personality and personal style and this is no different in the bedroom.  

“Headboards are most definitely all the rage again (and have been for a while now), with big, bold shapes in bright colours and patterned fabrics being the go-to choice. One of the main reasons for this is that a statement headboard really helps to create a focal point in the bedroom and acts as an anchor to centre the overall scheme around.  

“Taller, curved silhouettes are proving very popular, as they add a soft drama to the space, whilst the inclusion of patterned fabrics and bold colours show that they are just as restful as muted shades.” 

Once you have selected your ultimate blue headboard upholstery fabric, you can up your blue accent game by choosing a matching bed base and throw. In this design, the tall pair of blue bed lamps tie the look together.  

3. Use a sensible navy-blue wall paint as your base

But break the rules with a clash of blue patterns

Blue bedroomCredit: Sean Symington Interior Design

As blue bedroom ideas go, navy blue wall paint is as smart and sophisticated as it gets. Dark blue is a laudable decor move as you’ll create a classic sleeping space that looks great year after year.  

However, navy’s associations with school uniforms and tradition means using it comes with risks. From a decor perspective, if not balanced with a little bit of drama, it can be a bit of a snooze fest. 

Sean Symington Interior Design shows us how to mix it up in a bedroom with a navy backdrop. The designers go  wild – quite literally – with the patterns, as is the case with this leopard inspired headboard and bolster cushion.  

Where it gets highly sophisticated is when the animal motif is mixed with toile upholstery and Chinese willow pattern pottery. In effect, the designers take a decor voyage through three continents – Africa, Europe and Asia to come up with a bedroom that feels storied and lively. 

If you are going to have a navyblue painted bedroom, we suggest you approach your accents with the same spirit of adventure. We like this Asian vase and tropical palm clash cushion available on Etsy from FifiBadgerDesigns. 

4. Steal natural elements from exotic climes

Enjoy sweet dreams in your own lush paradise

Graham and BrownCredit: Graham and Brown

Why settle for bedroom decor reflecting the view from your window when your mind is free to travel in dreams? That is the philosophy behind this exotic teal blue bedroom. It’s fitting that the hue is named after the Eurasian teal bird that habitually zips across the planet – from Siberia to India. 

There is something about the blue-green depth of teal that calls to mind the ultimate abundance of nature. Bring your teal bedroom to life with lively organic patterns that feel familiar, yet at the same time, mysterious. 

If you want to take on this blue bedroom idea on a grand scale, throw a pattern up on your walls. Graham & Brown shows you how with its Vintage Tropical Night Bespoke Mural, £37 per sq m. 

Paula Taylor, stylist at Graham & Brown, advises, “To tap into the cosy atmosphere of this trend, start by choosing a wall mural that best reflects your personality. While wall murals are the perfect chance to inject bold colour and pattern into a room, if you’re looking for a design for the bedroom, opt for a nature-inspired print with muted shades and tones, to create a calming atmosphere for relaxation.  

“Pick out one of the tones from the wall mural design and select bedding and soft furnishings in this shade to tie the room together.” 

Prefer to simply paint your walls teal and to add your exotic touches with accents? We like Land of Rugs Savannah Elephants Navy Teal Duvet Set. 

Try adding gold bedside tables and lighting to your alluring teal-blue bedroom scheme and ramp up the luxe appeal. 

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Savannah Elephants Duvet Set, Land of Rugs

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Savannah Elephants Duvet Set, Land of Rugs

5. Mix airy sky-blue walls with moody dark blue storage

Balance your blues

Credit: Kitesgrove

Choosing between light and dark blue bedrooms isn’t easy. Both have their merits and their downsides. Sky blue brings to mind the happiest days of summer, but on walls can ironically feel cold. Dark blue is reliable and sensible but can be seen as too predictable. Our culture associates dark blue strongly with authority and reliability. 

But put them together and any weaknesses go away, and the positives are accentuated. A light and dark blue bedroom mix feels peaceful but also slightly quirky.  

The designer of this room, Kitesgrove, enjoyed playing with the sense of harmony that this colour pairing creates, making a perfectly organised and symmetrical scheme. 

We like the addition of wicker, which plays well with blue’s affinity with water and life. The botanical artworks also calmly support this theme. 

Painting your walls light blue and want an easy way to add some freestanding dark blue furniture touches? We like Neptune’s Larsson Open Bedside Table. It is available in a range of dark blues shades including Teal, Navy and Ink.  

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Larsson Open Bedside Table, Neptune

RRP: £495

Larsson Open Bedside Table, Neptune

6. Put your bedroom in the clouds with a wall and ceiling mural

Drift away with some blue sky thinking

Credit: Rebel Walls

Sit in a park on a sunny day and stare up at the sky. Blown away by the majesty of it all? It’s difficult not to be. Nothing beats the moving poetry of our skies – it’s supremely relaxing.  

So, pay Mother Nature the ultimate compliment and boldly imitate. Rolling white clouds on a perfect sky-blue background will always be the most epic of blue bedroom ideas. 

And, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, you don’t have to be a master artist to enjoy this effect. Murals and wallpapers will give your blue bedroom this profound atmosphere with ease.  

Papering the ceiling as well as the walls in this style is a decor no-brainer.  

We like Rebel Wall’s Cuddle Clouds wallpaper. Other wallpaper suppliers that also do a brilliant blue-sky effect paper include Sanderson, and Graham & Brown. 

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Cuddle Clouds wallpaper, Rebel Walls

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Cuddle Clouds wallpaper, Rebel Walls

7. Use two shades of blue to create your own bright horizon

Take inspiration from coastal scenes

CarpetrightCredit: Carpetright

The coast is a place where many shades of blue combine in perfect harmony, so why not use the same trick in your blue bedroom? We like how a faux horizon is created in this scheme by painting the lower half of the wall a deeper shade to the one painted in the upper half. It feels like sky meeting sea. An utterly soothing visual effect. 

To complete the theme, a sandycoloured Carpetright design, alive with abstract movement like the windswept seashore, graces the floor. 

And the planked ‘boat’ afloat on this seaside scene? It is the Marisa wooden bed frame, available through Carpetright. 

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Marisa Wooden Bed Frame, Carpetright

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Marisa Wooden Bed Frame, Carpetright

8. Lavish your bedroom in a historic shade of blue

Show off classic architectural bones in a storied hue

Credit: Mylands

Opt for the historic Long Acre paint by Mylands and you will be in the company of a certain Mrs. Adams of Long Acre, London, who lavished the exact hue on her walls back in 1777. Mylands is still in possession of the receipt. 

Now, that’s provenance, and the perfect choice for a period property. By picking a colour steeped in history, you can have more confidence that you’re doing right by your Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian architecture. 

Several paint brands can assist you in finding paint colours that speak to the era when your home was built.  At Little Greene you can pick from blue shades contemporary to the Georgians, right up until the 1970s. 

If you are a true period paint enthusiast, opt for traditional distemper paints or limewashes from Rose of Jericho. We like Assisi Blue. 

9. Combine soft teal blue walls with pastel accents

Sink into supreme blue bedroom softness

Credit: Dulux

Nothing says harmonious and restful like a gentle pastel colour scheme. Not only are pastels soothing on the eyes, but – according to the US Library of Medicine – the right shades of blue work wonders for reducing blood pressure and heart rate, so the pairing is a bedroom win-win. 

We are swooning over this blue bedroom’s wall colour. It’s Heritage by Dulux in Maritime Teal. Styled alongside pastel bed accents in whispering grey, ochre and duck egg blue, this room hits every tranquillity note – quietly. 

Typically, as we age pastels get harder to see. We think the bold, yet serene, wall colour offers just the right amount of lively contrast. 

Wondering what the colour on the doors is that matches the wall colour and pastel scheme so well? It’s Dulux’s Swedish White. 

John Lewis stocks some lovely cotton velvet cushion options in a kaleidoscope of gentle hues. 

10. Enjoy nostalgic charm in a blue “mid-century modern” bedroom

Embrace the 1950s for a clean-lined sleep retreat

Heals blue bedroomCredit: Heal’s / Ercol

There’s a good reason why we’re still in love with the mid-century modern look. Design inspired by the 1950s is the perfect marriage of form and function, perfect attributes to consider when mulling over blue bedroom ideas. And 1950s furniture is every bit as solid as your blue colour choice, particularly if you pick a classic design from the likes of Ercol or G Plan. 

Muted blue walls are an excellent place to start. Richer pastels shades defined the era, so no self-respecting 1950s style bedroom is complete without a bit of mustard and dusky pink throw in. We absolutely approve of the bed linen used in this bedroom featuring furniture from one of the brands that defined the era – Ercol. 

One of the great things about this pared back, leggy furniture is that it feels light and airy – perfect if you have huge blue bedroom decor ambitions but limited square footage. 

We like the cobalt blue paint that adds a pop of unexpected blue zing to the otherwise sedate scheme. Use this bright hue sparingly with more muted blue paint in your nostalgic bedroom. It’s better to paint walls in a more restful hue to get some quality shut eye. 

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Ercol Teramo Dressing Table, Heal's

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 Ercol Teramo Dressing Table, Heal's

11. Enjoy blue from the ground up

Coordinate your blue floor with your blue wall paint

Blue carpetCredit: iSense / Online Carpets

For a tactile treat underfoot, one of the best blue bedroom ideas is a carpet. Whether you are after the subtle touch of a soothing sky blue or a punchy navy on your floor, blue’s popularity means you are in luck. Blue carpets come in a staggering array of colours. 

A plush blue carpet ups the sanctuary stakes of your bedroom. Wake up to warm, gentle cushioning for your feet. You’ll thank yourself in the winter. 

If walking on your favourite blue hue isn’t enough, this colour is very forgiving when it comes to dirt.  

To optimise the blue carpet experience, make sure that it is laid on a good quality underlay. Not only will it give your bedroom better insulation (and who wants a draughty bedroom?) but it will also reduce wear and tear on your carpet over time. 

We like the cheerful sweetness of this Splendour iSense Carpet available through Online Carpets. Matching the flooring with accent wall paint gives the room a cosy, coordinated look. 

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iSense Splendour Carpet, Online Carpets

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iSense Splendour Carpet, Online Carpets

Written by Joy Archer she/her