Rediscover cycling joy: Boost your bike, boost your fun

Breathe new life into your old bike with a Boost e-bike kit.

Ever feel like your trusty steed just isn’t cutting it anymore? Maybe those hills seem steeper than they used to, or you haven’t used your bike as much as you’d like. Well, dust off your pedals and get ready to rediscover the joy of cycling with a Boost e-bike conversion kit.

Electric bikes – or e-bikes – are becoming more and more popular. In 2022 alone, more than 155,000 were sold in the UK — with these sales being led by older riders.  A survey by YouGov found that 56 per cent of people are moving towards e-bikes due to the cost of living crisis.

“The volume of e-bikes is already significant and growing quickly,” says British Cycling’s Official and Off-Road Leadership Lead, Ben Cree. “We know that they support many riders to be more active, as well as being a lifeline for those who might not otherwise be able to ride.”


Written in partnership with Boost.

A man next to his bike featuring a Boost conversion kitCredit: Boost
Take the effort out of cycling with a Boost converter kit

Boost your ride – not your budget

Unfortunately, e-bikes don’t come cheap and are a definite investment buy. The cheapest start at around £1,000, but you can easily spend more than £10,000 on models with full suspension.

This is where Boost comes in. For a fraction of the price of a brand new e-bike – prices start from £500 – you can transform your old favourite into a powerful electric machine. It’s the perfect way to experience the fun and freedom of e-biking without breaking the bank.

Nick Bailey, founder of Boost, says while electric is the future, not everyone wants a heavy e-bike or one that costs a fortune.

“There’s an enormous space for lightweight electrification by upgrading existing bikes,” he says. “That’s why we developed the Boost – and all our research and testing tells us that rear wheel kits are the best way to give people an electric bike that isn’t just like their current, preferred model – but literally IS their current bike.”


Effortless exercise

If you live near hills or cycling regularly has become more of a chore than a joy, a Boost converter kit could be just what you need.

Imagine cruising along, enjoying the scenery, with a little electric boost when you need it. Conquer hills that used to leave you winded, explore further than ever before, and extend your rides into the cooler months. E-bikes make getting around and staying active a breeze, no matter your fitness level.

The beauty of e-bikes is just how inclusive and accessible they are. Even if you’ve not been in the saddle for years, an e-bike is a simple to operate and takes all the hard work out of pedalling. They’re also gentler on your joints too, making them a great option for riders of all ages and abilities.

As the Boost system is powered by a rear wheel motor it provides a smooth, safe riding experience. Front wheel drive systems add weight to the front wheel and can feel uncomfortable in slippery conditions or round corners, compared with rear-motor bikes.

A perfect fit, just for you

Whether you’ve got a road bike, a mountain bike, a hybrid, or even a trusty Brompton, there’s a Boost kit designed to fit seamlessly. You won’t lose the feel of your favourite ride – you’ll just add a whole new level of fun and possibility.

The Boost app allows you to also choose two modes for your battery. The Eco mode, provides less assistance, so you have to pedal harder but it does mean the battery lasts longer. The default mode makes it easy to cycle in most situations.

While you don’t need to use the app to ride, it’s a useful tool as it gives you information about your speed and remaining battery level.

Easy installation

The Boost kit keeps things simple and is designed to be friendly for even the moderately handy cyclist.

If you’re not feeling up to the DIY project though, Boost has a network of shops across the country that can get you rolling with a professionally installed kit.


Electrify your ride

Sound like fun? It is! Ditch the car, dust off your bike, and get ready to experience the joy of ebiking with a Boost conversion kit. It’s the perfect way to boost your rides, boost your health, and boost your fun!

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Written by an Exceptional journalist, in partnership with Boost. The content was written in response to a brief and fact-checked by our commercial partner.

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