The redesigned Fitbit app is on its way – here’s what’s new

Google has announced five major new features alongside a refreshed design

Back in August, Google announced plans to launch a refreshed Fitbit app, which it claims has a simpler design, more motivating content, and new features to support users. At the time, Google confirmed that it would be made available to everyone “this fall”. 

Well, fall has, erm, fallen, and the updated app rollout to users is now underway. Alongside the redesigned interface, there are several new features that are worth highlighting. 

Screenshots form the revamped Fitbit app.Credit: Google

What was revealed?

The August announcement revealed that the Fitbit app was changing the layout from its earlier four-tab layout (with Today, Discover, Community and Premium tabs), to a slicker three-tab setup (Today, Coach and You).  


The new tabs on the Fitbit app

Today: Much like the old Today tab, this is where you’ll go to find all your daily stats, such as your step count, sleep score, or estimated calorie burn.  

Coach: This tab is where you’ll find ‘motivating health and fitness content’, including workouts and mindfulness sessions. It’s also where you can access certain Fitbit Premium content, such as dance cardio and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes. 

You: This is the tab where you’ll be able to set and adjust your goals and manage the people you connect with (essentially, the community tab has been incorporated here). You’ll also use this tab to access reports, track your progress, and view any achievement badges you’ve collected. 

But this is more than just a cosmetic change for the Fitbit app. Google confirmed several new features that are worth highlighting. 

You can watch Google’s introduction to the new Fitbit app below

What are the big changes?

The ability to track your activity without a Fitbit.

Usually, you’d need to wear a smartwatch or fitness tracker to track your activities. But thanks to improved communication between your phone’s sensors and the app, you can now track walks, runs and hikes without wearing a Fitbit or Google Pixel watch

Greater customisation of the Today tab

The Today tab will allow users to customise what information is on display, allowing for greater focus on the metrics that really matter to you.  

Improved search functions to help you find the ideal workout

The Coach tab is broadly the same as the Discover tab, in that it lets you search for workouts, meditations and more. The big difference here is in the added filters to help you find the content you really want, particularly in relation to workouts. You will be able to filter workouts based on things like workout type, duration, equipment, and even the instructor.  

This reminds us of the comprehensive filters available on the Peloton app, and we see this as a significant improvement over having to search manually to find what you want. 


Revamped graphs to help you understand your information better

Arguably one of the most important aspects of a fitness app is how well it presents and explains your data. And with this revamp, the Fitbit app promises to include easy-to-understand information about your metrics, highlight any patterns, and generally do an improved job of helping you make sense of it all. We’re certainly interested in seeing how well this works. 

New privacy controls

Finally, Google has highlighted new privacy controls. This includes the ability to review and manage your data directly from the Fitbit app (they explain in detail how to do this on the Fitbit website). And there is also confirmation that your Fitbit health data won’t be used for Google ads. 

Has Google also dropped a hint about a new Fitbit device?

Google also hinted at one further intriguing possibility. In a separate post on the same day as announcing the new Fitbit app rollout, Fitbit teased the prospect of a new Fitbit device via a post on X (formerly known as Twitter): 

It’s a brief clip of someone swinging their arms, with a fitness tracker easily spotted on their wrist. It looks very much like a Fitbit Charge, and rumours have been growing about a new Fitbit Charge 6 in the works.  

The Fitbit Charge 5 was released in September 2021, and a two-year release schedule would be consistent with previous Charge devices. Is it a coincidence that the clip is six seconds long?

We won’t have long to wait until we find out, as the reveal is set for September 28, 2023. The Fitbit Charge 5 currently tops our best budget fitness tracker list, so the Charge 6 has a hard act to follow, if it turns out to be what Fitbit has up its sleeve. 

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