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Spread of foods including fruit and vegetables, proteins such as fish and chicken, bread, eggs and oil

Food groups explained: what are they and how much do you need?

Dietitians reveal how getting the right amount of each can support your health.

Withings Body Comp smart scale with a pair of trainers
Fitness Technology

The best smart scales we’ve tested 

Smart scales offer far more than simply weighing you. Tracking changes in your body composition and offering guidance to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Here are our favourites.

Martha Stewart

How Martha Stewart keeps fit in her 80s – as she becomes Sports Illustrated’s oldest cover star 

Martha Stewart has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated swimwear edition age 81. We reveal the daily routine that keeps her fit and healthy

A woman grimacing in a Cold Pod ice tub

I took an ice bath every day for two weeks – and it really eased my back pain

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 on a mossy background
Fitness Technology

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 review

The Galaxy Watch5 smartwatch is a very attractive package - if you have the right phone.

A person standing on a Withings Body Cardio body composition smart scale
Fitness Technology

How to get the most accurate smart scale readings 

Making sure you have the most accurate smart scale readings possible is important to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

An older man running outside

5 benefits of running that will convince you to start

Benefits of running can include stronger bones and improved mental well-being. Here are five reasons why you should give it a go.

Lisa and Paul Simpson pictured outdoors. Paul has Korsakoff's syndrome, a rare from of dementia

“Memory loss has completely changed our lives – but not our love for each other”

Salt shaker next to the word 'salt', made out of salt, on a blue background.

7 must-know signs you’re eating too much salt – and how to cut down

Concerned you’re consuming too much salt? Experts reveal how to know, plus practical steps to take to reduce salt in your diet and improve your health.

A lady looking a health alert on her Apple Watch
Fitness Technology

AI could be behind Apple’s next big health and fitness development 

Apple Watch data may help AI health coaching service provide bespoke guidance to users.