Looking to keep fit over 50? Here’s why you should give Goldster a go 

From tai chi to poetry – the online platform that stretches your body and your mind.


Written in partnership with Goldster.

A mature woman performing a plank at home whilst watching an online workout on her laptopCredit: Goldster
Goldster’s online classes offer your body and brain a workout

We all know that keeping fit is good for our body and mind, but committing to regular exercise isn’t always that simple. There can be so many obstacles, from physical stuff like injuries and illness, to lifestyle barriers including lack of time, energy or not knowing which exercises to try.

So many of us are over-stretched with family and work demands. Throw in the cost-of-living crisis and it’s not surprising many of us feel stumped about how to make our health and fitness a priority.

But here’s the thing: maintaining a fitness routine that works for you, and investing in yourself, doesn’t need to cost a fortune. That’s where Goldster comes in. The website offers a unique mix of live virtual classes that give your body and brain a workout from home.

Here are six great reasons why you should give Goldster a go…

A mix of classes to keep you motivated 

Studies show that doing workouts that challenge your body in new ways are the most beneficial over time and they can boost motivation. Mixing up activities is also a great way to stave off boredom and stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

At Goldster, variety is key. Create your own mix of live classes with up to 20 sessions a day (more than 400 a month). Choose from online workouts like tai chi, Zumba and Pilates, or more relaxing classes including face yoga and meditation.

A woman wearing activewear sitting cross-legged on her bedroom floor whilst watching an online workout on her laptopCredit: Goldster
There are over 400 online classes a month to choose from

Learning new skills keeps your brain young

Much like the body, to keep the brain healthy you need to exercise it with new challenges.

A 2018 study confirmed this, finding that mental exercise could generate new neurons in the brain. It also found that learning new skills increases cognitive abilities.

Goldster offers immersive six-week special interest courses to improve cognitive health, including a brain training class with a leading neuroscientist and an art of poetry programme with a world-class Oxford graduate.

Other skills include painting and learning to create delicious and healthy recipes in nutrition courses.

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Staying connected can help prevent loneliness

Social isolation can lead to loneliness and poor mental health and wellbeing, according to the National Institute of Ageing. This can then increase the risk of health problems including heart disease, depression and cognitive decline.

So it’s really important to stay connected and have real-time interactions with people. That’s why Goldster’s live classes, online social events and parties are such a hit.

You’ll be exercising, learning and socialising with other like-minded people, improving your physical and mental strength while getting all the benefits of being part of a supportive health and wellness community. 

A smiling woman doing air punches with a set of dumbbellsCredit: Goldster
Being part of a community can boost your overall wellbeing

Exercise that fits in with your lifestyle

At Goldster if your meeting runs late or you have a family emergency and can’t join a live class, you can catch up in your own time, wherever you are in the world.

The extensive video library allows you to tune into your favourite workouts and classes anytime, anywhere. So when you’re away for the weekend or on holiday you won’t have to miss out.

Try Goldster for just £3 a month

Hundreds of five-star reviews

The variety of workouts on Goldster means you’ll never get bored and can always try something new.

Posting on verified buyer reviews platform Feefo, one Goldster member writes: “Every class I have attended has been very professional, enlightening, worthwhile, and increased my confidence.

The latest class I really love is face yoga, and the seated yoga classes are my favourite.”

A woman sat on a chair doing seated yogaCredit: Goldster
Chair yoga is one of the options on offer at Goldster

Another member writes: “As an active person I thought I wouldn’t like yin yoga, and it did take me several months of attending Loren’s classes to appreciate the stillness of the practice.

“Loren is a fabulous trainer – and I’ve done a LOT of classes over my lifetime. Her patience, encouragement and knowledge are outstanding.”

A third user said Goldster had boosted their mood, adding: “The exercise classes and expert advice are amazing. It has really helped me come out of my anxiety. I look forward to joining different classes every day.”

Affordable wellbeing you can commit to long-term

Hefty gym fees can often be a barrier to starting a new fitness plan. Goldster offers affordable wellbeing at just £3 a month for the first three months – the price of a coffee.

Then it’s just £9.99 per month and you can cancel anytime. It’s a really flexible approach that can help you achieve, and stick to, a healthy lifestyle.

To find out more and start your new fitness journey, visit Goldster.co.uk.


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