Alzheimer's treatment, donanemab, could offer hope: a man and woman gazing out to sea
Brain Health

‘A turning point’ for the treatment of Alzheimer’s – the new drugs that could change lives

Research finds a new Alzheimer's treatment can slow the disease: but it's not clear if or when donanemab will be available on the NHS.

Older lady sitting alone on a park bench - social isolation and brain shrinkage link
Brain Health

How loneliness can shrink your brain – and 7 easy ways to avoid it

New research has suggested feeling socially isolated may cause your brain to shrink. We explain why, plus some easy ways to connect more with others.

An older gentleman in a suit stands outside reading a tablet, with AirPods in his ears
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Future Apple AirPods may be able to conduct hearing tests

Apple looks set to expand the health features available on its products by breaking into the hearing health sector

A man checking his smartwatch
Brain Health

A smartwatch or tracker could reveal the early signs of Parkinson’s

How smartwatches & fitness trackers can predict Parkinson’s seven years before diagnosis.

A couple eating a healthy meal together.
Healthy Eating

7 benefits of healthy eating – and easy ways to reap them

From feeling well to living longer and more, the experts reveal the benefits of healthy eating and provide practical steps for gaining them.

Lots of strawberries, which benefit your health in many ways.
Healthy Eating

7 ways strawberries can benefit your health

From supporting your heart health and reducing your Alzheimer’s risk, here are evidence-backed reasons you’ll want to be eating strawberries (and not just during summer).

Older Asian lady filling out a crossword
Brain Health

How to improve brain health

It's never too late to start thinking about your brain health.

Greenery, flowers and bright benches in the Rare Space dementia-friendly garden
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How this Chelsea Flower Show garden helps people with rare dementias

Lisa and Paul Simpson pictured outdoors. Paul has Korsakoff's syndrome, a rare from of dementia
Brain Health

“Memory loss has completely changed our lives – but not our love for each other”

Two people are sitting across from one another in casual clothing and are joining hands

How to support a loved one with memory loss

Does someone you love suffer from memory loss or dementia? Here are some simple tips on how to start supporting them.