How environmentally friendly are you… really?

We want to know just how eco-conscious our readers are.

It’s no secret that being eco-friendly is becoming a far more prevalent trait in society than it used to be – whether that’s in response to the cost of living crisis forcing us to think about reusing more, the rising temperatures making us shut the fridge door more readily or just a sense that we want to leave the world in a better place for others.

Dishwasher displaying eco wash cycleCredit: Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images

But… what about you? Are you one of the readers who’s been enjoying our guide to the most sustainable cleaning products? Were you pleased when we told you that you could banish the bleach? Did you buy roses in a more sustainable manner this year?

Or is being more environmentally conscious not something that’s on your radar – perhaps the cost is too high, you’ve already made all the adjustments that you need or you’ve balanced your life well enough that you don’t need to change anything radically.

Whatever your perspective on the situation, we want to hear from you by sending in your thoughts through the survey below – it’ll take just one minute and just four clicks of the mouse.

In doing so, you’ll be helping us make this site even more useful for you, our readers, and we’ll be able to find out just what drives the passions of this audience when it comes to environmental conservation.


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