Older male hiker wearing a backpack smiling while standing on the top of a hill
Mental Wellbeing

How to improve mental health – six things to action today

From connecting with others to having a digital detox every now and again, experts advise how you can improve your mental health.

Three women doing yoga twists, which can be a beneficial exercise for gut health.
Gut Health

Exercises for gut health: which workouts can help?

White-haired older lady wearing a striped jumper looking sad while resting her arms on the windowsill
Mental Wellbeing

Loneliness and mental health – how to feel happier and less alone

A group of happy women drinking wine
Mental Wellbeing

Why it’s still OK to drink alcohol – plus, wise drinking tips from Professor David Nutt

Our writer describes how she's converted to moderate drinking in her 50th year - and shares expert advice on how to do it.

Mature woman exercising for mental health outdoors
Mental Wellbeing

How exercise can benefit your mental health

When you exercise, your brain makes chemicals called endorphins that make you feel happy.

Three charcoal pebbles in water with the words mind, body, soul written on them
Mental Wellbeing

How to get started with practising mindfulness

Mindfulness can be particularly effective at breaking the cycle of chronic worry.

Yoga teacher Esther Nagle doing Warrior Two Pose at Westonbirt Arboretum.

“I used yoga to get sober – here’s what it taught me about living happily”

Esther Nagle turned to fitness to beat her alcohol addiction and become healthier. She shares what her difficult journey has taught her.

three men hugging
Mental Wellbeing

Let’s work together to tackle loneliness

How ageism is making loneliness worse - but we can work together to tackle it.

Anxious woman

Menopause and anxiety: How to boost your mental wellbeing 

Menopause anxiety can be difficult to deal with. We’ve got expert advice and self-help tips for coping.

Older black lady looking out of a window and feeling lonely
Mental Wellbeing

Loneliness ‘as bad for your health as smoking’ – here’s how to spot the signs

Learn how to spot the signs of loneliness and take action to help yourself and others