Amazon’s new Echo Pop is its cheapest smart speaker

Prices start at just £44.99 for the new colourful Echo Pop

Amazon has unveiled new additions to its popular Echo smart speaker and display products which continue to be a best seller for the brand, with over half a billion Alexa-enabled devices sold so far.

The new entrants to the UK market are the Echo Pop, Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen), Echo Show Kids and Echo Auto Dash.

With prices starting from £44.99, the new devices promise new looks, versatility and sound, giving you more choice than ever when it comes to choosing how you access Alexa.

Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen), Echo Show Kids and Echo Pop on marble plinthsCredit: Amazon
Amazon’s new Echo devices include their cheapest smart speaker yet, the Echo Pop

Amazon Echo Pop

Co-ordinate with your decor

Price: 44.99

The cheapest Amazon Echo smart speaker in the firm’s current range, the new Echo Pop comes in a semi-sphere form in a variety of fashion colours. As well as the usual charcoal and white, new colours include the on-trend ‘Lavender Bloom’ and the stylish ‘Midnight Teal’.

Powered by the Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor, the Echo Pop has a front-facing directional speaker that allows full sound to be played wherever you place it.

Amazon Echo Pop in four coloursCredit: Amazon
The new Echo Pop is available in four colourways

If cost cutting is on your mind, both this and the new Echo Show devices have a low power mode, which helps conserve energy during periods of inactivity, delivering energy savings over the lifetime of the device.

And if you change your room colour scheme, you can also change up how your device looks, making this the best smart speaker for any budding interior designers. Echo Pop sleeves, which are sold separately for £19.99, add even more colour options including blue, red and orange, and they even glow in the dark.

Featured product

Sleeve for Echo Pop

RRP: £19.99

Sleeve for Echo Pop

Featured product

Echo Pop

RRP: £44.99

Echo Pop

Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen)

Faster with clearer sound

Price: £89.99

The latest in Amazon’s smart displays, the Echo Show 5 features a new speaker system, which doubles the base versus its second generation predecessor, delivering a clearer sound when listening to your favourite tunes, podcast or book.

It’s also 20% faster than the previous generation of Echo Shows, which may be why it’s also launching at a slightly higher price than it’s predecessors.

As with all Echo Shows the device is super versatile, allowing you to make video calls, check your Ring doorbell, view shopping lists and even watch the news.

Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) on a nightstandCredit: Amazon
The Amazon Echo Show 5 (3rd Gen) is faster than previous devices

All new devices have been launched with the Climate Pledge Friendly badge and are Carbon Trust certified. What’s more the fabric used in both the Echo Show 5 and the Pop are made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester yarn.

Featured product

Echo Show 5 (3rd gen)

RRP: £89.99

Echo Show 5 (3rd gen)

Echo Show 5 Kids

The first Echo device for Kids

Price: £99.99

While the Echo Show Kids has been around in the US already, it’s brand new to the UK. Super kid-friendly, from the parental controls to explicit lyric filtering, it allows children to use their smart device in safety.

Amazon Echo Show Kids on an optional standCredit: Amazon
Parental controls on the Echo Show 5 Kids allows kids to interact with the device safely

The space-themed design will appeal to both boys and girls as will the range of skills available to use – whether that’s asking Alexa to read a bedtime story or learning maths with The Maths Factor interactive skill featuring Carol Vorderman.

Featured product

Echo Show 5 Kids

RRP: £99.99

Echo Show 5 Kids

Echo Auto (2nd Gen)

Get smart features on the move

Price: £59.99

For cars that don’t have built-in AI support, the new Echo Auto is here to help you listen to your favourite music, catch up on news or even add items to your to do list – all without taking your eyes of the road.

Amazon Echo Auto Dash mounted on the dashboard of a carCredit: Amazon
The Echo Auto allows you to control your compatible smart home devices while on the road

You can also control your compatible smart home devices from the road, useful if you’ve forgotten to turn off the lights or want the heating to come on for your arrival back home.

The newer slimline design and adhesive mount means you can mount it easily within your car, while the five built-in microphones can hear your requests over road noise or in-car air conditioning.

Featured product

Echo Auto

RRP: £59.99

Echo Auto
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