15 bedroom layout ideas that make the most of your space

Practicality meets creativity in your dream bedroom design scheme.

You don’t need to be a feng shui expert to appreciate that where furniture and fixtures are placed in your bedroom will seriously impact your comfort. Stub your toe on a badly placed bedside table and you’ll know all about it. 

Trip hazards aside, how you arrange your bedroom can help you to distract from elements of the space you don’t care to showcase. Or better yet, make a grander gesture of the stand-out elements that should be under the spotlight. 

SharpsCredit: Sharps

And, then there are the more whimsical bedroom layouts that are fit for fairy tales. Grand bathtub at the foot of your bed? Why not. Dreamy walk-in wardrobe for all your fashion treasures? Go for it. Well-planned bedroom layout ideas can transform your most intimate space from blah to boast-worthy.  


1. Give some thought to the position of your bed

Its location, size and design set the tone for your entire bedroom

Studio DeanCredit: Studio Dean

In the vast majority of cases, though not all, your bedroom’s overall layout will take its lead from the position of your bed. Sometimes, the shape of your room all but demands that your bed is placed in a certain spot.  

Other times, some other standout architectural element or practical need will be a major consideration when deciding on the bed’s orientation, size and even design.  Sometimes you just have to contend with working around awkwardly placed radiators and windows or cumbersome built-in storage.  

As the largest piece of furniture in the room, wherever you place it, your bed will take a starring role in how the room flows, feels and functions.  

Diotti round bedCredit: Diotti

Every bedroom floorplan is different, so, any rules around where a bed ‘should’ go are made to be broken. Generally speaking, beds tend to go against the longest, uninterrupted wall length in the bedroom.  

If there is a fireplace in the bedroom and the dimensions of the room permit it, the bed will often be positioned to face the fireplace. But, speaking as someone who is currently sitting in a bedroom with a bed running parallel to the fireplace, you can just as easily decide a run of classical windows makes for a better view. 

Have an en-suite? Perhaps having your bed positioned so you can access it in the night without rolling over your partner as a shortcut clinches the deal. 

As beds are heavy furniture pieces, it makes sense to do all of your thinking about where it will be placed before it is in-situ. The last thing you want once your bed is built is to notice how much storage space it gobbles up when you could have rested just as easily on a smaller model. 

Finally, there’s no rule that says that if you struggle with mobility issues that you absolutely must have a rectangular bed with nasty corners. The Italians, in particular, have been known to make circular beds that are easy on the eye and easier to navigate around.  

2. Make the most of a fabulous view

Watch nature’s drama play out from the comfort of your bed

Precision MadeCredit: Precision Made

A great view from the comfort of your bed is a luxury that should be enjoyed in full. It makes sense that if your bedroom benefits from a picture-perfect glimpse of the outside world that you should orient your bed to that scene – bedroom dimensions permitting. 

Have floor-to-ceiling glazing in your bedroom like in this room styled by Precision Made? Lucky you. Keep furniture out of your sightline so your view isn’t obscured. You might also want to consider motorised window blinds that will make life easier with tall windows.  

If unwanted eyes peering into your bedroom at inopportune times is an issue, it is worth knowing about privacy glass. This surface controls the opacity of glass at the flick of a switch. 

Lying directly opposite a standard window? Choose well-fitting window treatments like Roman blinds that keep any early morning chinks of light out of your eyes. It’s all well and good enjoying your view, but you don’t want to be jarred awake in the summer at 5am. 

3. Measure your bed with care

Finding it does not fit up the stairs is no fun

French BedroomCredit: French Bedroom

For the novice interior designer, a common mistake is ordering furniture that hasn’t the slightest chance of making its way through tight doors and up stairwells.  

A top tip is to always quiz the supplier as to whether your furniture will arrive assembled. And if the answer is no, ask what size pieces it’s likely to turn up in.

Georgia Metcalfe, founder and creative director at The French Bedroom Company advises a no-nonsense approach: “The number one point I make at the beginning of any bed purchase journey is the importance of measurements. There’s no point even looking at a bed frame that is simply too big for your bedroom. There’s nothing worse than a delivery turning up and ultimately having to send it back because it’s just too big (or too small!). 

“Measure the space in your bedroom where the bed will be positioned and then give yourself at least 60cm (2ft) either side of the bed and at the foot end – but my best advice would be to stretch to a metre (3ft 3in), if the space allows. This will determine the size of the bed your space can allow for. You want to be able to move fluidly throughout the room and have rooadditional furniture like a beautiful accent chair or vanity table.

Shoehorning in a bed that’s too big will leave you feeling really constricted. Ultimately, every bedroom should be a sanctuary – a  place of solace and retreat, and that means creating a space where you can truly unwind. 

“Once you’re all measured up, don’t forget to check the width of your front door, entrance hall and staircase. This is something that people often overlook, so be sure to factor that in before you press the checkout button.” 


4. Know that the best bed isn’t always the standard bed

Choose alternatives for more complex, multipurpose rooms

Willow and HallCredit: Willow and Hall

These days, bedrooms are as likely to double as an office, library, sitting room or even an artist’s studio as they are to be a straightforward sleep space. Our sleeping spaces work harder than ever. One fundamental thing that doesn’t change, though, is at some point we’ll need to lay down and rest our heads.  

Standard beds are a great option when it comes to comfortable sleep in less complicated bedroom layouts. But what about in harder working slumber spaces that need to transform at a moment’s notice? Then, contemplating your bedroom layout ideas needs to start with an appreciation of the many alternatives to standard beds. 

For example, a loft bed layout is designed to have you, or more likely your guest, access a raised bed by a ladder. With a desk, for example, tucked underneath. 

In truly tight spaces (or bedrooms that masquerade as sitting rooms) miraculous armchairs that discreetly convert to beds and back to seating stylishly do double duty. 

The list of options for alternative bed styles that allow for creative layout planning is vast (and beyond the scope of this article to go into in detail). But it’s well worth starting your bedroom layout ideas brainstorm by being aware of different types of non-standard beds like Murphy beds, day beds, trundle beds and sofa beds. 

Really thinking ahead for all of the ways your guests will use your bedroom space will dictate what sleep surface covers the most bases.  

WayfairCredit: Wayfair

We like the bedroom layout possibilities offered by the Wayfair Kirsty Folding Bed, from £1099.99. When it’s not being slept on, it adopts the disguise of an everyday modern cabinet, replete with shelving for books and candles. We think it’s a good one for when university age kids come to stay in their old rooms that have finally evolved into entertainment spaces. Clever. 

5. Work with your architecture to decide your bedroom layout

Awkward angles become unique decor features

Funky Chunky FurnitureCredit: Funky Chunky Furniture

It’s natural to feel a little bit of dread when your bedroom does not feature perfect right angles and clean lines.  

But when you finally get your head around features, like slanted ceilings and awkward beams, you start to realise that there is real charm to irregularity. It gives your bedroom layout original character. 

You also have less to think about when it comes to layout, as the irregularity of your architecture will likely dictate your layout choice. So, make the most of it. Place your bed under the slanted ceiling with confidence. 

For an irregular layout to work you’ll need to find ways to bring balance to an asymmetrical space. 

There are quite a few tricks of the design trade to consider. Try mismatching lighting, adding a central focal point or getting creative with built in joinery. 

This bedroom styled by Funky Chunky Furniture uses an asymmetrically placed mirror to draw the eyes up and away from the intersection of wall and ceiling. 

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Panton Bed, Funky Chunky Furniture

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Panton Bed, Funky Chunky Furniture

6. Make your TV the star of your bedroom layout

Add swivel functionality and never miss a moment

Edward BulmerCredit: Edward Bulmer

TV lover? You’re not alone. Designers have come up with many ways to make your TV the big star of your bedroom show (or the little secret you hide away so no one is any the wiser) 

If you decide that your TV should take centre stage, you might want to give it a prime location at the foot of your bed in a central TV unit. 

In this example, styled by Edward Bulmer Natural Paint, the central unit acts as a room divider where the TV can swivel, depending on your viewing orientation. 

This layout idea works well in bigger bedrooms where there is plenty of room to circulate and enough space to honour the ideal TV viewing distance. 

Viewing from the comfort of your bed?

The general rule of thumb is the viewing distance should be at least one and a half to two times the diagonal size of your TV.

So, if your TV is 50 inches (127cm), the viewing distance should be between 75 and 100 inches (191-254cm). 

7. Create a stepped effect

Enjoy an unobstructed view of all elements of your bedroom

Credit: Furnished by Anna

As bedroom layout ideas go, this layout by Furnished by Anna is a pretty clever one. With one simple design addition – a platform – a number of aspects of the bedroom are  improved.  

The bedroom’s occupants get a better view out of their window. Someone sitting on the sofa would not annoy anyone lying in the bed who is trying to get a glimpse of the TV. In a tight household squeeze, two friendly adults could share the room, after flipping a coin for who gets the bed verses crashing on the sofa. 

Due to the elevation of the bed, a relatively small space feels grand, rather than cluttered, despite featuring both a large bed, sofa and footstool. This is thanks to the visual effect of the platform zoning the bed, giving it a boost in prominence that is usually left to a rug. 

This is a bedroom idea that is best kept to relatively wide bedrooms. A platform in a narrow space would make for an annoying trip hazard. If you can, you might also like to incorporate your bedside tables onto the platform so you can easily reach for a glass of water.  

8. Indulge your fashion fantasies with a walk-in wardrobe

Tucked away clothes and accessories are peak luxury

SharpsCredit: Sharps

If you’ve got the bedroom square footage, nothing will elevate your life as much as a swish walk-in wardrobe. Just the mere thought of a room in your home dedicated to fashion and little else is enough to give anyone a psychological boost. If each of your belts are happily stored in a special compartment designed just for them, that in itself is cause to be content.  

To make sure your walk-in wardrobe works perfectly for all your needs it makes sense to start with an audit of everything you would like to store and plan the wardrobe around your storage needs.  

From long dresses to undies, for your wardrobe to work, every aspect of your dressing and accessorising should be considered. 

To make sure your bedroom and walk in wardrobe have visual unity consider carrying across some decor elements to both spaces. In this Sharps walk-in wardrobe, shades of blue and seamless flooring are used to create a sense of harmony between bedroom and wardrobe. 

9. Inset your bed into built-in storage

Maximise your fitted furniture with exacting detail

HammondsCredit: Hammonds

Wrapping storage around your bed can sometimes be the best bedroom layout idea when you value an open floor plan space to circulate above all else. 

Using the entire wall behind your bed for storage can mean you don’t need to have the opposite wall in your bedroom designated to storage.  

Besides a more clutter-free look, there can also be other advantages to this bedroom layout. Melissa Denham, design stylist at Hammonds Furniture, says: “Having built-in storage around your bed maximises the use of space in your bedroom, allowing you to efficiently organise and store items within easy reach. By creating a streamlined and clutter-free environment, you can promote a sense of calm and relaxation that promotes better sleep hygiene.”  

If we can find a downside to this layout is that sometimes the storage can look somewhat boxy around the bed. We like that in this design by Hammonds, shelving has been incorporated for adding decorative features like framed artworks, and there is scope to add even more flair with wall lights. 

Tight space? To find out how to make the most of lighting looks in your bedroom, check out these small bedroom lighting ideas. 

10. Forgo your views and create your own bedroom layout spectacle

A pair of windows are a perfect setting for sleep symmetry

Credit: Etsy / LuxHoldups

Two perfectly formed windows with room for a bed in between are terrible things to waste. We suggest that if your bedroom’s design blesses you with such a rich architectural bounty that you take full advantage. But to make it work you may need to forgo the view to enjoy this rare bedroom layout. 

Yes, it’s a bit of a bold decor move. Make a style statement with standout furnishings to make up for your lost views, especially if as in this bedroom, dressers limit access to the windows. 

We suggest following the designer’s lead and hanging some pretty rails and curtains and a lovely piece of art as a focal point. Keep your details symmetrical to complement the architectural bones. 

Adding some roller or Roman blinds between the curtains will make sure you control the light levels directly behind your bed. We suggest you make your curtains blackout, so you don’t come to regret this bedroom layout idea come summer. 

11. Try a hotel-chic single bed layout

Make your bedroom work for multiple guests

Credit: Caravane

Regularly host multiple guests in your home? One of the best bedroom layout ideas when you can expect a full house is to skip a single large bed and opt for two singles instead. 

This look is straight out of the fanciest boutique hotels design playbook. It is all about giving your guests optimal comfort even if the bedroom is petite. There is no more a perfect layout if you have a couple of siblings staying but can also be a great short-term solution for housing amicable adults. 

Depending on the style of single beds you choose, guests can opt to keep beds apart or push them together as needed. 

12. Turn a corner into an open ensuite

Make bathroom visits a beautiful breeze

HomaryCredit: Homary

For sophisticated comfort in a bedroom, an ensuite is the natural go-to. Say no to walking down a draughty corridor late at night and designate some of your bedroom’s footprint to your ultimate privacy and ease. 

Of course, it helps if you are early enough in the design process and can seamlessly work your en suite into your build plans. If not, a bathroom renovation might be in order.  It’s a big consideration, so we’ve got you covered with bathroom renovation costs to get you started on the right foot. 

We like this glass box ensuite idea styled by Homary. The slick styling makes the bathroom look  like a work of art.  It may not be your particular personal style, but we hope it gets you thinking about ways you can create a unique, statement ensuite that isn’t just practical but is supremely stylish as well. 

13. Add a statement bathtub to your sleeping space

Read your morning newspaper in style

Waters Baths of AshbourneCredit: Waters Baths of Ashbourne

If you are going to spend good money on a bathtub, you might as well get your money’s worth. Put it up front and centre in your grand bedroom layout and make your sleeping space the epicentre of both rest and romance. 

You’ll need to check your floor can take the load though. Before getting too excited about installing a tub in your bedroom check to find out if floor reinforcement is in order. 

While this is a look that has been dominated by period roll top baths, this room by Waters Baths of Ashbourne shows that a slick bath very much looks the part.  

The one downside to this bedroom layout idea is it may very well pique the interest of any little ones you may host in your home.  

We say, dust off your ‘Keep Out!’ sign and save your luxury bedroom floor from becoming a yucky, mucky mess. 

14. Add a seating area

Make a nice nook for reading and chatting

Rosewood Hotel and Spa, NassauCredit: Rosewood Hotel and Spa, Nassau

Bedrooms are our most restful and intimate spaces. So, sitting and reflecting in your bedroom is a different experience to say, pottering around in your kitchen.  

That’s why it’s important to make whatever you do and experience in your bedroom extra special. By adding a comfortable chair, lovely sofa or even a welcoming bench to your bedroom layout you can create a warm and thoughtful space that has broader horizons than only sleeping.  

You create a multi-usage space for retreating to at the end of a busy day that invites a contemplative mood. 

Your seating can be used for quietly reading a book, having a kip or even sharing a close conversation with a loved one. 

If you try tailored styling, like this example at the Rosewood Hotel in Nassau, you’ll end up with a luxury sleeping space that feels both comforting and cultivated. 

15. Add a headboard partition

Zone a large room with a simple architectural detail

Credit: Edward Bulmer / David Loftus

Any large open space can feel lacking in cosiness, and this goes double for bedrooms. As much as wide open spaces look impressive on first glance, creating a sense of intimacy gives us a cocooned feeling when it’s time to nod off. 

Dividing a bedroom up by creating a faux back wall for your bed creates visual drama by making sure you can’t take in the full room with one visual sweep. It also hides any clutter you’d rather not see as you walk in. 

What’s behind the wall is anyone’s guess. Could be a bath, neatly stacked shoe boxes or a mirror for dressing. Not knowing creates a sense of mystery. 

If you have invested in a statement headboard, this layout will make more of a fuss of your bed styling than if it was up against a backwall, as the floating feature wall creates a frame for your bed.  

This bedroom painted in Edward Bulmer ‘Sea Green’ bedroom at the Pensons Restaurant at Netherwood Estate works well as the colour is used throughout. This paint technique quietly unifies the headboard wall with the bedroom walls, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.


Written by Joy Archer she/her