The Google Pixel 2 smartwatch promises more accurate health tracking than ever

Packed with new features, the Pixel 2 is a significant upgrade over the original.

The original Google Pixel Watch was generally well-received. And now, Google has unveiled its successor, the Google Pixel 2. With a host of upgrades and new features, the Pixel 2 promises to be a big step up over its predecessor.  

While it looks very similar to the original Pixel smartwatch, the Pixel 2 has added new sensors, incorporated more features from Fitbit, and even reduced its environmental impact. In short, there’s a lot going on.  

Google Pixel Watch 2Credit: Google


Still very stylish

The Pixel 2 doesn’t look much different from the original Pixel watch. And for us, that’s no bad thing, as the Pixel was one of the best-looking devices of the last year. But there are still plenty of changes under the hood that are worth highlighting. 

The 41mm (1.2-inch) body stays the same, but thanks to thinner glass on the display and a recycled aluminium body, the Pixel 2 is a little bit lighter, weighing 10% less than the first watch, according to Google.  

The Pixel 2 is available in three colours: silver, matte black and champagne gold. There are plenty of different bands you can pick from, to further customise your watch.  

But it’s really inside the Pixel 2 that the most significant changes can be found. A new processor promises improved speed and performance and better battery life. There are also new sensors that allow for more accurate health and fitness tracking performance. The new heart-rate sensor has 25 times more LEDs than on the original Pixel, and Google promise this equates to 40% more accurate heart-rate tracking for vigorous activities such as HIIT (high-intensity interval training) spinning and rowing.  

There’s also a new electrodermal activity sensor that analyses skin temperature, heart rate and heart-rate variability, to measure signs of stress. 



New sensors, and more accurate tracking

As well as having all the features of the original Pixel watch, the Pixel Watch 2 comes with several new additions to boost its health and fitness monitoring capabilities. Many of these are incorporated from Fitbit. 

As well as the more accurate heart-rate tracking that we’ve already mentioned, the Pixel 2 can also provide irregular heart rhythm notifications (although Google points out that the ECG (electrocardiogram) app is only available in selected countries, is not intended for use in anyone under the age of 22, and is not suitable for anyone who has already been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation).  

The improved heart-rate tracking allows the Pixel 2 to offer Heart Rate Zone Coaching and Pace Training features as well. These alert you to heart-rate zone changes while you’re exercising, and offer feedback when you’re out running, for example, to ensure you are meeting your training goals. 

The Pixel 2 also offers skin-temperature tracking, which is used to support the in-depth stress-monitoring features that are available. Stress notifications, stress management using the EDA (electrodermal activity) sensors, and guided breathing are all available.  


Expect a better battery

The Pixel Watch 2Credit: Google

We’ve already highlighted the new processor, which, in theory, will lead to improved performance from the Pixel 2. One significant area of improvement could come in the form of a better battery. 

Google claims that the Pixel 2 will now last for a full 24 hours, even with the always-on display activated. And additionally, charging the battery is faster now – a 30-minute charge will charge the Pixel 2 to 50%. Hopefully, this means fewer situations where the watch dies while you’re in the middle of something. 

Pixel 2 price and availability

When’s it coming out?

The Pixel Watch 2 is available for pre-order now, with the official release date on October 12. 

The Pixel 2 costs £349 for the wi-fi-only model, and £399 for the cellular version (which allows you to make and receive calls, texts and other notifications without needing to connect to your phone or wi-fi).  

During the pre-order period (before October 12), Google is offering six months of Fitbit Premium for free, after which it costs £7.99 a month. You’ll also get one month of YouTube Music Premium (£10.99 a month unless cancelled). 

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