How to set up Apple Fitness Plus 

A quick guide to getting started with Apple Fitness Plus, so you can try the videos and get closer to your fitness goals.

Just got Apple Fitness Plus? Looking forward to trying the workout videos? You’ll need to know how to set it up before you can try any of the workouts. 

The good news is that getting started is quite straightforward, once you know how to do it. With our guide, we’ll walk you through the key steps: making sure you have the right device, downloading the app, activating a free trial or subscription, and finally, how to start a workout. 

Here’s everything you need to know to set up Apple Fitness Plus. 

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What you need

First, make sure you have the correct device. Apple Fitness Plus only works with Apple products. So, for anyone with an Android phone or tablet, you’ll want to consider one of the many alternative health and fitness programmes that are available, such as Fitness Blender or Peloton. And remember, you can’t use an Apple Watch with an Android phone.

But even if you own an Apple device, you’ll want to make sure it’s compatible with Apple Fitness Plus.  

  • You can use an iPhone 6s or later if you also have an Apple Watch Series 3 or later. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, then you’ll need an iPhone 8 or later.  
  • If you have an iPad (5th generation or later), iPad Pro, iPad mini 4 or later, iPad Air (3rd generation or later), or an iPad Air 2, you can also use Apple Fitness Plus, with or without an Apple Watch. 
  • And finally, an Apple TV 4K, or Apple TV HD, are compatible with Apple Fitness Plus.  

Apple recommends that you make sure your software is fully updated to the latest version to ensure that Apple Fitness Plus works properly. 


How to download Apple Fitness Plus

Once you’ve established that you have a compatible device, the next step is to make sure that you have Apple Fitness Plus installed. In most instances, the Fitness app will be pre-installed. But if not, go to the app store and search for Fitness by Apple. This applies whether you are on iPhone, iPad or using Apple TV. 

How to subscribe to Apple Fitness Plus

Subscribing to Apple Fitness plus is simple. Just follow these steps: 

  • Start by opening the Fitness app. You’ll see a screen that looks something like this: 
Apple Fitness app summary screen - how to set up Apple fitness PlusCredit: Exceptional
  • If you’re on an iPhone, tap on ‘Apple Fitness+’ at the bottom of the screen.  
Green and black screen that say Credit: Exceptional
  • Press Continue and then select ‘Get Started’.  
Apple fitness+ page with a Credit: Exceptional
  • If you’ve never used Apple Fitness Plus before, you’ll see a “Try it Free” option, as pictured above. Tap this. 
  • You’ll be prompted to sign-in with your Apple ID and password. This is the username that links all your Apple devices together. If you’re not sure what this is, Apple has some tips on how to retrieve it. 
Apple Fitness+ screen showing available subscription choices - annual or monthly - how to set up Apple fitness PlusCredit: Exceptional
  • Next, confirm your billing information, and add a valid payment method. After your trial period ends, you’ll be charged if you want to continue using Apple Fitness Plus. So, if you don’t want to continue, remember to cancel it before your trial period ends. 
  • If you are happy to keep using it, then Apple Fitness Plus costs £9.99 a month, or £79.99 for an annual subscription. This can represent a substantial saving compared to the monthly subscription. But you’ll need to be confident that you’ll use it for the full year in order to benefit.   
  • Finally, press ‘Subscribe’. 

How to start an Apple Fitness Plus workout

When you’re ready to start an Apple Fitness Plus workout, the process is simple: 

  • Open the fitness app (if you are on an iPhone, you’ll need to select the Fitness+ tab). 
Home page of Apple fitness Plus. The menu shows Credit: Exceptional
  • Choose a workout. You have lots of options here – you can narrow it down by workout type using the options at the top (where it says things like Kickboxing, HIIT, Yoga and more).
  • Or, select from the “More of What You Do” menu further down the page (which will recommend similar workouts to those you’ve done before).
  • Finally, you can choose from the “New Workouts” section, or select from the curated “Collections” section. 
Preview screen of a HIIT with Jamie-Ray workout - how to set up Apple fitness PlusCredit: Exceptional
  • You can also look at any workout before committing to it by clicking on the “Preview” button. It will play a short video to give you a taste of what’s in store.
  • When you’re ready, tap on “Let’s Go”.  
HIIT with Jamie-Ray workout screen, with a green 'play' button in the centre - how to set up Apple fitness PlusCredit: Exceptional
  • Finally, press the green ‘Play’ button, and get ready.  

If you’re about to embark on a new health and fitness journey, then you might want to explore the “Workouts for Beginners” programme.  

And if you’re using an Apple Watch (or any other fitness tracker), it’s worth knowing about the different heart rate zones in exercise to make sure you are getting the most out of your exercise routine.  

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