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A man trying to get off a white sofa, clutching his back and grimacing in pain.

Back pain? These exercises could help

Pilates for back pain - what to do if you are suffering and 5 gentle exercises that could help.

Sick lady suffering from cold or flu blowing her nose illustrating cold weather health tips

How to keep well in cold weather – expert tips from a GP

Conquer the cold, not your budget, with these affordable ways to stay warm and healthy this winter.

An older man and woman wearing hats and walking clothing, both smiling and looking happy

How to get active in January – and avoid getting injured

If your New Year's resolution is to get fitter, we've got seven tips to help make it a fun year-round habit.

Tim Spector holding up a fork -

Professor Tim Spector: “Choosing the right foods is the most important thing we can do for our health”

Tim Spector, the microbiome expert talks about the health scare that changed his life and how he's made poo popular.

Hands holding a blue smiley face
Mental Wellbeing

New year, new mindset – 10 easy ways to improve your mental health

Resolutions don’t have to be about diet and exercise – our mental health needs a reset, too. Try these changes, which are all backed by science.

Champagne toast showing the health benefits of Champagne
Healthy Eating

Raise a glass to health: How Champagne could ward off dementia and heart disease

Cheers! A glass of fizz can actually be good for you - find out how...

A smiling older man and woman all dressed up for cold weather in the snow holding walking poles

5 easy ways to keep active in winter – and why it’s important

How to stay motivated and moving when it's cold and wet outside.

A bowl of cooked Brussels sprouts and bacon
Healthy Eating

The health benefits of Brussels sprouts – and how to reduce their smelly side-effects

Why we should be eating more Brussels sprouts with celebrity chef recipes to try

a cartoon of a brain weight lifting
Brain Health

12 easy ways to keep your brain sharp and beat memory loss

Limber up and give your brain a fun neurobics work out to help prevent cognitive decline as we get older.

A book with a pen on top of it and a heading on the paper saying bucket list

More than a list: How making a bucket list could change your life

The surprising benefits of making - and checking off - your bucket list.